FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 4/14/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Sup guys
Bucks vs Pac/Fénix , man I forgot how much I missed pure douchebag Young Bucks. I love this match despite having one of my hated tactics in wrestling (ripping a luchador’s mask). Jade vs Velvet exceeded my expectations. So great to see two talents get better in a short time. Anthony Ogogo is a star just waiting to explode and I hope the ref stoppage stays as his gimmick until he gets more comfortable in the ring. And beginning to rehab Miro, this show just feels like it’s addressing what ever problems fans have whether big or small. More vignettes and promos I’m glad we are getting some more and could be the first pro of NXT moving to another night. Also the amount of punishment Darby takes just makes the perfect underdog babyface. Overall an amazing Dynamite that just flew by. Question what do you think the card is for Double or Nothing? All I got in my head as basically booked for the show is Shida vs Britt.

What a fun two hours. After the amount of wrestling that most people consumed over the last week, I find it quite the achievement that AEW managed to add to it, with a show that flew by, and full of good stuff.

Loved the opening tag.

Also really liked the idea of the whole schmoz going down in the middle of the main event, and letting the match continue for another seven or eight minutes, without the outside factors influencing the match.

Looking towards Double or Nothing, I’m feeling like a faction-centric gimmick PPV makes a lot of sense. Seems like that’s where things are headed…

  • Inner Circle / Pinnacle (Assuming BnG doesn’t end things)
  • Elite / Moxley, Kingston, Death Triangle (?)
  • Dark Order / Hardy’s faction
  • Nightmare Family / Factory
  • Christian / Team Taz

I’m sure there are a few more I’m missing. Plus, it’s pretty likely Double or Nothing may be the last Jacksonville PPV, if they can get back on the road for the fall. So they might be able to do some fun stuff, such as a Stadium Stampede, among other match types.


A PPV quality title match to kick off Dynamite? Sign me up. The Bucks were superb in-ring & were equally superb in illustrating their character change that got a bit lost in the shuffle at the end of last week. I loved all of PAC’s spots, & Fenix is probably the most in-form wrestler in the world right now.

I really enjoyed the end of the main event, Matt must’ve felt like he was wrestling the younger version of his brother at times, however the middle was a bit of an overbooked mess. AEW balances a massive number of names & storylines on each Dynamite, & since Revolution it has occasionally felt like there are maybe too many mouthes to feed for everyone to get over. However, I trust the powers that be to deliver satisfying stories & it’s incredible that they had another great episode without the likes of Moxley, Cody, Kingston, etc even having to appear. Also, Christian verbally jousting with Taz was something I didn’t realize I needed in my life until tonight.

Chris in Ottawa

Good evening, my fellow Canadians.

Another valuable appearance from Mr. Tyson - I always watch his segments because I know that nothing will go quite according to plan with Mike. Glad he again ended up with his shirt off by the end of it. And what a working punch! At least I think that was a working punch.

And Chris Jericho again showed us the pitfalls of trying to use difficult words for effect, a problem that can befall even the best podcasters on occasion. Besides mispronouncing the word “ancillary”, it’s a rather unflattering term to use - Webster’s Dictionary defines “ancillary” as “subservient or subordinate, like a handmaid”…Iron Mike ain’t no handmaid.

Taz is perfectly cast as the stuffy, heavy-set and frustrated foil from a sitcom, like Mr. Kerosi from Saved by the Bell or something. If he can come out each week and get flustered, I think that’s just good TV.

To sum things up, AEW again delivers more total entertaining minutes than either night of WestleMania in less than half the time, not to mention the superior unscripted promos.

9 out of 10.

Jesse from the 6

Between Agogo and Tyson, this week’s episode was boxing heavy. When I think of pro wrestlers with significant boxing backgrounds–Marc Mero, Elijah Burke/The Pope, Baron Corbin, etc.–none of them incorporate much, if any, boxing into their wrestling. Why do you think this is? Do they not trust themselves to deliver a worked punch?

Take Care

I loved the opening tag title match a lot and it was refreshing to see the Bucks stay heel, despite how wishy-washy and somewhat forced the turn was last week. The Inner Circle/Pinnacle feud took another step forward with Mike Tyson fully aligned with Jericho & company. I wonder what the plan is for Double or Nothing with the Blood & Guts match being on AEW television.
Solid promos backstage with Thunder Rosa & Britt Baker and the falls count anywhere match with Darby Allin and Matt Hardy was good. The coffin drop through the table was mad.

It feels nice to not channel-flip on a Wednesday night.

Damn, that just FLEW past. I feel like I need to go back and watch the opening match again because there’s no way that my brain took all of that in. Even though I knew those four people would put on a crazy show, I still found it dizzying to watch.

It was also nice to see two women’s matches and a couple of promo segments. I especially liked the booking of Jade vs Red Velvet. Velvet gave Jade the toughest challenge she’s had so far, enough to throw her off her game, but in the end, Jade was just too powerful. Neither of them looks bad after that match and I hope both will be big players in the future of the division.

Every time I see a Darby Allin match, I’m caught between being really excited and wanting to stage some sort of intervention for him. I don’t want to see the boy die on screen and I’m starting to think that’s his long-term career plan. Nevertheless, he and Matt put on a solid show, Hardy’s best singles fight since he came to AEW, and, at least for now, everyone seems to have survived.

I couldn’t help but notice that some of the footage they used in the video package before the main event was of Darby fighting the Butcher, which happened at the house show last Friday. Do you think that means that we’ll get to see the whole thing at some point? `

All in all, a great way to spend two hours. 8.5 scary looking punches out of 10.