FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 3/4/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

Between the blonde hair & neck tattoo, Cody looks like he still loves Limp Bizkit. Great promo from Jake. I love that Roberts doesn’t shout during his promos. He still has it. MJF is amazing. Great promo. AEW has been far superior to NXT lately in my opinion. Happy for Colt. Is he signed?

  • Thought Mox’s promo was better than the one he cut after the match at Revolution.
  • Bit of a nit pick, but Jericho waiting for his music to end at the beginning of the show felt a little like Ripley doing her stomp last week. It was a little awkward with him just standing there. Especially with him being in the main event match and it playing again, maybe he should’ve cut it off.

His promo was at the top of the ramp though, which is a nice call back to a Monday night in ‘99.

  • The Inner Circle must be doing great cardio, they’re pulling double, sometimes triple duty, weekly.
  • Jake was great. Don’t care what comes next, he can just be the voice of Damian Abraham every week. Hail, Caesar!
  • Hangman continues to be awesome. Any word on if Omega is going to be out for a while?
  • Darby Allin is great, but WH probably hates his gear.
  • Which guy had an easier phone call to make to Steve Austin; Kevin Owens so that he could use the stunner, or Moxley so that he could use his (skull) T-shirt design?

I really enjoyed how this felt like the first episode of a new season.
Any chance you could see trios titles ever coming in? Or would you prefer a secondary singles title?

Also, I got some input from my grandfather on this show again. (English is not his first language)
He thinks Cody’s tattoo is fake and was surprised to see “A J Roberts”, as he said!

Hope some of you guys enjoy hearing his perspective!

Louis from Long Beach.

This is the first episode of Dynamite I watched all the way through in months. I’ve mostly kept up watching clips and by listening to your podcast but after watching Revolution I wanted to try to get back in full time.

This was an awesome episode for me. It’s such a good feeling to watch a show and actually have anticipation for what’s coming next with a crowd that’s really into the baby faces and really hates the heels. Jake the Snake’s promo was excellent and his voice almost going out a few times added to it for me. MJF’s promo was superb and the line about a neck tattoo at the end was perfect. Despite the news from Matt Hardy earlier in the day him not showing up on this episode didn’t take away from it in the least for me. Question do you have any ideas of who Jake’s protege could be that’ll introduce I assume in a few weeks?

8/10 show

As always thanks for all of the work you two do it makes my ride into and from work fly by.

Alexander from Portland

Easily AEW’s weakest show, but it was pretty entertaining. Seeing the main event made me realize AEW so far haven’t booked any handicapped matches, so seeing how it was handled tonight was great. Death Triangle sounds cool, but you know what would be cooler? Lucha Bastards. For the three odd men out that weren’t a part of a trio, they’re going to work so well together. Speaking of working well, Guevara and Allen are so smooth together. I could see a future a few years off where these two are having a match with each other in the main event. Lastly, one of my pet peeves with modern pro wrestling is when you can’t tell the difference between arenas week after week. Between Moxley entering through the crowd and the backstage brawls, it’s fantastic to see parts of these arenas to give them more personality and make the episode stand out just that much more. 7 Dippin’ Dots/10

Who ever was responsible for cutting to the MJF promo too early should receive 10 lashes as well! You don’t treat greatness like that.

Jay from Colorado

Came to the show tonight, and had a fantastic time.

The crowd was really pumped in the beginning, and I think just about everyone was expecting some more movement on the dark order front and at least some sort of news about Lance Archer. While people were disappointed that neither came to any sort of fruition it was still a really fun show.

Jericho is absolutely the greatest of all time hands down. He knows how to work a crowd like no other, and had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand.

For some reason or another QT Marshall, Brandy and Dustin Rhodes threw apples into the crowd.

There were some AEW Dark Matches filmed prior to everything which I won’t spoil here, but after the show we got three extra dark matches. Including Jimmy Havoc vs a local talent from Rocky Mountain Pro whichh ended with Luther attacking Havoc, Hikaru Shida vs another local talent fro Rocky Mountain Pro whose gimmick was basically a zombie, but it was a decent match. Then we got Brandon Cutler & Sonny Kiss vs Private Party.

One thing I’d like to end on. I love AEW, and I love professional wrestling, while most of the crowd tonight was awesome and totally respectful, I was extremely disappointed by the transphobic comments during Nylas video package, and the handful of homophobic comments I heard during Sonny Kiss’s match. While it was a small small minority of the crowd, I feel like we still need to do better.

8/10 show for me.

Edit: just got out to my car and it was broken into. 7/10 show.

Raymond from Sacramento, CA

A few weeks ago I talked about Cody and his love for wrestling and the company he’s part of. Tonight he showed once again how smart he is. Depending on the circles you exist in, Cody’s choice of tattoo and/or placement is all that anyone can talk about. On this episode of Dynamite he came out there to an incredible babyface reaction and instead of making his promo about the reaction to his new ink, they went in a completely new direction with Jake “The Snake” Roberts appearance surprising everyone and him cutting a legendary promo on Cody that changed the conversation to Cody being a “Caesar” like character that he has no respect for. Incredible stuff.

Noah From Vaughan

I can definitely see why people may not have liked this show as much as previous editions of dynamite due to the lack of incredible in ring, but I thought it was still a pretty good show with an ABSOLUTELY amazing crowd, nothing really dragged at all and the show has a clear direction coming out of the PPV, The Jake Roberts appearance was phenomenal. One thing that I noticed was that i’m pretty sure this was the first AEW show to not feature any of the Elite in a match. Darby Allin continues to show why he will be a future main event star for AEW for years to come, he was fantastic in the main event. 8/10 show

This has been an absolutely fantastic episode of Dynamite, I thought Jake’s promo was top notch, we got some great new angles coming out of Revolution, everything felt fresh, and yet I can’t help but feel cheated that they pushed back the exalted one. I could have sworn they said he’d be here tonight, so pushing it back frustrates me more than it should. Either way, really enjoyed everything else tonight.

Where the heck was Archer? False advertising?

Having been a recent convert into AEW weekly and the PPV I thought this was quite a weak show in comparison to the run they’ve had recently. The Jake part was good if not a little muddled up at times and I thought a couple of the matches were ok, but I thought it didn’t really capitalise on the buzz of the PPV, the buzz of the last couple of months of TV or even more so the buzz of all the various teases and rumours and new additions to the roster. This could have been one of those hitting it out the park shows with debuts, new feuds, some standout moments but it was mostly just another step on with the current play. Hopefully it picks back up in the coming weeks.

I gave the show a 7 but not because it sucked but because it felt like we hit a new stage and were getting all the characters ready before Double or Nothing. I really like one tweet I saw “AEW: New Years Dash” perfect way to describe the show

I wasn’t so big on this show, aside from the main event all the matches felt like they should have been on dark. I really wasn’t interested in any of them, perhaps my anticipation was a bit high for this episode. The women’s division remains irrelevant and I’m beginning to fear that the dark order stuff is gonna circle back round to being a disappointment.

Despite that the main event was fun and I liked the promos throughout the show. In ring may have been pretty dull in general but character work was just dandy. Not sure about another ‘mystery guy that is bringing the dark side’ is required at the moment but it was great seeing Jake either way.