FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 3/15

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This was a fun show with a main event perfectly built for the live crowd. All of the work that went into building the Page/Elite history pays off whenever it’s returned to, I’m really enjoying the firm heel turn for BCC, and it was great to see Vancouver’s own Nicole Matthews on TV, if only for a few seconds.

The decision to begin with a lengthy promo segment signaled that the rhythm of this Dynamite was going to be a bit different (only four matches, including one less than a minute in length). I’m not sure that all of the Four Pillars’ jabs landed, but I think a stronger focus on the homegrown talent is the right move coming out of the shuffling of the deck at Revolution. AEW’s yet to have had a PPV headlined by two distinctly homegrown stars; do you think having MJF defend the title in the Double Or Nothing main event against any one of the other three pillars could be justified at this point, presuming the program receives a decent build heading into the PPV?

Looking forward to coming to Toronto for Forbidden Door, and everybody help Wai get the F in for his charity fundraiser!

The trios titles three way was strong and it was elevated by Omega and Jericho. It had been a few years since they’ve shared a ring (last time was Double or Nothing '19) and it felt fresh as Winnipeg went bananas. It was cool to see Taya Valkyrie make her debut and potentially be the one in Jade’s record (I’m praying to god that Statlander’s the endgame for her) and the four pillars segment was solid.

I’m glad the House of Black retained and the ending with Hangman and the Elite crossing paths for the first time in months felt intriguing, would it be a step back character-wise to reunite with them after what they’ve put him through?

Jesse from the 6

That was the greatest spectacle Winnipeg has seen since Teemu Selanne scored 76 goals in his rookie year!

A really fun show and my highlight was Ted Irvine singing along to his son’s song in the front row. Very cute.

And they got me with the Hangman-Elite set-up at the end. I’m very intrigued to see where this goes.

Question: Do you know where Hikaru Shida is? It seems she’d have a natural role in this Outcasts vs AEW originals feud seeing as how they were teasing a feud with Saraya and Storm before they even turned heel. And yet, she’s not on Dynamite or Rampage.

Jay from Colorado

From top to bottom I was pretty happy with how this show leveled up. That main event especially was something special, and I’m excited to see the direction the trios division is taking.

Here’s something I never thought I’d say, I’m really enjoying this Jeff Jarrett run. Like when he came back I had zero interest in seeing him on my TV, but he looks great and can put on a compelling match.

Finally, I really like QT Marshall. But this QTV thing already feels like a dud. I get that it’s supposed to mimmick the TMZ style format, but that show peaked like 15 years ago. Hopefully there’s more to this.

They’ve really gotta work something out with Stu; this guy’s too good not to be on TV regularly. The first move he hits is a fucking slingshot apron DDT, and he somehow gets more wild as time goes on til he got beat down at the commercial break. I know it’s easy to say that they have a roster full of TV-ready people not being used, but with a still nascent trios division and a struggling tag division, there’s a place for Dark Order, and there’s a place for Stu.

Anyway, trios wrestling rules, and that’s without going in-depth on a bonkers main event that makes me want to see both an Elite reunion and a JerichOmega team-up. For any of AEW’s faults, New Japan, WWE, nor IMPACT offer these weekly trios matches that are almost always the highlights of Dynamite. With teams like The Elite, Dark Order, BCC, House of Black, JAS, and Fox Flight, this division is my favourite thing in wrestling right now, and really has been since the best-of-seven.

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Sal from California

Really enjoyed the show as a whole tonight. Hangman being rescued by the Elite was a great cliffhanger. I wonder if we’ll get Elite vs the Blackpool Combat Club in Blood and Guts.

The QTV segment didn’t land with me and I wish Hobbs wasn’t apart of that group. That’s my lone complaint on an otherwise great show.

Coleman from Edmonton here, went out to Winnipeg for the show tonight.

Two things: First, the main event was the loudest live wrestling match I’ve ever been to. Second, Jeff Jarrett is going way too hard for someone of his age

Really enjoyed almost everything about the show tonight. Moving to a “four pillars” match for the title was something I didn’t see coming but it’s a refreshing change of pace since I think the triple threat with Kenny, PAC, and Cassidy is the only time the world title has been defended in a multi-man match up to this point. I thought all three non-MJF guys did pretty well with their promos. I especially liked Darby because I too find the extracurricular complaining unbearable and because it’s extremely rare that we get a live promo from him at all.

I don’t love having less than two minutes of women’s wrestling on a two-hour show but the payoff was that we got a solid introduction for Taya and what looks like some movement towards a big multi-woman match down the road (blood and guts?).

Having HOB retain was 100% the right decision but they still managed to get a great moment for one of the hometown heroes at the end. I’m instantly psyched for the next Elite storyline.


Jordan from the Bronx

Jeff Jarrett continues to be my guilty pleasure in wrestling right now. The International title match was a classic Jeff Jarrett TNA title match featuring multiple refs, Fargo struts, endless run ins, weapon teases and other overbooked tropes that he was guilty of. This was all extremely annoying 20 years ago in TNA, but today in AEW, I can appreciate how hard he’s actually working.

I loved that Max Caster’s rap was able to get across a sincere gratitude for their success and fans. I don’t hear Juice Robinson cut promos often, he sounds like Angry Jack Black.

Finally, the Pillars promo in the beginning and the Trios match at the end were great bookends to a fun show overall, which included two in-ring women’s segments! Winnipeg brought it! Peace!

Cody From Maine

Really enjoyable show from top to bottom. Loved the opening segment and just how important it felt, emphasized by the recap segment later on. More of that from AEW would be welcomed.

I questioned the continuation of Hangman and Moxley’s feud, but it paid off in a big way tonight. I’m a sucker for on-screen drama between the Elite. I’m sure you mentioned where you thought it would go, but if not, your best guess?

And while polarizing I also enjoyed QTV, Jeff Jarrett’s match and the Outcasts segment. Speaking about the latter, in his recap, Siino proposed towards the group needing two more members to even up this storyline at 5 on 5. Do you agree with his take that it could be the former Bellas, Nikki and Brie Garcia?

Just attended my first live show and couldn’t have picked a better show. The reactions to Kenny and Jericho were incredible and the crowd was really hyped for Stu Greyson as well. Big crowd tonight with a huge pop for Kenny omegas excellent promo for the hometown crowd. after the show tony khan came out to address the crowd promising to come back to the city and announce the forbidden door show to the crowd. Excellent show overall and will definitely be going next time they are here. The only disappointment was for my wife not being able to see Bryan danielson

Brian in New Jersey

Very fun show in front of a hot crowd. Top notch opener and main event, and a heck of a tease at the very end. Really nice seeing Stu Grayson and Taya Valkyrie get involved. My only issue with the episode was the over-abundance of shooting in an otherwise good string of promos. I don’t need to hear Sammy talk about being brought in as a job boy or bump guy. The Outcasts segment wasn’t as egregious, but I’m not really enjoying this story of heels complaining about their pushes.