FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 2/10/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Erin from Brampton

I don’t get why Team Tazz dragging Darby around in a body bag was seen as a bad thing. Aren’t we under the assumption that Darby already throws himself down hills while in a body bag? It seems like they were doing him a favour.

Anyways, I thought the main event was incredible. I’m still not sold on Kenny as a top guy, but boy does this man know how to wrestle. Also, this match did solid job at reestablishing Archer THE monster on the roster. Even though he took the pin, it still took 4 men to take him down.

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Tonight’s Dynamite felt extremely well written. Significant movement was showcased in almost every program: from Hangman illustrating his growth by swapping out the contract, to Team Taz & Darby in the parking lot, & of course Sammy finally leaving the Inner Circle. This constant progression is what helps AEW stand out & feel must-watch every week.

The wrestling was equally strong. A highlight reel sprint from Allin & Janela, a technical showcase from Thunder Rosa & Hirsch, & another INSANE main event. Seeing the AEW title, the briefcase, & the U.S title all in the same ring was a bit surreal, as were the mentions of Hiroshi Tanahashi & Suzuki Gun on American TV. All I’m left wondering is what Kenny’s handicap is. 9 violent potatoes out of 10.

Johnny from Saskatoon

Great show tonight, wasn’t expecting much prior to watching it as the line-up seemed alright with all the big focus being on the main event.

But overall everything was a good watch, the low point for me was Darby, Sting, and Team Taz… again I understand that they’re building to the street fight but it doesn’t quite have me invested yet. I wonder how they’re going to pull it off, I was under the assumption Sting couldn’t get physical

The main event definitely delivered, it reminded me of the attitude era falls count anywhere matches, maybe it was just the kitchen brawl that did it for me

I can only imagine what folks thought when they saw KENTA after only knowing him as Hideo Itami in the WWE


I wonder if it’s going to turn out that Darby is actually working with Team Taz and that getting dragged behind a truck in a body bag was actually his idea.

This was a fun episode and I liked the inclusion of a few “Dark Stars” among the regular talents. I’m really happy for Lee Johnson, who’s been working his ass off for a year and has had some really impressive matches. Next, I hope that they sign Leyla Hirsch full-time.

Ultimately, though, tonight was all about the main event and it delivered. It was a hard-hitting match trimmed with some potatoey weirdness. Although Archer was the only one involved who could afford to take the pin, he doesn’t come out looking diminished.

An entertaining two hours that was much needed after the news of the last couple of days.

Dynamite paid off the Sammy Guevara babyface turn expertly. He was presented so smartly when MJF recorded their backstage chat. It was quite a trip seeing the IWGP US title on TNT and the main event falls count anywhere was chaotic fun. KENTA looked very good. Hangman Page is AEW’s version of the bachelor with Matt Hardy and The Dark Order wooing him for his services.

The Acclaimed’s pre-match freestyle (including a nod to my sunshine) was hilarious!

P.S. With Lio Rush winning the AAA title on MLW, do you see him popping up on AEW for a one-off?