FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 3/9/22

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

Watch Rewind-A-Dynamite live here: đź”´ AEW Dynamite POST Show | REWIND-A-DYNAMITE 3/9/22 - YouTube

A promo and angle heavy episode of Dynamite, but also one which gave some TV time to up and coming talents (and a birthday present to John and POST courtesy of Kingston). It seemed very significant to me that Sting was in the ring for Hardy’s debut, especially after Kingston and Regal’s promos referred to very real world events and personal demons. All in all, a very entertaining turning of the page after a fantastic PPV: Regal is still phenomenal, the A/HFO is finally finished, and hey, Wardlow can actually promo! Who knew?

How would you guys like to see the reunited Hardys used in the short term? Should they team or feud with Darby and Sting before moving on to the Bucks match I think we’re all looking forward to?

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Brian from New Jersey

A heck of a show to follow Revolution. I did not see Scorpio’s win coming, but it came off as a big deal. Loved the opening segment ending in the emergence of the Jericho Appreciation Society. Loved Regal’s promo. The bookending matches were the big in-ring highlights, but fun stuff across the show, as much as there was.

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Jesse from the 6

Happy birthday, John!

I feel like breaking up the Inner Circle, the AHFO, and the Pinnacle(?) on one show was a bit much. And the commentators just went along for the ride like, “Well the Inner Circle broke up, here’s a Championship match”. FTR firing Tully really came out of the blue. Why is it about familly for Dax? What did the Young Bucks or ReDragon do to his family??

Is Scorpio Sky just Stan Stasiak here transitioning the belt from one face to another or does MJF precent Wardlow from winning the TNT belt next week?

Take Care


A rather story-driven episode of Dynamite. The Inner Circle has come to an end. Wardlow passed his first test on the mic with flying colors (more on him in a second). Hangman/Martin was good and the Cole story isn’t over yet. I didn’t expect Scorpio Sky to win the TNT title and with Wardlow being promised the winner…I suspect Friedman will throw a monkey wrench in San Antone.

Rosa/Baker’s cage match should be the main event of St Patrick’s Day Slam (what are they gonna do for an encore?)

Big ups to Eddie Kingston’s Pillars tee (side-note: HBD, John)

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Tonight was Post Mania vibes with debuts and big angles and new stories.

Can we add Mox and Bryan to Eddie and PnP and have Blood and Guts 2 with Inner Circle 2.0?

The easter eggs - intentional or unintentional - continue to be great. The Regal Mox and Bryan connections. And then Jeff Hardy and Sting sharing a ring. There’s a rematch I’d like.

The Best Friends Group must be very big draws to keep getting on shows despite the tag team being injured and OC being carried off Sunday night. Would be curious how many shows they weren’t on in the last year. I’d guess less than 5.

Is anyone else turned off by Tay and Sammy on air relationship…he literally proposed to his former fiancé less than 8 months ago on National TV. I am disappointed in TK he is rewarding that and placing them in a profile feud as a couple. Gross.

That said, I look forward to Tay and PVD. Upgrade to Brandi. Also, I don’t think this Scorpion Sky thing came out of no where. Wonder how Cody’s situation impacted that title scene.

This show was a whirlwind. Some fully packed nights for AEW. Wonder if it’s overkill (seriously, it’s a lot to digest)


Jay from Colorado

Lots of real talk tonight. One of the things I love about AEW is how honest the performers can be in their promos. It makes everyone so much more relatable in contrast to the WWE where everyone is portrayed as a larger than life superstar. It’s such a organic way to not only create babyfaces, but to build the foundation of a character. I’m so thankful for the freedom they give performer’s in promos on this show, it doesn’t always work, but when it does its magic.

I had to look this up just to be sure.

It was August 18, 2021!

… Wow!

Hey I know it’s their personal lives and not for us to discuss but I’ll float that Sammy proposed on national TV as part of AEW Dynamite to a non performer. And he did it while he was receiving his big push so it was used as part of babyfacing him. in fact, this “bit” rehabbed his reputation since he previously had those comments about Sasha. (This seems like a good mature dude in hindsight). :triangular_flag_on_post:

As a weekly viewer who likes the company doesn’t insult my intelligence this one definitely insults mine. How did everyone collectively forget this even happened and not think it’s ick that as a result the two performers who got together are getting a big push with no explanation from either - just yelling at people on the internet to respect their privacy despite using it publicly to get over. :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:

Reminds me of Edge/Lita/Matt all over again except one person isn’t even a talent in the company

Feel like Britt needs to change her gimmick from dentist to meteorologist, if she’s going to continue to exist in this Groundhog Day world where she cuts the same promo every week, and every match follows the House of Torture template.


Dunno about you guys but I always take a minute to do an erotic dance and play to the crowd a bit before helping out my friend (brother?) who is being beaten up by six guys.

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Erotic? :smiley: lol

That comes from the Rhea Ripley school of “I am physically incapable of doing a run-in without doing my entire taunt/pose first”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe not erotic… hmmm. How about “groin-intensive.”

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