FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 2/22

Post your feedback and questions.

When Moxley’s in the main, “someone get the med kit out. It’s gonna be a bloody night.”

I actually liked the MJF and Danielson segment this week, it’s nice to see some continuity and logic. So, next thing… WTF is with AEWs women’s storytelling?

So love the OC vs Yuta match, could BCC be turning a bit more heelish? Would give them a new spin. Elite vs House of Black is going to rule. Kind of wish it was just Ruby vs Hayter but eh gotta keep the story going. And man it might of been short but I thought Evil Uno shined in that time. My big question does All Access really solve the “not enough tv time for this massive roster” problem? While yes there is a third hour on Wednesday now most of it would mostly be given to talent that are already getting TV time.

I’ve been a long time AEW fan but this is a couple really rough episodes in a row. So sick of Jericho and his theme song, him and everything the JAS touches have been so stale imo. That main event was not good, Uno has go away heat for me and Moxley almost went a whole segment without bleeding…

Are you guys hyped at all for Revolution?

On a positive note love your guys content, wrestling and MMA related, #21 Peter Forsberg

Sean from Albany,

This was a bit of a mixed bag of an episode. Hot match to start, main event was fun, if a bit excessive with the blood. Orange Cassidy has been on quite the run of matches of late.

What is going on with the women? The booking here is approaching Sammy Guevara vs American Top Team levels of disorganization. Just nuke everything from orbit at this point, bring back one of the women who has been off TV for a bit (Nyla Rose?) and let’s focus up the story, any story. Homegrown vs freelancers doesn’t have a logical end unless it is… blood and Guts, and now that I think about it, I want to see that.

Thanks guys for the entertainment.

Roman from Chattanooga

An up and down episode helped by a great crowd. Wheeler Yuta and Orange Cassidy put on a hell of a match, but unfortunately the rest of the night was fairly formulaic, with each feud doing just enough to push us towards Revolution. While I am interested in the new AEW show, I wish Tony Khan would chill with the “super mega earth shattering announcement” talk, they never live up to the hype.

Question: Do you think Saraya is a net positive or negative for the women’s division? I was intrigued when she first arrived, but she quickly became the female Chris Jericho, draining the push and heat from anyone she touches. At least Jericho can still put on a great match.

The opener with Yuta and Cassidy was strong. Everything else was hit and miss, Jon Moxley almost made it through a match without shedding blood…until after the bell rang. Am I alone in thinking that the use of blood in AEW is approaching diminishing returns?

The Danielson/Friedman pull apart brawl was strong and the talk about head trauma, CTE made it a little uncomfortable considering what Bryan went through to get back in the ring.

It is going to be hilarious when Ep 1 of All Access starts at All Out and includes the fall out. It’ll finally conclude what that was all about and put eyeballs on the new show. Punks gonna be healed up after March right?

Like obviously everyone had to be hush hush about what happened. Kevin Feige ain’t out there spoiling the next Marvel film. I so hope this is exactly what it is and we get all the Bucks edits on their “suspension” recapping this crazy legal issues that are made for TV drama

On a serious note: having the most experienced and over vloggers and Twitch users on a show like this makes a lot of sense.

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