FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 4/26

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Lots of bad finishes.

Excalibur is a legend for his ability to do those match announcements for the next shows.

It was nice to actually see the TBS champion on TBS. And the title was defended no less!

Nice to see someone woke Arn up from his nap to come out for that promo.

Takeshita is going to be a big star probably sooner than later.

Tim from LA

Tonight’s Dynamite had some really spectacular moments on it tonight.
Orange Cassidy continues to elevate the AEW International Championship and make it be the most relevant it’s ever been. His match with Bandido tonight was my match of the night.
Having Roderick Strong debut in such shocking fashion was great and I loved that Tony Khan decided to go with his ROH theme. I definitely would be down for some trips matches between BCC, the Elite, House of Black, JAS, & Cole, Strong, & O’Reilly when the later is back and fully healthy.
I think that it is only inevitable that it’ll most likely be Kris Statlander that defeats Jade for the TBS Championship.
Overall tonight’s Dynamite was a solid 8 out of 10 tonight.
Finally note, I would never want to be Excalibur ever and have to read all of those card rundowns, the man sounded possessed tonight :rofl::joy:

As always keep up the great work, much love and appreciation for everything y’all do each and everyday.

I thought tonight’s show was kind of a return to what I love most about AEW, and that is the in ring action. Orange and Bandido was a personal highlight, and I screamed like a banshee for Roderick Strong! Some good angles mixed in to accentuate the matches; good show.

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Chris from South Bend

A couple lame finishes that marred an otherwise solid Dynamite. First, the four way world title match was always the goal but it took an overbooked path to get there and next week’s pillars tag points even more in that direction.

Jade Cargill/Taya Valkyrie was burned through on television and I’d like to think a rematch is forthcoming for Double or Nothing, because if Statlander isn’t ready by next month. Have Jade lose to Taya.

The most newsworthy part was Roderick Strong showing up and for once, it was kept under wraps. I should’ve caught that Killswitch joint sooner.

Orange Cassidy is having an excellent title run and has become one of the highlights of AEW programming. That makes it all the more remarkable that people will also cheering for Bandido during their match. If you can get the crowd into you while you’re fighting one of the most adored babyfaces, you can go far.

I’m hoping more than ever that Kyle O’Reilly is healing well because Undisputed Era 2.0 would be a great addition to the trios division.

Fun episode, but now I want pickles.

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Evening gents! Wild end to the show tonight. On a slightly unrelated note, should Ibushi join AEW, to what extent do you foresee his storylines with Omega drawing on their Golden Lovers history- especially the homosexual aspects? I’m curious if AEW/Tony would shy away or lean into them.

Thanks for the hard work!

Jake from The Windy City:

Evening, fellas. This was a better Dynamite than last week’s for me. We had a variety of presentations of wrestling with each match. Seems like that 4-way MJF told us wasn’t happening will be happening. The Roderick Strong debut came as a complete surprise, and a welcome one to me as an old school ROH fan. Orange Cassidy & Bandido becoming best friends is something I’m here for. Finally this has to be an all-timer for Excalibur, he probably need an oxygen mask after that. TK needs to triple his salary, for real.

On a side note, I’m truly looking forward to Dark Side of the Ring this year with the exception of Bash at the Beach as that will probably have Russo and his BS infected in it. That Magnum TA episode will be heartbreaking and inspiring. To think he was on a trajectory to be one of the biggest stars in wrestling, pretty much Flair and Dusty-like level of a star if it wasn’t for that crash. How much he has overcome his biggest obstacles will be emotional to watch.

Great work as always, gents.

I feel like this story for The Elite should have featured Kota Ibushi in the Takeshita spot. This would give Kenny reason for accepting Hangman’s help.

On the go forward. I lobby for a 5 on 5 that sees Kenny agree the a Hungbucks reunion if he can find the 5th and it’s a Golden Elite reunion.

Following this feud they can do a program with Bullet Club Gold and call it 2018.

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