FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 2/1

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Cody From Maine

Just wanted to say, as a fellow content creator, I appreciate the troubles you two went through to provide Rewind-A-Raw this week. Would’ve been more than justified to stop the show. Sorry to John if bringing it up is a sore subject.

There was a LOT on tonight’s show, even by Dynamite standards, but I really enjoyed it. I love what they’re doing with Takeshita. Brian Cage too for that matter. I understand if people were upset with him losing another big match. But if he wasn’t in the role, dare I say someone like Miro would be. And I’m sure that wouldn’t be a well liked decision.

Timothy Thatcher is phenomenal. He has been for a long time but his style is such a breath of fresh air for me.

And I hope Darby can walk when he’s 40. Those memes of him pushing around Keiji Mutoh in a wheelchair are a lot less humorous after a performance like tonight. Good to see Wardlow back too, although I’d have waited until next week, I’d guess being in Ohio was the primary reason for the timing. Just a weird spot for him to wait until the end of the match before attacking.

I thought this was Bryan’s dullest match in his trials of MJF series, but everything else hit, in particular the opener. I get the purpose of the match, but I still found it blah. Mox and Hangman really feel like two of the absolute top guys, even above Bryan and MJF. There’s an electricity when they’re together.

Putting The Elite on Rampage is a way to make me watch, even if it’s against the Matt Hardy Vortex.

I really think part of the reason Dynamite has been so hot lately is the commentary. Tony Schiavone is always impressed with everything where JR was impressed with nothing, and Taz and Excalibur’s Dark rapport on TV really works wonders with the more PWGish wrestling product they’re offering.

A solid show with the opener, Danielson/Thatcher and the main event carrying it. It appears that the Starks/Jericho feud is cannibalizing Friedman’s schtick of making their foes jump through hoops to get a match. I hope Darby can still be able to walk by the time he’s 35. The amount of punishment he went through was nuts. Jade Cargill is 50-0 with no real challenge in sight, I kinda wished Statlander is healthy.

In his promo in spanish, Rush said he was going to beat Bryan, then get the reward money, and lastly, at the first sight MJF shows weakness, he will take his championship.

Do you think Rush will be the next champion or was that just a throwaway line in his promo?