FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 4/6/22

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

I won’t overstate the obvious about that excellent tag match, but it was great to see FTR keep running full steam ahead after that incredible Supercard match. This wasn’t the most impressive bell to bell Dynamite apart from Cole/Christian and the main event, but the hot crowd made Joe, Eddie, Wardlow, and Jade all feel like massive stars between those bookends.

I’m interested to see how both of the Owen Hart tournament brackets play out, but it’d be nice to get some pre-taped spots with competitors speaking about what the tournament and Owen Hart mean to them. Would add some stakes to the matches and give some of the midcarders the chance to show some extra personality.

Lastly, some comments from my partner who caught some of the Hardys match: “These old guys must really hate those tables” and “Is that the same scorpion wrestler from the 90s? He must be even older than those other guys!” Evidently, Sting still has brand recognition from well outside the wrestling fanbase.


I was never a huge fan of FTR… but the last week has completely turned me around on them.
I feel like they are coming out of this past week feeling like true top stars, with genuine fan excitement and support.

What a pair of perfect matches for them.

Also, really loved seeing all the spotlight put on Supercard of Honor. Highlights and talent focused on, and a true attempt to integrate the show as canon, unlike most of say, NXT’s existence with WWE, for years. Excited to see where it all goes.

Man did I love this week’s dynamite. The opening match with Christian reminds me why I’m glad he’s in AEW. Awesome promo from Hangman showing much more confidence than ever. Joe’s debut and Lethal getting more promo time are big plus. Also Julia Hart seems to be getting the Malakai eye under the eye patch now. Only negative was the Hardy’s match, what’s the point of eliminating someone if they can still win the match for you. Now that main event was excellent these two teams were made to be rivals, might be cause the commercial messing with pace for me but I put it slightly below the Briscoes match. Overall amazing episode. I know it’s nearly two months away but do you think we get ReDRagon vs FTR for the AEW tag titles at DON?

Steve from Cambridge

Amazing show!! They have really found the balance the past few weeks of having action packed shows that don’t feel over rushed.
Hangman felt like a huge deal this week. Pushing Coles face was a great touch.
Love having Samoa Joe in the company. This is where he’ll get the respect he deserves.
How does an episode of Dynamite make WrestleMania Sunday pale in comparison?
That main event was incredible!!
I love this fucking show!

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Without a doubt, Dynamite is still the best weekly wrestling show from top to bottom.

Adam Cole vs Christian Cage set the bar off HIGH with a great, first-time ever opening match + a heated post-match segment with a fired up Hangman announcing a Texas Deathmatch, something that is becoming a staple of his character. Joe Vs Caster was fun. Caster had one of his best raps to date in my opinion and it was nice to see the Muscle Buster

Shida vs Julia was good and showed a lot of good signs for Julia Hart, who stood her own with one of the best AEW has to offer in Hikaru Shida. Also, keeping the other women’s stuff together, I loved the short segment with Toni Storm & Jamie Hayter, setting those two up as big deals on their own while also building towards a potential clash in the Owen Hart tournament. Jade Cargill is becoming a star before our eyes, and as someone who’s been a fan of hers for a bit now, it feels good to see that paying off with a genuinely great promo from her tonight.

FTR vs Bucks II somehow lived up to expectations and had a phenomenal finish. FTR are becoming incredibly engaging babyfaces and Dax Harwood should absolutely be a contender for Wrestler of the Year alongside Hangman Page.

Great show, aside from the rough Hardy’s vs Butcher & Blade Match. Excited for the rest of the Owen Qualifying Matches as both the men & women’s tournament take shape. Curious who everyone thinks could be a favorite for the winners?

AEW has a tendency to bookend their shows really well and tonight’s show was an excellent example of that. Cage vs Cole exceeded my expectations (which were fairly high) and it’s remarkable seeing how much Christian still has to offer. He does some wonderful, subtle stuff (like trying to free his foot from the ropes as opposed to just hanging in the tree of woe) and I hope the younger guys are taking notes.

Don’t know what I can say about the main event but FTR now have two of the best matches of the year in less than a week. They might be the hottest tag team in the world at the moment.

Do you think that a Jade Cargill turn is imminent? The “baddies section” is purely a babyface move, being all about confidence and body positivity and the way she’s increasingly getting impatient with Mark Sterling seems to be hinting at it. Honestly, at this point, it feels like a lot of work to keep her a heel but the women’s division does need some.

Jay from Colorado

I like Sammy Guevara. I like Tay Conti. I like them as a couple. I don’t like them as an onscreen couple. I just see no reason for it, and I’ve never liked it as a device in the past for other wrestlers and their real life partners. They are even selling a shirt of the two of them on PW Tees. Its tacky as fuck. I dont know, maybe their slowly turning heel, cause I obviously hate the act.

Oh and shout out to Isiah Cassidy who was double fisting drinks on his way down to the ring tonight. He kept making a face whenever he sipped out of the drink in his left hand and quickly followed up with a sip of whatever he was holding in his right hand. Dudes either a good actor, or he was legit drinking cranberry vodka and 7up.

Am I crazy person? i could have sworn 3 or 4 years ago Jeff Hardy said that with the way his body was holding up, he couldn’t do his Swanton every night, that he’d need to keep it special?

Amazing main event, and loved the opening match with Cole & Christian. Who do you think has had a better since retiring, Edge or Christian

Just getting back from the show so I’ll keep it brief.

I’ve been to all three editions of Dynamite in Boston, every time having an amazing experience better than the last.

Without spoilers, as great as the tag match was, it might not have been the match of the night. Moxley and Yuta is must watch, a potential match of the year contender, and the star making performance they’ve been building towards for Yuta.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on match this Friday. Thanks again for all you guys do!

I know feedback is over at this point but my god did I hate the tables match.

I’m a top tier AEW fanboy that will defend just about anything but the Hardys have been a train wreck.