FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 2/12/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

Greetings Vampire Shayna fans…

Only one thing I have to talk about tonight. If WWE ever watches anything from AEW, make it the Santana promo. As somebody who is slowly going blind, I found this to be tremendous. Powerful. A terrific blend of kayfabe & real life hardship. This promo could give a jaded Wrestling fan chills. Certainly did for me. Compare the way this characters promos have been constructed to the Lacey Evans character. You don’t need dog food or a cuck angle. Some of the best stories are the real ones that hit close to home. 10.

PS Dark Order stuff is still cringe.

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I don’t write in too often, but man, what a fantastic episode from top to bottom.

I know a lot of people are probably asking about Cobb, and if he’s full time or not, but what do you think of the idea of AEW bringing someone in for a short period, doing a few big matches with them, and moving on.
Almost like a “special attraction.”


This show was a must see show, I can’t really say you should skip anything. It made me want to buy the pay per view, and I probably will now. Jericho is easily the hottest thing right now for me in all of wrestling.

So glad to see Cobb in AEW. I’m a big fan and I think he adds something very unique to the show.

A solid 9, maybe even a 10.

Raymond from Sacramento, CA

That was an example of Dynamite firing on all cylinders. Like a well-oiled machine. I’m a big fan of the company, but tonight, the 2/12/2020 episode is something they they’ve been building to on weekly basis. A mixture of promos hitting their mark, feuds, and angles being expanded upon or solidified leading in to a PPV. Great matches (whoa MJF), congratulations Nyla Rose on the title win, and the Jeff Cobb surprise! A killer episode. My favorite they’ve done so far.

No ifs, ands, or buts, a complete 10/10 episode.


First time writing in, this was the best episode of a weekly wrestling show I can remember. Perfect balance of matches and segments and great build for future shows and the ppv. Best women’s match in aew so far.

Noah From Vaughan

Hey guys, hope you’re both feeling great tonight, because after that show I just watched, I know I am. Awesome show this evening with tons of great matches. The tag team opener was great and it made sense that SCU would be more aggressive coming off of their defeat from a few weeks back, Riho vs Nyla was the match of the show for me, and one of my favourite womens matches of the year so far, tremendous action and the crowd was electric for that match. Even MJF vs Jungle boy was really good, they were both tremendous in that match. Im super excited to see Jeff Cobb in AEW, however with his match vs Moxley next week I’m kinda curious as to how they get out of this corner where neither can really afford a loss at this point, but nonetheless I’m intrigued by next weeks show which is shaping up to be an insanely loaded show. I really enjoyed this weeks episode, gonna give it a 9/10

I was so tired after work I almost skipped Dynamite, but I’m glad I didn’t. The answer to who is AEW’s next star is answered! Jeff Cobb is everything AEW needs. He’s a Monster and a Freak Athlete. He has bad ass presence in spades. Whatever they do with him, I hope they treat him like a star.

That was the best show I’ve watched in…well, a long time. Everything was near perfect, except I wasn’t a fan of the post match beatdown of Moxley; but it did set up Jeff Cobb, so I guess it’s alright in the end.
Even the women’s segments were great. Britt Baker seems to be hitting her stride. And Nyla seems like a dominant, monster champion.

Welp , was gonna chime in about tonight’s show but I seen all the positive feed back an i don’t wanna ruin the party , 6 out of 10 for me ,show was just fine

Quick live show notes.

  • arena 90% full and lively, but not the loudest crowd experience
  • JR got boos for his OU theme in Texas. Hangman cowboy shit chants were the most over.
  • Justin Roberts did a great job as MC the whole night
  • Jericho had a ladder brought over to climb out the front of the suite
  • Jesus costume in the second row and Scooby Doo in the front row got a lot of attention all night and got to be in the closing segment ‘match’
  • Cody only showed up for closing and mentioned 100% they’ll be back
  • great first AEW live experience. 8/10.