FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 3/22

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Is it just me or is Adam Cole skinnier and smaller than ever? It is comical he’s billed as 6 feet and plays a bad ass character. He’s talented but why does he not at least lift a little to try and look the part? Actors look the part if they are playing a role. That spray tan was something else too.

That main event was fun as hell although certainly not a dream match for me as I’ve never heard of the other guy. Sure delivered though 10/10. Rest of the show was mediocre for me. Huge fan thanks guys


Steve Grows Weed

I’m not sure why Stu Grayson didn’t get the win tonight. This is a pretty one sided feud. Dark Order were getting serious and showing a tougher side which could be a great way to rehab them. A good showing isn’t enough. Mox can afford a loss to give the guys he’s feuding with some credibility.
So clearly I wrote that before that amazing main event. Vikingo is incredible.
But ya it’s clear that they just moved on from Dark Order. Really good post match.

Kenny, watch the tape.

Mid show with a great main event.

Chris Elliot
I don’t usually stay awake long enough to formulate some feedback but that main event was incredible. I hope there’s more to come of Vikingo in AEW and this is the start of a big singles run for Kenny. I assume we get a rematch for the title somewhere down the line in AAA.
As for the rest of the show, Garcia Vs Cole should be a good match next week and Sting was fun to watch. The FTR stip felt obvious but I like that it creates just enough doubt in the tag title match.

Right away, the main event saved this rather sub-standard episode. Vikingo did some unbelievable stuff and he made a lot of new fans in one night. He and Omega shut it down and the Hangman/Omega reconciliation took another step as Callis is playing them against one another when he played possum.

Not much progress in how the world title scene and I just hope that Cole doesn’t get sucked into the Jerichoverse for TOO long

Wow… that main event. Match of the year, Kenny really is the best in the world. As soon as his singles music hits he feels like a much bigger deal. As the kids would say “ it hits different.“ Great storytelling after the main. Hot hot show by the end of the night.

Love the show… long time listener

Cory from Austin

Cody From Maine

Show-long storylines, when done correctly, add so much to an episode. Tonight was a perfect example. Melodrama ls something that AEW thrived on when it first began and it’s great to see them return to form. Good payoff after a phenomenal main event. Omega will be tough to beat for wrestler of the year in 2023 if this continues.

One question. The red, white and blue ropes. Would you keep them full time to match Dynamite’s color scheme? Or is better for a one-off like this in Independence, Missouri?

That main event was a perfect example of a match you could show to a non-wrestling fan to show them how how much fun wrestling can be. It seems like there’s too much going on right now to even consider this, but could we get a rematch between Omega and Vikingo this time for the AAA title? Triplemania is August 12th so quite a ways away but the story is built right in.

Did anyone else notice that CM Punk’s face was conveniently covered in the opening ambulance segment?