FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 2/5/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

although she may not be an in ring magician, i’ve very much enjoyed the heel work of Dr. Baker. Always nice to see a Riho sighting once in awhile. good show, but something is missing for me and I can’t quite put my finger on it. 6.5. Episode title: eyes & lashes.

Not too sure what to think of the ending yet, other than it looked painful.
Britt’s match and ending was good- I like the direction they are going with her.
Dark order still has me intrigued, mostly because of the high potential for surprises.
In case you didn’t watch with AEWplus, the commentary really seems like they are having fun, especially during commercials, and JR seems like he’s in love with Ford.

Damn, MJF actually got attacked by a fan as they went off air! That is some old school heel heat! The 8 man was crazy, and furthered a storyline. And the backstage segment with Hangman and the pitcher of beer was hilarious.

Andrew from Cape Breton

The biggest positive AEW has over WWE is how beloved their babyfaces are, and tonight felt like a continuation of that with the main event angle. I didn’t know what to expect from the 10 lashes angle but with everyone coming out, it really gave you sympathy for Cody. Cody is fascinating. He’s a cross between his father and Ric Flair. He’s a rich, powerful babyface that everyone gets behind. It’s just wild to see a company where the fans have faith in their babyfaces. I guess except for the women’s division. My hope next week is Nyla Rose wins and runs through the entire women’s division until they find the right babyface to face her. Though, I have a question which maybe an awkward topic of discussion. Nyla still faces transphobic comments from members of the audience, and my question is, should they let Nyla cut an in ring promo on these people, or even discuss it at all? I feel Nyla probably does have a promo in her head that she would love to get out, but would it be appropriate? Part of me wants to ignore it, as it shouldn’t have anything to do with her character, but another wants to see a scathing promo on some of the fans. Anyway, great show, 7 men waiting to catch a guy out of 10.

Nick from Lansing

Top to bottom what a great show. Opening strong with Mox and Ortiz and ending with the big angle with MJF and Cody.

With the exception of some of the between matches picture and picture moments like Cody taking off his shirt, it didn’t feel like a moment of TV time was wasted. Moxly feels like a serious threat to Jericho’s place at the top, and MJF took his time with the lashes, working the crowd the whole segment. All great stuff, but my match of the night was the 8-man tag. I can understand the criticism people might have with the confusion over the legal man on commentary, but for me when the action is that chaotic, there’s only so much control you can expect the ref to have. As long as there are no major rule violations, it doesn’t bother me people are in and out in an environment like that, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Noah from Vaughan

I thought tonight’s show was another very strong edition for a show that has really hit its stride in the new year. I loved how they set up matches for each of the coming 3 weeks leading up to revolution. The way they have been building up moxley for this title match has been phenomenal and kudos to Santana with a very good promo setting up their match for next week. 8.5/10 show from me.

Jay from Colorado

Jericho flying off the handle about Moxley doing something that Jericho hinself did weeks earlier is a fantastic heel move. He is simply the best heel in the business. Then, now, forever.

That bump Riho took off of the table looked rough. I’ve heard that it hurts more if they don’t break, not sure if there’s any truth to that.

Hangman manifesting a pitcher of beer out of thin air might be my favorite things that’s happened in wrestling in 2020.

I wasn’t too into the ten lashes with the belt. Have you ever been hit with a belt like that? I haven’t. Don’t plan to either. I’m not into freaky stuff.

Raymond from Sacramento, California.

The lashing/whipping segment was the second time this week that I’ve gotten emotional watching sports. For Cody to take 9 lashes and then have Brandi (normal, non-Nightmare Collective, loving wife Brandi) coming down teary-eyed got me. Doing it with no entrance music put all the emotion on the visuals and acting. She grabbed Cody’s hand, said one more, and MJF hit him on the “Dream” tattoo. Perfect stuff.

I’ve probably never being a bigger fan of Cody’s then I am right now.

I loved (hearted) that segment.

I can’t believe it, but it looks like Britt Baker has regressed as a wrestler. She couldn’t take several moves properly and even a great wrestler like Yuka Sakazaki couldn’t make her look good.

I know there will be those who like the final segment with the lashes and while I thought MJF looked great, having so many different people walk down to the ring made it feel way to melodramatic for me to really like the whole segment.

The only thing that really interested me on the show was the further development of the Hangman Page storyline.

Not a good show overall.

The lashes were interesting. Very brutal but maybe a bit too over the top.

Completely worthless Britt match. She’s actually worse than before if that was possible. Nyla sucks and now we have to watch her wrestler Rhio.

Hangman stuff was great and Mox stuff was good. Overall though show was mediocre at best

I’m going to agree with others, Nyla just doesn’t hit any emotions for me. She needs to change things up. And licking the hand is gross and when has licking something ever looked good as a thing you do for wrestling. I immediately regret saying that now. I’m sure someone will think of something =)

Fun show but that women’s division is hurting, I wish it could get some direction. And it should stay away from Brandi. Unfortunately, she is tied to Cody in my mind so I always think… wouldn’t Cody go and talk to her about her crazy? I’ve gone on a tangent.

Good show! 7/10