FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 2/23/22

What d’ya think of Dynamite?

Hey guys! Great show. I did think it was funny that Malakai Black was about to murder Penta with a shovel but then totally abandoned using the shovel when Buddy Matthews showed up. I especilly loved the MJF promo segment and I find myself rooting for MJF now. Do you think this is planting the seeds of an MJF turn or just a just a one off for this specific feud?

Okay this show was fantastic, but I’m just going to focus on the main event. This is how you build the future. While Daniel Garcia lost, he was shown to be a somewhat equal same as Lee Moriarty last week. This is basically youth vs experience, the only reason they lost is because of the experience Danielson has. Danielson might be winning but he is spotlighting his opponents and trying to get most audiences to see what he sees. The future is bright for the younger talent. We are two months in and Danielson seems to be my lock for wrestler of the year if he continues with these matches. What wrestlers do you want to see Danielson work with? Really want to see that Gresham match with each passing week.

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Seeing The super villain Origin story of MJF was as awesome as any comic book villain. It all makes sense now why his character is such a terrible person. This whole feud has been next level and the thing I’m enjoying most in wrestling

Is Jericho picking up the Cody delusional heel gimmick, but actually being a heel? He’ll be good in the role long as he commits unlike Cody did.

What a waste of Sting, Darby, and Sammy at the ppv, just do a triple threat match and call it a day, Matt hardy shouldn’t be featured in a match at a ppv unless he’s being fed to Hook or teaming with Jeff.

Another good step forward to Revolution

  • The Kingston/Jericho war of words was captivating. Jericho being the de facto heel and going somewhat meta by using Kingston’s real-life challenges intensified their feud

  • Danielson/Garcia is another dope main event and another career highlight in Garcia’s meteoric rise

  • Was MJF being completely truthful to get Punk to lower his guard? The emotional content (getting bullied because of his Jewish upbringing) did enhance the promo. It was well done.

  • Buddy Matthews’ debut was solid and Malakai Black’s reaction told everything about their history with a single look…until he joined the House of Black.

  • The opening battle royal was messy but it got better when the field got to the homestretch. The Bucks/reDRagon tension is coming to a head and Cole’s gonna have to pick a side. Hangman’s promo was excellent.

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