FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 2/26/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Loved how uncomofortable that Elite/JR interview was.

John, has there been any updates with how AEW does on TSN?
Last we heard, it was doing well. Could you see TSN ever investing more in AEW (Ala Aftermath) or even another company?

Also, my 82 year old eastern european grandpa likes wrestling, and has watched a bit of AEW.
He thinks Jeff Cobb is related to Tazz, and I believe he thinks AEW is owned by WWE and it’s all for business.


Paul from New Jersey

Omega/PAC was terrific as expected. V Trigger City. Allie Vs. OrangeCassidy is a match I didn’t know I wanted to see. Fun spot. What was with that Elite promo? That was awful. Overall, a fun, fast moving show. Pretty sure Jericho called Patrick Maholm’s (Kansas City Chiefs quarterback) Aaron. What a hoser. Question, does MJF get his comeuppance at Revolution or does the feud continue?

I came from St. Louis to be at this one live and the room was electric from start to finish. Anyone doubting if the “old Kenny” is still in there can stop now. PAC vs orange Cassidy is a dream match that is gonna drive ppv buys. Great booking.

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I loved the show tonight. Omega and Pac was about as good as wrestling gets. My only complaint, and I get that I’m the prude here, but can a DDT on concrete followed by a super brain buster at least be a 2 count?

This might be a dumb question, but do we know if Santana’s eye patch is legit? If so, the guy’s ability to work a 6 man like that is incredible.

I have never been more wrong about a wrestler than I was about Orange Cassidy. I was sure his act would die on TV, but he’s consistently a highlight of the show for me. Can’t wait to see him kick Pac’s butt on Saturday.

Finally, say what you want about JRs commentary, but his sit downs have been amazing. That interview did more for the Elite than anything else they’ve done on Dynamite so far. 10/10

JT from Manchester, UK

Fun show. Great opener and a lot of really good stuff like the Cody/MJF vignette and the Bucks/Omega/Page sit down, but mostly I have a question…

Does AEW have a 10 count or a 20 count outside the ring? Jimmy Korderas has been saying it’s a 20 count on Twitter but I’ve got no memory of seeing/hearing this mentioned before. Goggle throws up a couple of articles that mention it but they aren’t officially from AEW so I can’t tell, especially because - to my memory - they’ve never used the count out to end a match, or even to tease the end of a match, until tonight in the Iron Man match.

Noah from Vaughan

Hell of a way to finish the build to revolution. Excellent iron man match, I thought it was Kenny’s best performance in AEW so far, just great stuff. Loved the closing brawl, and especially the callback to week 4 of dynamite with the dippin dots. 9/10 show Gonna be live in Chicago for revolution on Saturday and will definitely give my live thoughts on the show, I’m so excited to see Orange Cassidy vs Pac. Should be fantastic

Jay from Colorado

Excellent show. I couldn’t tell you last time we got this good of a go home show over on WWE, let alone three straight weeks of 8/10 shows.

JR always plays the awkward interviewer so well, he helped make that entire segment fantastic. We all know where this story with the Elite is likely to go, but they do so good at making it interesting it doesn’t matter if it plays out how we think it will. As long as they tell the story in an interesting way that’s really all I care about and they are going above and beyond in that regard.

Revolution was already stacked card and the addition of Orange Cassidy vs that bastard Pac sweetens it even more. I’m super excited to see AEW live next week in Denver for the Revolution fallout and Lance Archer. I never would have thought after hearing about him getting signed a few weeks ago he’d come aboard so fast. I said it last week and I’ll say it again, AEW spoils us.

Nick from Lansing

AEW had a lot to live up to with high of last week, and the prospect of Revolution coming up this week, but I think they lived up to the hype. Starting with an excellent Ironman match band ending with a fun chaotic brawl that left you excited for Mox and Jericho to go at it.

I think one of the best compliments you can give them as a company is the trust the fans live in attendance have. As exciting as Omega and PAC was, there was a very close near fall where I expected the fans to give the obligatory “that was three” chant, but surprised by the response of “AEW”

The sit down with the Young Bucks and Omega and Hangman was excellent. Great use of JR as he balances the role of interviewer and peacekeeper. Putting over the Bucks, but recognizing Hangman’s building frustrations as the interview goes on. The inevitable storm out was played out perfectly. That match will be incredible.

With the announcement of a new match on Saturday, which do you think has the potential to be match of the year, Orange Cassidy vs PAC? Or Orange Cassidy vs Suzuki?

A great night for AEW. A killer Dynamite to lead in to the PPV and the 1-hour Road to AEW Revolution was exceptional. If that’s the same crew that were doing videos for TNA, I’m happy that they’re getting to show their impressive production skills on a larger platform with TNT.

9/10 for tonight’s Dynamite. 10/10 for the “Countdown to AEW Revolution” special.