FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 3/24/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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In terms of presence on the screen no one has Britt Baker or Pinnacle beat. Baker speaks with confidence unfound elsewhere in any womens division. Visually Pinnacle just looks great as a unit and I love the entrance presentation, the music and the retro-ish tron video is money. I thought MJF and Jericho trying to out-heel each other in their match a few months ago was great and now we get to see it on a grander scale with the two armies at war. I look forward to this feud.

Nick from Boston

Plenty to love about tonight’s Dynamite, but this show felt a bit stuck in limbo. So thrilled that Sydal got to shine in a spot with Omega, but I’m a tad worried that Kenny is beginning to get stretched far too thin with all these storylines.

As of tonight Omega is involved in programs with:
-Moxley & Kingston
-The Young Bucks
-The Lucha Bros
-Rich Swann (who weirdly wasn’t mentioned tonight)

Love that AEW features their champion prominently throughout the show, but I wonder if his upcoming match at Rebellion means that Kenny will be in a holding pattern on Dynamite until April.

Really enjoyed both trios matches, Britt’s promo, & the main event. Wouldn’t mind Darby pulling a mini John Cena, & offering up open challenges every other week.

The weaker part of tonight’s show was the QT-Cody angle. The promo segment was missing some heat, & I thought QT’s beef was with Dustin? I’m sure it’ll be a good match, but this felt an example of the Rhodes melodrama falling flat.

This was another enjoyable show, however four of the six matches (in a row) ended in a post-match beatdown and three followed by a run-in save. This combined with the frequent use of blackouts for surprise reveals and it feels like AEW is starting to rely a bit too much on the same formulas. The overall storylines are good, but I wish they had a few more ideas up their sleeve on how to progress them on camera.

Nothing great but nothing awful either. The opening match was good and Britt Bakers interview was great. Interested to see where they’re going with Team Taz. Bryan Cages reaction to Taz saying he had apologized has me interested. The Lucha Brothers and Laredo Kid vs. The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler match was fantastic
and the main event was good as well. Also, interested in seeing where they’re going with the Young Bucks-Kenny Omega storyline. And the women’s division, which has always been the weakest part of the show, is getting better and better every week. Question-With the great match last week and her great promo skills, do you think Britt Baker is now in danger of being one of those heels who gets cheered because of how great their work is? She is slowly becoming one of my favorite parts of the show every week

7 out of 10

I was rather disappointed in tonight’s episode, a rarity for me.

Cool to see Loredo Kid back l but last check Pac and Rey were a team and also a trios with Penta so what gives?
Also it’s so obvious what lazy booking looks like (Matt Hardys stable) vs good booking (Pinnacle). And Sting standing there during the main event menacing with a bat was a big distraction. He was not needed there and I rather have watched that main event without him in eye sight.

BDE was one of those story heavy episodes this week and my biggest takeaway was The Dark Order became the star group with the bits and jokes, and the Elite broke up. Perfectly juxtaposed by Hangman’s own story. Loved it, curious if you still watch?

Shoutouts to anyone in NJ with a birthday.

Sean from Glasgow

As much as I enjoy Dynamite every week, I find the formatting unpredictable. Matt Hardy’s empire building effort has gone from a midcard subplot to closing the show fairly quickly.

It was an exciting cliffhanger though, and I’m curious to see if we get any more interaction between Sting, Darby and the Dark Order. It may never be the right time to introduce a new leader in the Dark Order but it wouldn’t hurt to clarify their direction.

Raymond from Sacramento, CA

I was in a discussion about Britt Baker’s ascension the past two years (2020-2021) and I made the point that at the early AEW shows people were chanting “Bay Bay” at her because of her boyfriend. Well, as the past two years have proven, Britt is her own person, with her career path not tied to anyone else, and has developed quite the persona to go along with the improved ring work. And with everything she’s accomplished recently the “DMD” that she mimes upon entrance is officially hers. The great LIVE promo tonight solidified that.

Noah from Vaughan

Really enjoyed tonights show. That 6 man tag with the Bucks and Cutler vs Laredo Kid and the Lucha Bros was just unbelievable. I say it every time I see him on screen, but man, Fenix is literally a human cheat code, hes just so damn impressive. speaking of impressive, that main event was one of my favourite TNT title matches yet, Darby and Silver have such great chemistry and are so similar in terms of explosiveness in the ring. And witht them being 28 and 29 years old respectively, it’ll be such a treat to see them face off many more times in the coming years. Really solid show, 8.5/10

Tonight’s theme seemed to be “letting guys whose skills you might not have noticed yet have a big moment”; I thought that John Silver, Brandon Cutler, and Matt Sydal all looked great coming out of their matches and it made me want to see all three of them more. Same for Laredo Kid, although I don’t know how often they can use him.

I’m glad that Jericho and the Inner Circle have been off TV for a couple of weeks now, selling the seriousness of the attack on them and allowing The Pinnacle to establish themselves. Obviously, there’s going to be a big showdown but there’s no need to rush it.

Although the story with Kenny, the Good Brothers, and the Bucks is fairly complex already, I’m thinking that we might see the Guerrillas of Destiny make an appearance on Dynamite. Although they’re the New Japan tag champions, they aren’t currently booked on any shows there and they obviously fit in with the story of Bullet Club history as the guys who never left. Maybe I just have the forbidden door on the brain, though.

Definitely meant BTE.
Also worth noting that Silver and Reynolds have been hunting for Sting for weeks on BTE so I am very much looking forward to next Monday’s episode after the endorsement spot last night.