FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 3/31/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Really liked this weeks episode. The return of the Inner Circle was awesome and I can’t wait for the different matchups this feud provides. Christian seems to be a great addition for AEW because it adds some variance to the type of styles AEW presents. Rey Fénix is still my wrestler of the year and I’m glad Laredo Kid got two weeks of having the spotlight on him. While I didn’t like the build to Best Friends vs Miro/Kip it might be the nostalgia of seeing Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct 2 cabinets I really did enjoy the main event. The only negative I have is QT segment. I’m fine with all these factions but this new faction feels like it’s tied with Hardy faction in level of threatening. Also the heel turn of everyone else felt extremely rushed as we never got to see them interact of dynamite. We got the pinnacle and Kenny’s “Bullet Club” it’s hard to see what this new one will bring. Overall 8/10.

Nick from Boston:

This was a far more focused episode of Dynamite. While I thought last week meandered a bit, tonight flowed at an exceptional pace with an immense amount of strong diverse action. The experience of Christian Cage is going to be invaluable to this roster & he proved that even after 7 years away, he can still deliver an exceptional television match.

The return of the Inner Circle was a brutal spectacle & I appreciated the cinematic quality of the beatdown. I’m less sold on the Nightmare Factory’s betrayal. AEW will have to work hard to familiarize it’s TV audience with the likes of Solow & Ogogo who’ve appeared almost exclusively on their Youtube content, but the angle was still strong work. Although, does it kind of reflect poorly on Cody that everyone keeps betraying him? It’ll be interesting to see how Dynamite balances having so many heel factions running rampant at the same time.

The trios match was so much fun & it’s refreshing to see The Bucks put their foot down & align with Moxley, as they can occasionally feel caught in the middle of confusing drama.

Quick Question: if you had to pick a 80’s/90’s rock song for your entrance, what would it be?

Andrew from Cape Breton

I love Tony Schiavone’s glee with everything that’s happening. It felt like Jim Ross was going to bury the the lego and Schiavone put it over huge and was a really big positive to the match itself, which was another crazy plunder match featuring the Best Friends. Great show overall tonight, but one comment I want to make is on QT Marshall’s new group. I love putting more guys on TV and it’s good to see some fresh faces in this group, but QT feels like such a poor choice to lead anything. I know looks aren’t everything, but he doesn’t look like a big time star and he also isn’t this dynamic wrestler or promo. I think this spot would have been better for someone like Ethan Page, or someone else who could be better in a leadership role, especially with all these guys being relative unknowns.

Noah from Vaughan

I thought last weeks show was one of AEWs best of the year, and somehow this show topped it. Christian looked amazing in his return match and the inner circle return was one of my favorite segments theyve ever done on dynamite. The trios match was fantastic and Tay Conti continues to be one of the most improved wrestlers I’ve seen in such a short amount of time. The QT Marshall and nightmare factory students turning on Cody’s crew was done really well. But man that main event was just fantastic, and now is the second time that the best friends have been put in a main event gimmick match and knocked it out of the park, just a really feel good ending to a fantastic show. 10/10

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How many heel stables is too many? I’d say when QT Marshall is leading his own group, that’s too many. At least they didn’t have the lights go out again so they could sneak up on Cody

Did anyone else hear Excalibur say that the ring steps weighed over 500 pounds? Classic stuff right there

I really enjoyed the opener, started slow but they had me by the end, and the 6 man. That Michinoku driver was as close to a Kota Ibushi tribute as I’ve ever seen on Dynamite

Robbie from London, Ontario

Really enjoyed tonight’s show, as a huge fan of his TNA run it was great seeing Christian Cage return to the ring against Kaz. Some footage of their 2007 Impact match would have been an added bonus, but for his first match in 7 years I thought it was great. Besides that we had a great 6 man, a really fun main event and a hell of a show all around. 8.5/10.

That main event was the funnest I can remember wrestling being, though the last time I said that it was also about Dynamite. Keep wrestling fun, keep awesome characters like OC and Kris Stat featured, and keep making wild brawls that make me forget that I already thought this was the best show of the year with that amazing IC vs Pinnacle cinematic brawl, let alone that amazing main event.

I could use less Bullet Club reunions if it means more Anderson and Gallows, and maybe get someone like Veda Scott to not only be some much needed representation in the booth, but to also fill the needed role of actually giving a shit about what’s happening the whole time, unlike JR.

But whatever JR lacks, Tony Schiavone seems to make up for with his enthusiasm for what wrestling has become. And if you haven’t seen her indie run, Kris Stat is about to be your favourite wrestler … because if you did see that run, she’s already your favourite. With the Best Friends, she’s going to the top. And lastly, NOW it’s clear why TK spent big for The Pixies; doesn’t that closing of the show with the goofy good guys and their mom celebrating work better with an actual song that can make you feel instead of the Best Friends theme?

Video and Aracde Anarchy Top Ten Dyanitme? Nevermind, let’s move on, cheers gents

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