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Tim from Los Angeles.

Tonight’s Dynamite definitely had a hot crowd tonight. I personally disliked the idea of another tournament even if it’s with the pillars, I would of much rather seen a 4way between all four of them, Jungle Boy, Darby, and Sammy have all proven to be worthy of a title shot, with the crowd being most behind Darby, I can definitely see him holding the championship within the next two years. Having Jungle Boy getting screwed in his match against Sammy could also mean that Darby gets screwed next week and then we get the announcement that MJF will be defending the championship against all 3 pillars after the match next week or the following week. I definitely feel like Don Callis and Takeshita are going to turn on the Elite and possibly end up with the BCC. I feel like a Shawn Spears vs Jay White feud could be red hot. Again Komamder had another great showing especially with someone in Jay White, whose style is completely different from his, Komamder’s own. It was a smart idea to have the JAS and Outcast join forces, but makes you wonder where Keith Lee and Jamie Hayter were during the beat down. As always, Wai and John, you guys keep putting out amazing work and I definitely look forward to being more involved in the Post community.

Chris from South Bend’s AEW Dynamite Review for 4/19/23

I thought the opening segment was very effective, and got across the begrudging respect shared amongst the three men, while accentuating their mutual intense dislike for one another. The “swerve,” that we are apparently getting a one on one bout at DON was interesting, and I personally prefer the small tournament to a four way, featuring all of the parties involved. I’m personally pulling for a Darby/MJF encounter, as much like Wai, I thoroughly enjoyed their opening match several years ago.

Britt was about as over as you’d expect, and I really like the aesthetic/gear choices the Outcasts have made to bring cohesion to their presentation. A pretty fun, hard hitting match, especially the Hip Attack to Britt, and the Hayter into the steps spot. Good stuff.

Arn with Wardlow is a wrinkle I don’t think anyone saw coming, but hopefully it’ll breathe new life into Wardlow, as he’s been a bit directionless in the recent past. I’m curious to see where it leads…

I found the BCC/Elite segment to be a real bright spot, despite a few instances of iffy camera work that I thought weakened the presentation. Kenny sounded very convincing and really got over the intense seriousness of the angle, and the little turns of phrase that Bryan used to denigrate the Elite got a big reaction out of me, watching at home. Don Callis coming out, seemingly thinking better of it, only to return with Takeshita was my personal highlight of the night, to that point. I absolutely adore Konosuke, and love his inclusion in this storyline. Overall, a very strong angle imo.

::Insert cliche about meaty men slapping meat:: But in all seriousness, I thought Wardlow and Hobbes was a fantastic hoss battle! Just two dudes beating the ever living daylights out of one another, AND a massive reaction to Arn getting involved? Sign me up for that match, anytime! Wardlow and Christian is an upgrade for Cage, and an interesting turn of events. I’m curious to see where it leads.

The Sammy/MJF backstage interview was ok; entertaining. Good stuff.

Kommander vs Jay White was an exceptionally entertaining display, and I enjoyed every moment. I’m not sure Shawn Spears’ new numerical-based gimmick is going to get as over as his previous one, but we shall see. Happy to see Ricky make the save…

The Renee Paquette/FTR/Mark Briscoe segment was “eh.” Nothing offensive, but just kind of there.

I found the Jericho/Cole interaction to be very impressive. It made me actually look forward to their encounter, which is something I wouldn’t have said until tonight. It was serious, and believably intense and emotional. Very strong.

The Firm/Hardy stuff isn’t for me, but it is what it is.

JAS/Acclaimed was ok, for what it was, but I feel like the crowd came down a bit for the match itself. With that being said, The Acclaimed and Billy are made men, and I love it.

Man, Jack Perry and Sammy really earned their main event spot tonight. Those two put on one hell of a show, and I thought the finish was a decent way to have Jungle Boy take the L, while still looking strong.

Overall, I thought tonight’s Dynamite was a very strong outing. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks for reading!

Chris, from South Bend

Jordan from the Bronx

The TNT title doesn’t have any consistency. Hearing Excalibur say that Wardlow’s previous two runs in the last year were 5 months and 3 days long helped highlight a frustrating title. Now, Hobbs drops it in 5 weeks back to Wardlow, just to immediately start a feud with Luchasaurus. As a Hobbs fan, I was looking forward to him having a long run as a dominant champion. But from the way he won it to the goofy QTV stuff, it’s a disappointing run. As for the match itself, they had a really fun Mean Guy match. They have good chemistry for two guys with a similar style and experience.

The Elite and BCC have been building a very fun feud. Though I’m sure Kenny would have preferred to see a different Japanese man to save him, Takeshita being added by Don Callis was a nice touch. I noticed that Danielson hasn’t been physical since the MJF match. I’m hoping that he’s actually able to go when the match eventually happens.

Mark Briscoe is a treasure.

Heel interference making the refs look incompetent has worn thin with me. At this point, heels can only win with interference, and if it doesn’t work, they lose. Swerve last week, Hobbs this week, the Outcasts every week, Sammy in the main event, it’s brutal. I’d love for some heels to get quality wins without the need for help. Or at the very least, limit the interference throughout the show.

7 Armed Anderson’s out of 10

Steve Grows Weed

I wasn’t happy that Ruby Soho had turned heel originally. I take all that back. She’s been on Dynamite every week in the top women’s storyline instead of working Dark.
They had one of best women’s matches I’ve seen on Dynamite. Plus a part in the Jericho segment.
Huge boost to her career. Smart move.

Happy 420 tomorrow for all who partake.

So happy to be able to leave feedback to a Dynamite! I’ve just recently reclaimed my Wednesday’s having completed my Grad Diploma last week!

Anyway entertaining show tonight! The BCC/Elite segment perhaps being one of my favourites of the year. Danielson’s smug heel work right now is some of my favourite in the business. Was stoked to see Takeshita getting something more substantial than a killer tv match.

Thanks as always for the great coverage, and congrats on the climb this past weekend!!

Making three of the four pillars face one another to get a world title shot reeks of every other feud MJF has had to date (making his opponents jump through hoops has gotten so lazy) I would like to think a four-way is the end goal for Double or Nothing but tonight’s main event’s finish between Perry and Guevara does muddy the waters somewhat.

The TNT title’s booking continues to feel lacklustre. It was nice to see Wardlow and Arn join forces, I hope the third go-around will be an earnest attempt of stability.

Also, Takeshita joining the elite’s side in their feud with BCC is smart. Takeshita needs more wins.

I loved Takeshita joining the Elite side. The stuff with Cole and Jericho (Outcasts, Britt) was great. Keith, where were you, brother!?

Great to see they’ve got Wardlow a mouthpiece. Arn is a great choice. I wonder where Hobbs will go now? I had such high hopes for him until QT joined him.

The first segment went about 12 minutes long but felt like 20 minutes. I’m happy to see their trying to give those 3 some mic time, but I was mostly anticipating MJF coming in and wrecking the crew in 16 bars. Darby’s reaction to getting a “Bye” was out of character.

Regardless. Fun show, and thanks again for all the great content; Post team!

Takeshita was not who I was looking to be the fifth member, especially after BRE featured a Golden Elite creation throwback in a montage recently.

Kommander vs White made me rather watch White take on El Desperado. For whom I think is far superior to Kommander. When AEWLucha?

White starting mid card is true to AEW form where wins and climbing ladders matter.

So much for the TNT title being an equal to the top championship. It’s now the third title in my mind that’s used mostly as a prop. Even OC took his prop and defended its championship worthiness. This hot potato act of the TNT title should result in the title retired. But Punk will probably win it on a Saturday night per WBD executives.

Austin Adam Coles acting was SO bad it was decent. Thank god this guy got out of WWE because dude can’t act to save his life or not-wife.

6 weeks with hot new stars is a long time to keep interest. I already found the promo segment to start the show a bit boring by comparison to the segment that started this story. Doesn’t mean it was bad was just less good and I’d think 4 weeks from now will not be any fresher. Hope that doesn’t drag on the way these 4 talents are being received as over.

That is some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen