FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 4/22/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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I really enjoyed the show tonight. The main event was a really pleasant surprise. Probably the best Kip Sabian match I’ve ever seen.

I also loved Sammy vs Darby. Week after week Sammy continues to steal the show. It’s really unfortunate that this match couldn’t take place in front of a crowd because I can’t think of two guys I would rather see wrestle in 2020.

Only stuff I didn’t like on the show was Matt Hardy, and The Dark Order. I think the final deletion had its time, but the gimmick is already played out and I never need to hear him say “hole of ass” ever again.

Brody Lee looked awesome in his match tonight. So awesome that you really start to wonder why he wastes his time with losers like Uno and Grayson. I just don’t get it. 8/10

Nick from Lansing

I thought tonight delivered just about everything you could ask for. I liked Kenny letting an unknown get a bit if shine, I thought the Dark Order and Brodie Lee continued to explore the idea of what draws people into a cult and for me the mainevent delivered. Tony and Jericho are one of the most entertaining parts of the show as they build up stars and a hint at potential feuds down the road

Doug from Derbyshire, UK

Another decent-given-the-circumstances episode tonight, the matches were all enjoyable and Jericho & Tony continue to entertain on commentary.
The video packages continue to be of their usual high quality with Matt Hardy, Sammy Guevara and Cody all coming off strongly in their performances.
I am finding Dynamite to seem a far longer show and less engaging in the current setting however, and despite the small crowd of workers adding a lot to the atmosphere I keep finding my attention wandering, which is a shame because the in-ring work is still quality.
I am very glad that AEW has such a competent team of video production creatives throughout their ranks as they still keep me interested, but like everyone else, I’m really finding the empty arena shows fatiguing. I’m very grateful to New Japan for sparing us from this. I don’t know how you guys get through WWE programming each week, but you have my thanks and sympathies.
Again, the show itself was all good enough so I give it a 7, it’s just my enthusiasm which is dipping.

Raymond from Sacramento, California

A few points for tonight.

I can’t be the only one that thought that the visual of Mr. Brodie Lee in the purple lit room is reminiscent of the recent reenacted Vince McMahon scenes from Dark Side of the Ring.

Chris Jericho on commentary is a revelation. He clearly knows a lot about the business and has experienced a bunch, but who would have thought he would be that GREAT on commentary, this consistently?

It shouldn’t need to be said, but I’m going to give AEW credit for not acting like everything in the world is currently normal. Though they haven’t said “Covid-19” or “Coronavirus” they haven’t been shy about mentioning that shows are occurring during a time of empty arenas. The videos everyone has been tasked with producing for air haven’t been overt, but they’re not selling a lie about why the New York people aren’t around.

8/10 show

Rafael from North Liberty
Fun show tonight Jericho continues to show that he’s the GOAT, Kenny went too long with the jobber, Brodie Lee is a Star, and Matt Hardy continues to show that he made the right decision. The biggest misstep in my opinion is not airing the Jackson vs Jackson match from BTE 200.