FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 2/19/20

What did you think of tonight’s AEW Dynamite?

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Top to bottom, a near flawless two hours of TV wrestling.

Flew by.

Tag Team Championship match was fantastic. Cage match was great.

Felt like a big show, and really delivered.

I don’t know what it was about the show tonight, but after back to back great weeks it just didn’t do it for me. The wrestling was fine, and Cody’s dive was totally nuts, but I felt like otherwise the show really dragged.

Highlights of the show for me were Britt Baker on commentary and Sammy getting his head superkicked out of the arena.

AEW does a lot of stuff right, but two things they haven’t figured out is how to book a decent battle royal (half the guys weren’t even in the ring for most of the match) and how get a monster over as a monster. After one match each Jeff Cobb and Wardlow both look like nothing special. 6/10

Noah from Vaughan

Another fantastic episode of dynamite, all of the matches were entertaining and I thought the return of darby allin was just fantastic, such a huge pop and came off like a star. 9/10 show from me. They’ve done such a great job of building up Revolution and I’m curious what you guys think of the card, cause in my opinion, I think this has been the potential to be a show of the year contender, because on paper it looks like an absolute great lineup.

Andrew from Cape Breton

AEW Dynamite is still consistently one of the best wrestling shows going. Sometimes I’ll watch NXT the next day, but I still find it a bit boring at times. Tonight was an excellent show, held up by an amazing crowd. Great tag match, decent battle royal and a pretty good main event. I love the look of the steel cage and based on its size, I wasn’t expecting anyone to jump off of it so quickly, but I guess I was wrong there. The only flaws are the ones that have been a constant with AEW. Sloppiness in some matches and the women’s division. I don’t know if it’s simply more noticable in AEW, but I noticed a lot of people waiting for spots in the battle royal. And of course, the women’s division and that awful alien gimmick. Kris Statlander I think has a lot of potential, but with her only 2 years experience and dumb gimmick, they should give her more matches on dark or hire a veteran wrestler for her to feud with. Also, hopefully Jeff Cobb and Wardlow get something next week, especially Cobb who kinda looked like a geek after his match. Awesome show in general though with those nit picks, 8 out of 10.

Killer main event and great show overall.
Side note-- Aew plus definitely seemed different tonight- less content during commerical time, more general crowd shots, and two instances of the live audience getting a countdown until coming back from break.

Raymond in Sacramento, CA.

I :heart: (heart) Cody. What a guy. I know he’s a businessman, an EVP of a new and upcoming wrestling company, but everything he’s doing is for the love of his chosen profession. Full on bleeding on TNT!!! in 2020 and a flip OFF THE TOP OF A STEEL CAGE to win a match. What a guy.

9/10 Dynamite.

When last weeks episode was nearly perfect, I wasn’t holding out much hope for this week. (Years of WWE has taught me to expect weeks of crap following 1 good segment)
But, I was surprised this week. It was almost as good as last week. The Lucha Bros. Vs. Omega and Page match was jaw dropping. But you saw storylines progressing. And you saw colour in a Cage match. And a moonsault off the said cage…8.75 outta 10

Nick from Lansing

AEW continues to bring some of the most exciting and emotional storytelling in their main event scene. Between the bubbling tensions among the Elite and Cody hurling himself of a cage, they’re building up big moments that deliver.

I wish there was more of a focus on the woman’s division. One match and one promo segment on a two hour show continues to not be enough for my taste, especially when one of your lead commentators is going to ask about a character’s backstory and laugh at it after getting in a plug for his dick pills.

JR has a lot of strengths to bring to this company, but on a live mic he seems lost and unsure of himself half the time. I get the feeling he’s sensitive about his commentary, since you can feel him get defensive about it on air, but all the more reason to let him do pretapped interviews where he can shine and build up new talent

Just a couple of nitpicks from an otherwise excellent show

Jay from Colorado

It’s so nice to be able to watch two hours of wrestling without having the urge to fast forward. This is how you do a weekly show. Amazing we got such a solid card two weeks before a PPV. AEW spoils us. 9/10

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Another fantastic week from AEW. No regrets on getting a ticket to dynamite in KC next week and revolution. Loved how well booked the battle Royale was, and even bit during the tag match a couple times despite the obvious program being bucks vs hangman and omega.

Darby felt like a superstar.

Cage match was great too, love that it felt so different and dangerous with the extra space around the apron. Also kind of surprised Cody got to blade on tv.