FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 3/11/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

Found the open incredibly boring, but there was a lot to like tonight. Two really good 6 mans which usually aren’t my favorite. Baker & Tony are fun, but I thought Swole really shined here. Big hilight of the night for me was the Christopher Daniels promo. Not only was it different, but it was well done. Shawn Spears fan submitted tag requests and a killer promo from Mox, one company is thinking outside of the box, while the other seems like a broken mechanical spider in said box at times. 8.

Noah from Vaughan

Good show, 7/10. Couldn’t focus at all with all the news going on, NBA season suspended, things are just so crazy right now. I 100% think AEW and WWE should be postponing events, this coronavirus is not a joke and should not be treated lightly, I’d rather this be proven to be an overreaction than an underreaction.

Alexander from Portland

Another ‘eh’ show for me. Lance Archer, one of the more intense wrestlers over the past year, debuts by sitting down and watching a match. While I get AEW not wanting to start on Archer/Cody until after Blood and Guts, could Archer not have had quick squash match? While I’m sure they’ll be good, I can’t say I’m looking forward to Daniels and The Dark Order having matches. and that main event. While The Inner Circle was beating down everyone in the ring, we were told by Excalibur that everyone in the Elite went to the hospital to check on Nick, but then less than a minute later Cody and Kenny come out, then another minute passes and Matt comes out. Is it me or do these guys come across as major asses not being at the hospital when Nick was carted out earlier? I do like the fact that all three were at the arena for Hangman’s match, but none of the three chose to be his partner. Other good on the show was Britt Baker (one of my fav characters on the show) and everything involving the Death Triangle.

Question: what do you think of the idea of The Ascension being a part of the Dark Order? While neither guy wrestles like you’d expect from AEW, they have a proven track record with Cody and PAC, plus I feel their character work could earn them a spot.

Doug from Derbyshire, UK

Another exciting, well-paced show featuring quality matches throughout and a crowd so hot I thought they would combust.
It felt like the women were starting to gel a lot better tonight, with Shida providing her strongest outing since the six-woman tag at Double Or Nothing.
The video packages were all of the usual high quality, with Daniels’ ‘Screw The Dark Order’ providing a good few laughs. Not quite as many as today’s episode of Free The Delete, though.
I’ve been a fan of Trios matches since my days of watching Chikara a decade ago so their gradual introduction to the AEW weekly broacast gets two thumbs up from me.
Jericho and Sammy are proving to be a highly enjoyable team and the main event was a satisfying peak for the show with a hot post-match beatdown. As per usual, AEW have left me looking forward to next week’s show.
8/10 for me, with the line of the night being Nyla Rose shouting ‘Tap, you stupid alien’ at Kris Statlander from the apron :smile:

Dull episode by Dynamite standards. Frustrating seeing everything I liked from last week put on the backburner to reheat the Inner Circle/Elite feud. The show opening and closing angles felt like beat for beat remakes of things we’ve seen before. That’s Lance Archer’s debut? Could it have been any colder? I seriously had to edit this bit in to the feedback because I completely forgot he was actually on the show. Awful! What’s Shida got to do to get a break in this company? Maybe they’re saving her for the next PPV but then why beat her clean, and if they’re not saving her what’s the issue? She’s been consistently sidelined for flavours of the month like Emi Samura, Kris Stratlander and now Bea Priestley. I was seriously confused about why Big Swole was talking about her husband and was shocked to discover she’s married to Cedric Alexander, is that common knowledge or am I right in thinking most of the audience wouldn’t know that? Even if they did it’s a bit lame to be feuding over your WWE contracted significant others.

Sorry to focus on negative but it’s been cathartic to vent. Show wasn’t terrible, the matches were all decent! 5/10

Tyler Crane from Salt Lake City.

What’s up guys. I attended this show live. It was pretty fun show. I don’t how it came across on TVs but the live crowd was pretty loud and energetic through the whole show. Cody was super over live. It was great seeing Jake the snake paired with lance archer. Jake is the perfect mouth piece for him. And it should make for a great feud with Cody. My personal match of the night was Joey Janela and private party against death triangle. Also the main event was a fun live Jericho remains super great and what he does and hangman page is over as all hell. All in all a great live experience. Keep up the great work John and wai!