FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 3/3/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Been a while since I gave feedback. Man I enjoyed the Shaq match, it was better than I had expect. Worked excellently to highlight Jade and Velvet. And big props for Shaq for taking that Table spot. I hope we get Young Bucks vs Pac/Fénix in the future. Seeing Tully wrestle was awesome and helping plant the seeds for AEW’s Four Horsemen. Big fan of Nyla/Roy and I hope they have a great video package prematch. Not their best main event this week but it did it’s job again building up the match on Sunday. Overall Dynamite did a fantastic job hyping up the PPV.
With a spot still not decided for the ladder match what do you guys think of Ethan Page, if he wins it, it can continue the rivalry from Evolve.

Not a lot of feedback… But that was a very fun show. Flew by, and did a great job of selling the PPV.

The Shaq tag was a perfect celebrity match. A couple of big spots, and put the shine on up and coming talent involved.

Kevin in Salt Lake

Very noteworthy and fun go home show.

I enjoyed Red Velvett and Shaq’s performances in the opener. Jade showed a ton of poise. DJ Diesel selling that table spot like he was napping cracked me up. It honestly was a fun match.

Onita hyping an exploding barbed wire deathmatch on the 5 year anniversary of Hayabusa’s death is a neat little detail.

8 out of 10

Noah from Vaughan

Insane show tonight. That opening tag was one of the best mixed tag matches I can remember. All 4 competitors really did well but Jade came across like an absolute star in that one. Shes gonna do big things in AEW no doubt. They did an incredible job of hyping up Sunday’s PPV and in typical AEW fashion put on one hell of a go home show 10/10

MJ from Nj

AEW produces one hell of a wrestling show every Wednesday night. And when they want to step it up a notch, they can. There is something for everyone. I mean where else can you get Shaq, Onita, call backs to the 80s/90s/2000s and get some of the best in ring work anywhere in this generation of wrestling?

It’s the best wrestling product on the planet. If you can’t find something to like on a show like tonight are you a wrestling fan?

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Put some respect on QT Marshall’s name. His school, that kept AEW afloat in April during the shutdown has shown it’s worth in another manner. Shaq has been training there. Jade Cargill, someone that the PC turned down (what a big mistake that was) has been training there. All under the tutelage of QT Marshall and the rest of the coaches. And look at the spectacle they were able to deliver with from unexpected places. When Cody isn’t the star of the match, that’s an impressive feet. Also, Red Velvet should be officially signed ASAP.

10/10 Dynamite

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Whew, I can finally catch my breath. This show had a TON to get through. Definitely lots of highlights: the two week build to Bucks vs MJF/Jericho has felt heated, & I’m so glad they chose to spotlight Mizunami.

The opener was also a blast, & is a credit to everyone involved. Shaq is 48 & had a plethora of serious injuries towards the end of his NBA career, so seeing him execute a powerbomb & a table spot is a luxury for AEW.

On the flip side, this show had some uncharacteristically poor production. The awkward camera work, microphone issues, & commentary confusion almost made it feel like there was too much to accomplish tonight.

Lastly, I don’t mind Tully pinning Luchasaurus. He’s at least 66 million years old, about time he puts over the younger talent. An extremely fun (if clunky) go-home show: 7.5 missed free throws out of 10.

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It’s probably a sign that I need to take things less seriously but I was legitimately anxious about the Shaq match going into tonight, but when it started off the show and turned out to be really enjoyable, that put me in a great mood.

And that great mood persisted throughout the show, which was both fun in itself and a great go-home for Revolution. Like a lot of people, I wanted either Britt or Rosa to win the women’s tournament because I thought those were the strongest stories, but I’ve completely come around; Ryu is exhilarating to watch and even if she’s headed back to Japan afterwards, I’m happy to have the chance to see her in a variety of matches. I hope that she’ll be on AEW TV more when it’s easier to travel.

I really hope that someone is making a gif of -1 standing on the stage gesticulating while the entire locker room brawls in the ring. I need that.

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Yes, I am a wrestling fan.

Did you not enjoy anything last night?
It hit literally all the notes of the last 40 years of wrestling. I’m curious to hear from people who didn’t like at least one segment last night. I’m sure there are plenty. I’d like to hear their criticisms, respectfully.

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This is giving me strong “Rise of Skywalker Fan Finding Out You Liked Last Jedi Better” vibes

For the record, the only thing I hated last night was seeing this Shawn Spears comparison, which ruined the whole show and possibly wrestling entirely for me.

Hi MJ. My reply was a more general statement that I consider myself a wrestling fan despite not watching Dynamite (despite wanting to like it, it was infuriating me to the point it became unwatchable) but I can understand how my reply wasn’t really relevant to the question.

As much as I would like to see Tully in action, the inclusion of that dildo spot embarrassment to wrestling in the match means I cannot bring myself to watch it.

It was actually about the best usage of Marko Stunt that could have been hoped for. Which is to say, his involvement was pretty minimal. He broke up a pin attempt with a dive from the top rope, which isn’t completely unreasonable. And he was used as a prop for Tully to actually get some offence in. Other than that he was barely involved, as he shouldn’t be.

Honestly you should give last night’s episode a chance. I have a feeling even Corny will be giving them a pass this week, which is saying something. It was a very entertaining watch, especially the first hour.