FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 3/23/22

What did you think of Dynamite?

Eddie from Austin,

A lower stakes event from last week with the Thunder Rosa coronation guaranteed but a hell of a live event to attend. Last time AEW was in Cedar Park we were on our feet chanting Cowboy Shit for Page to run in and this time it was the same.
Question: What level of tv deal is it going to take for POST to cover the new ROH weekly? Curious because I have all the faith in the world this will be a must see product given TK’s track record with AEW.
Bonus: Have y’all tried/looked into 2k22 at all? I finished showcase mode after work last night and thought it was awesome.
Obligatory intro statement: Thank you for watching Raw/Smackdown for me for the last 3+ years. I appreciate y’all immensely. Hope to call in soon.

Even if it wasn’t quite on the level of last week’s classic, this was a fun two hours. They definitely seem to be teasing some kind of Brett Hart involvement and although he has made an appearance before, I feel like that would be huge given the upcoming Owen tournament and Martha’s involvement in that.

Now that Punk has given the universal symbol for “I want a belt around my waist”, I’m assuming that we’re moving towards him in the championship picture for Double or Nothing but, in the meantime, it seems like we might be getting a 6-man “all belts on the line” for Battle of the Belts with Cole and Red Dragon vs Hangman and Jurassic Express. If so, who do you think wins?

Steve from Cambridge

The Julia hart thing is ridiculously old. So many people have been sprayed since her and none of them have turned Emo.
They should drop this. No one barely pays attention to her when she’s moping anyways. Announcers barely call attention to it.
Time to move on.
Really good show from start to finish.

I really appreciated how in-ring focused this show was, especially the first hour, and a great Austin crowd paid off that approach with dividends.

Yuta is clearly the main focus of the Blackpool Combat Club’s efforts (apologies to Benno - to North American ears that name -does- sound badass), but Regal’s comments about Garrison and Pillman made me realise just how many storytelling possibilities there are with AEW’s wave of young talent. Obviously not everyone is going to join up with Mox and Danielson, but young wrestlers being disparaged by the group for not having killer instinct, or cockily declaring that they don’t need Regal’s mentorship could make for some good short-term stories and give up and comers the chance to show some extra personality, and of course Regal’s rep as a WWE talent scout makes this seem more legit than most stable recruitment efforts. Apart from Yuta, who would you like to see spend some time under the learning tree? Any Dark prospects come to mind, Siino?

My read on the eyepatch:
Julia: My gimmick is “The cheerleader”
TK: That’s… not enough
Julia: … with an eyepatch?
TK: :+1: