FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 200

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Does anyone remember how a few months ago, Jeff Jarrett lost a Loser Leaves AEW match against Mark Briscoe and then just randomly started showing up again? I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, but they made a big deal about Cody Rhodes not challenging for the AEW World Title ever again, and it ended up limiting his creative potential in the company. It does feel AEW is getting a bit sloppy sometimes with continuity. One thing I will disagree with you guys on though is mentioning the camera when doing on-site vignettes. I know it may get old always hearing it but I think it does a good job of establishing their ability to do these outside vignettes without having to wonder why people are planning a bank robbery in front of millions of people.

I still don’t like how we don’t have that many matches for All In, but I feel they might want to make a lot of those matches on Collision, especially with Kenny’s tease of showing up there. Maybe they want to have a newsworthy episode, considering they are going up against SummerSlam. Lastly, for the first time since the debut of the Outcasts, their House of Torture-esque shenanigans seemed to add to the finish of the match, instead of take away from it.

Steve Grows Weed

I don’t like that Punk is doing this Real World Champion crap. Especially when the actual Champion isn’t addressing him at all. Makes him seem really second rate. Plus it’s starting to feel like more of a brand split than WWE.
Do you think it takes away from the actual championship?
Does CM Punk having his own show with a clear separation from the rest of the shows feel awkward to anyone else?
Great show tonight

DMX once said “Trust everyone to be themselves, but trust in the fact that you can see them well”

When MJF started telling that ADD story and Adam started to go to the ring. I thought “here we go again”…until the rematch was made for Wembley. Can’t help but wonder when the other shoe is gonna drop. Seeing Roddy flip out backstage with The Kingdom remarking about Adam’s track record with friendship was an ironic touch.

For once, The Outcasts’ tomfoolery backfired and Hikaru Shida became women’s champion once again. Love that for her!

I’m a DDT watcher, and Takeshita just brought his leather jacket-wearing heel character to Sumo and Korakuen Hall last week, and it works … like it did tonight. I thought he was a good avatar for Callis getting boos, and he picked up on the mock dancing and cocky pin quick. Sammy played a great flashy babyface while Garcia was a great face in peril, and while I know the JeriVerse gets criticized, I still don’t think anyone has done it as good as Chris Jericho for as long.

Jack Perry grabbing a child to put between himself and RVD is already enough for me to declare this heel turn a success.

Seeing The Young Bucks fly around Jay Lethal and Karen Jarrett interfering in a Jeff match had the right mix of 2016 ROH and 2011 TNA, coupled with the AEW presentation gave me some weird nostalgia. It was also my favourite match of the show as I found it the most fun, but the three way and main event were killer ss well.

Jordan from the Bronx

Is AEW going with a two world title system, by having the AEW World champion and the “Real World” champion go forward without addressing each other? I hope that I’m wrong, and that a unification match is booked for All Out. The Collision graphic seems to legitimize the CM Punk belt as it’s own championship.

I love the direction of the Mogul Embassy with Darby and Nick Wayne. They’ve built a lot up with Nick and AR Fox in a short amount of time, while also giving more character development for Darby and Swerve.

Very surprised with the Shida title win. It sounds like Tony Khan listened to the criticisms and decided to answer them. The follow up will be key. Do you think Shida gets Saraya or Britt Baker heading into the PPV weeks?

Dustin from Maui: I’m watching it now and I teared up when “Walk” was being played. So cool!!