FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 3/17/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

I was thinking tonight was going to be the standard fare of good matches and storytelling from the show, but the main event over delivered. Blood in wrestling has become incredibly rare and nights like tonight are why it should continue to be the case. You don’t see this often on television and it’s never done with the women. Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker had a star making performance. And speaking of stars, Jade Cargill is like a more athletic and more charismatic Lex Luger. I’m surprised she wasn’t looked at by WWE as she looks like someone Vince McMahon would see and go, god damn pal, just look at her. But yeah, excellent show. Only real negative is Sting gets another interview and it feels like he’s being shoehorned in every week. 9 out of 10.

Sup guys
Keeping it short this week. I liked the ring action but some of their decisions on who wins seemed bad. Feels like both The Good Brothers and Penta should of won their matches. Have them win and still beat down their opponent after the match. Especially if the Good Brothers will be challenging the Young Bucks for them titles down the road. Solid promo segment from Christian helping reinforce them rankings and great introduction for The Pinnacle. But man that main event was awesome. Glad AEW uses that stipulation very sparingly because when they do bust it out, it feels special. Great on both these wrestlers on delivering a hell of a main event and one of my favorite dynamite match ever.

Jesse from the 6

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, lads!

Both wrestlers killed it in the main event. That’s not the kind of match I want to see very often, but tonight I was very impressed. I hope the AC/DC “Thunder” crowd chant catches on for Rosa.

I’m not trying to yuck your yum because I know y’all like Darby, but I want to go on record as saying I think he’s a dork. I don’t find him interesting and he needs to learn the difference between “much” and “many”.

Do you think AEW is playing too fast and loose with their heels & babyfaces? I know WWE has been all over the place during the pandemic, but now it seems AEW is getting lazy, too. Penta recently turned face and while Pac and Fenix are faces, Penta is heel again? Archer was a babyface for all of three weeks? There’s the un-told Eddie Kingston and Butcher & Blade split and now Brian Cage is turning face, too? Seems sloppy to me.

Take Care

P.S. Wai, I really appreciated your tweet today. I think you identified the confluence of factors that may have contributed to the awful events in Atlanta yesterday with clarity and compassion.

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Andrew from Saint John

That main event was brutal, had great pace and made Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa look like absolute badasses. Interesting to see where this takes them from here but the point, more than the title picture, was the match. First Dynamite with two women’s matches since Dec. 2019, and hopefully the next one isn’t that long away. It’s fine to have a squash if that isn’t the only match on the show. Rey vs. Angelico, Cody and Penta, and Mox/Kingston, who have great chemistry, vs. Good Brothers were great. Sort of damp run-in from the Bucks. Coulda brought in FinJuice for Irish content. 9/10

Nick from Boston:

There was so much to love about this show. I could rave about the amazing promo work alone, but there was plenty of great wrestling sprinkled in as well.

Don Callis has had an outstanding week. His segment with Rich Swann on Impact was a masterpiece & his attempt to corrupt the Young Bucks was effective tonight. MJF introducing The Pinnacle (great name) was equally skillful & having Tully as another mouthpiece for the group will help keep their promo segments fresh.

Brian Cage striking out on his own feels right, especially given his spotlight in the Sting match, & Darby refocusing on his title reign will be crucial for Dynamite as a whole.

The main event ruled. Easily the best women’s match AEW has put on to date & one of the best ever Dynamite matches in general. Rosa and Britt will forever be connected because of this violent rivalry. Hope this propels Rosa to seek out a shot at Shida. 9 four-leaf clovers out of 10.

Raymond in Sacramento, CA

That was a great show with a tremendous main event. A well-built feud, culminating at least for now with a lights-out match on TNT for all to see. Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker earned the headline spot and they OVERDELIVERD in the ring. Remember this match for the best of year award!

I’m gonna keep it brief and to-the-point. Britt Baker, Thunder Rosa and the AEW women’s division got the breakout match it’s been looking for with this lights out encounter. It’s a case study for why women’s non-title feuds need to be more of a thing. Britt loses nothing, rankings be damned, both her and Rosa’s stocks have risen dramatically. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in the conversation for match of the year. Hats off to both ladies.

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The main event tonight was unreal. It’s the sort of match that women just don’t ever have on television and with a lot of pressure on them, Britt and Rosa absolutely delivered. It more than justified its position as the main event. The two of them need other storylines now but they should meet again in the not-too-distant future because they have great chemistry. Between this and the impressive squash by Jade Cargill, the AEW women’s division seems like it’s very much on the right track.

I was happy to see the acknowledgement that Darby hasn’t defended his TNT title enough and that they want to get back to having it be the “working” championship. Darby vs Silver will be a quality match and I can see Lance Archer ultimately being the next champion.

Although I suspect that we’re getting another round of Cody vs Penta, I wasn’t crazy about the surprise roll-up finish, especially since it was used twice tonight. After a very effective promo last week, Penta seemed to have momentum and this felt like it stalled him a bit. Hopefully they can rectify that soon.

Looking back, though, this night really belonged to the women. 8.5 painfully embedded thumbtacks out of 10.

Tremendous main event. But there were two things that bugged me about the show.

I hated the finish to Cody vs. Penta, there was no reason for Penta to lose, especially given the storyline of Cody’s shoulder injury.

And I thought Hikaru Shida watching the monitor during the main event looked too much like when WWE does the same thing.

I was hoping Penta would win, but I dont mind this finish, in the hopes that it leads to a more focused Penta. As much as I love him, one thing that always bugs me, is how often he poses and plays to the crowd, so I’m hoping there is some story from this, that his playing to the crowd cost him.

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