FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 4/1/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Sean from Glasgow

Another good Dynamite this week. Everything moved along quickly and the show was book ended by two good matches. It’s been great to hear Tony Schiavone on play by play the last few weeks, and Colt Cabana was probably the best choice to join him tonight.

Jericho’s vignette with Vanguard 1 was too silly for its own good. It made me laugh out loud at points but he should try to keep some credibility.

The video package for Moxley and Jake Hager has me looking forward to their match in two weeks. I’m mostly relieved that means it’s not the main event for Double or Nothing.

7 “8 & 9”s out of 10


In many ways AEW actually feels better and fresher with this new format. The Moxley/Jericho back-and-forth was awesome. Jake the Snake continues to impress. Similarly to WWE, the transition to longer, pre-taped promos has been a refreshing change of pace.

Hikaru Shida still seems a bit green in terms of her in-ring work. But she’s got some real baby face charisma when they get her out of the big multi-woman shitshows and let her shine in a singles match. The tease with Brit Baker makes me hopeful AEW will finally have some real characters and storylines develop in its women’s division.

Sammy Guevara is awesome and needs to be pushed at some point. Am I crazy or did there appear to be some post-production/editing in this match? It briefly went blurry right before the first commercial during the lopé suicide spot and Colt Cabana even mentioned “the first one didn’t work but the second one sure did” on commentary.

For what these shows are, AEW makes the most of it. 8/10

Andrew from Cape Breton

AEW seems to know how to do these shows better, which seems to be the trend for the past number of weeks. I’m guessing they taped numerous episodes on that set tonight, which had a nice ambiance to it with the bright lights by the entrance contrasted with how dim the ringside area was. Lots of good stuff tonight but one highlight was Lance Archer vs Marko Stunt. Marko has become the modern day Spike Dudley and this was one of the best squash matches I’ve seen since Braun Strowman got over the first time around. The Murderhawk Monster name is a bit of a mouthful though. I also liked the stuff with Brodie Lee. I like them using Vince-isms in real life. If you want to have a character that is supposed to be this megalomaniac who has weird quirks and wants to bend reality to suit him, Vince McMahon is the perfect person to parody. It’s not AEW’s fault Vince is insane. Anyway, great show, 7 out of 10.

Jake from The Windy City

Overall, this wasn’t the best episode of Dynamite without an audience, but it felt much livelier than last week with a few more people at ringside. They did a decent job of setting up future matches in upcoming weeks, and it felt like all the major story points got touched in a way that advanced the story. A very interesting end to the show, probably forecasting an eventual match in the TNT Championship tournament. I like the idea of babyfaces not always getting along, and Cody and Darby did a nice job of selling their uneasy partnership at the start, and it paid off with the ending. The match itself felt overly long, but I think they were in a tough spot when it comes to available talent. 6/10

It seems like this episode is taking place at the Nightmare Factory in Georgia. The yellow poles, ceiling, lights and turf markings line up with what was being shown tonight on TV.

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Chris Thunder from Down Under

G’day lads, I as lucky enough to watch head-to-head tonight.


  • Omega-Trent was a great way to open the show & put some shine on Trent.

  • Lance Archer still having a Suzuki-gun inspired entrance where instead of the young lions it’s the ring crew he murders.

  • That Jericho & Vanguard-1 promo was gold, more of this please!


  • Cody stop bringing the dog to work.

  • Running a tournament to crown a TV champion right now should be the least of your worries.

  • While some crowd noise is good, given the current health warnings it seems irisponsible to a degree.

A okay show to sit back and relax to, given the current state of the world but my god do AEW need to start pre-taping in advance.

Raymond from Sacramento, California

For whatever reason last week’s Dynamite didn’t have a crowd populated by wrestlers. I thought the show was good, but the lack of additional ambience was felt. Today at the undisclosed location (wink wink) they had the face and heel crowd and it added everything back like the first week at Daily’s Place. Overall a great show. Really good 1-1 opener, a good showing by Anna Jay against Shida, an incredible destruction of Marko by the debuting Murderhawk, and a fun/wild tag to end it.

10/10 show and I haven’t even mentioned Orange Cassidy’s blank sign, Jericho vs. Vanguard 1 (round 2), Britt heeling on Cody, and Brodie’s hopefully late night meeting where people need to repeat his words verbatim.

AEW’s ability to change on the fly depending on circumstances is Impressive.

Noah From Vaughan

Out of the 3 shows that AEW has done in these empty arena settings I thought this was the second best one they’ve done, they did a good job with the video packages/pre tapes all night and I thought as a whole, the video production team did a great job with the amount of packages they produced. the opening and closing matches were both really good and somehow these guys have me looking forward to a Dean Ambrose vs Jack Swagger match in 2020, very weird. 8 or 9 out of 10. Despite my enjoyment of this show, I am still disappointed in AEW for continuing to run these live each week, what do you guys think the reason is? I know TNT and AEW have a strong relationship, could it be pressure from the station to keep their only live programming at the moment live each week. Thanks guys.

Nick from Lansing

Really incredible show, if you’re looking to forget about the stresses of the outside world for the most part.

Trent? and Kenny had a really strong opening match making great use of the new temporary location, introducing the audience to it.

The woman’s match was great, Shida looked strong but also let an unknown get in a little bit of shine and the main event won me over th minute Sammy sneakily took the money back when Spears got caught by the surprise roll up. The Darby turn on Cody at the end was surprising but a potentially really interesting direction to go.

The two things that this show will be remembered for was that Lance Archer match and the Jericho/Vanguard promo.

A lot of credit goes to Marco Stunt, but Archer looked like a monster in the ring tossing Marco around like he’s nothing. But as brutally entertaining as that was nothing will apparently ever be as entertaining as Chris Jericho just talking to a drone. I can’t tell you how delightful it was when he yelled “release the hounds!” Absolute gold

Outstanding show. I know you may not agree with it but selfishly I loved that The little crowd surrounding the ring did so much to enhance the environment Tonight. Everything was so well done tonight. MOX/Hager hype video was awesome, along with the Bucks and also Jericho videos as well. Debuting Archer against a young lion type wrestler is the perfect way to debut someone and show off all their strengths. All the matches were very good as well. Everything they do matters, it’s so refreshing.

I’m curious why this is a negative to you? If they are going to hold shows, while all of this is going on, I think it is a good thing to have a clear direction, instead of holding random matches, that have no meaning.

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I enjoyed Dynamite & I think a second teir Male championship is a good idea.

I just think burning thru so much (Brody, Hardy, & Artcher Debuts) in empty arenas may burn out the fans when they return.

I’m probily just being more realist with my view point.

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I would agree normally, but I’m guessing they dont have access to some performers, so they’re trying to make work, with what they have.

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I can understand that, and trust the AEW process, I guess I just want things to be “normal”

I think that given the circs, AEW are putting on great shows with what they can work with.
Loving Kenny’s singles matches.
It’s a pity that Lance Archer, Brodie Lee, Matt Hardy have debuted to empty arenas but it is what it is. You can’t hold them back not knowing how much longer the world might be like this.
The fans will be rabid when things are back to normal, so I don’t think they’ll be burnt out.