FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 3/8

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Strange usually for me at least, AEW starts off strong first hour and weaker second. But I loved that second hour this week and actually got me to stick with the episode. Glad the All Atlantic is being changed to the International title. Like seeing BCC solidifying as heels. I wonder how the main event would of turned out if wardlow didn’t have his gear stolen. I usually don’t like short title reigns like that but I love putting the belt on Powerhouse, spoilers for Creed 3 but that’s how the film should of ended Dame (Hobbs) winning in the end. Overall an alright ep of Dynamite.

Brian in New Jersey

Best episode in weeks thanks to some good formatting and a focus on new directions. Likely helps in coming out of a pay-per-view and having a clean slate for things. Good wrestling as usual, bookended by two good title matches and a reprieve from battle royals. Fantastic promos from Bryan Danielson and FTR.

Steve Grows Weed

Ruby turning heel sucks! It comes off as so unnatural. She always had crowd support.
She came in as the disgruntled WWE superstar that was happy to have left. So joining this “outsider” group doesn’t fit.
At the same time, she’s finally getting tv time. So who knows.
Found out that MJF shares a birthday with my Grandson who turns 4 next Wednesday. Not to mention Max is only a year younger than my oldest son. I’m an old fuck.
Excited for a Winnipeg Dynamite.
Love the Elite, JAS, House of Black direction.
All Atlantic. International. Doesn’t matter.
QT with Hobbs is pure shit. Hobbs has been looking awesome and this takes him down a few notches.
And finally, if you guys don’t have any wrestling to watch tomorrow night, MJF is going to guest star alongside your favourite Impractical Jokers. And if that’s not enough, Kesha is also going to make an appearance. Remember her?

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Cody From Maine

While not the “home run, all timer” Dynamite that a lot of people were hoping for following Sunday’s incredible event, I still found this to be an entertaining two hours.

Nearly every match from Revolution saw follow up in some way shape or form, Jack Perry and Christian being lone exception. And they certainly went out of their way to establish new directions moving forward, especially with the heels on the roster.

Standing out in particular are the two polarizing heels who began and ended the night. Jeff Jarrett and QT Marshall. I understand the negative opinion some have of them, but at the end of the day, they consistently generate the negative reaction they’re looking for.

Perhaps it’s a fine line between “good” heat and go-away heat.

Thanks as always for the show, appreciate you guys.

Jordan from the Bronx

This week’s episode was very strong in-ring, as well as on promos. OC is performing at a ridiculous clip, the BCC full heel turn is going to be a lot of fun and the booking of a Triple Threat Trios Title match is madness. Ruby’s promo started with the eye-rolling “you people” trope, but unlike others before, she had actual proof to back her gripes. I remember being in the crowd at that Grand Slam confused why the crowd was booing her as well. Danielson and MJF were outstanding promos as well.

Hobbs and Wardlow match felt like a Godzilla Giant Monster battle. The QT run in took me out of it though. I liked Hobbs being by himself as the big bad wolf, I vaguely remember a very loose connection with QT Marshall months ago, but that wasn’t enough for me to truly like the end of the match. I love Hobbs winning, just not how it happened. A great show overall, and Winnipeg next week looks like it’s going to be fun.

Sal from California

I was at the show live tonight. It was my first time taking my kids to a wrestling show and it was a blast watching my son react to everything.

My favorite match of the night was actually from Dark Elevation. Jack Cartwheel wrestled Brian Cage and Cartwheel stole the show. The arena was buzzing for a lot of the high flying moves he did. I recommend everyone check out the match if you have the time.

FTR promo was another highlight for me. I’m happy to see them back and hope we get a lengthy tag title run for FTR.

The crowd was hot for Will Hobbs all night and everyone seemed pretty surprised when QT ran out to help. After Dynamite went off the air, Hobbs grabbed the mic and turned heel on Sacramento, saying he couldn’t wait to leave for Oakland.

Overall it was a fun show live. We ducked out before Rampage so I could get the kids to bed early.

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