FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 4/8/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Alexander from Portland

Thrilling night for AEW. Jericho giving everyone names (Cody Exotic, mispronouncing Tony’s last name the entire night) was amazing. Archer looked like a beast, we most likely saw the best comedy match of the year, and Britt had her best in-ring outing. While I’m not the biggest fan of Spears, him losing how he did helps protect him. Hopefully we see more showings like that out of him. Lastly, those Hager/Moxley videos were phenomenal. If you told me a few years ago that I would be excited for a Jack Swagger and Dean Ambrose match, I wouldn’t have believed you. This might be my favorite out of the “empty arena” shows. 8/10

Question: AEW supposedly has months of shows taped. During this time Nyla Rose and Adam Page have not been wrestling and they’re both champions. How do you think AEW will maintain steam in the tag team and women’s divisions when neither title can be defended? Do you anticipate the champions being stripped in the near future, similar to Jordan Devlin being stripped of the Cruiserweight Championship?

Andrew from Cape Breton

I thought the show was pretty good tonight. Shida and Baker had one of the better women’s matches I’ve seen in AEW. At a certain point, I felt it was starting to go long and around that point was when the finish happened. It seems AEW is basically going to the route of jobber matches to build up guys during this time where they can’t work in front of a crowd. Raw did it a little bit as well and that might be the best option to just bulk tape shows like old episodes of WWF Superstars. That added with some vignettes and some content they released online made this show a 7 out of 10 show for me. Question for John. With the UFC now seemingly doing fights outside of regulation on a private island, what fighters do you think would thrive the best in this environment? My money would be on Scorpion and Sub-Zero, though I’m not sure if freezing your opponents and uppercutting them in half would be allowed with the unified rules. Then again, you are on a private island.

Noah from Vaughan

Great episode from dynamite tonight, really want to put some spotlight on and Shoutout Britt Baker, she had a fantastic outing in her match which I thought was her best in AEW and following had a great fiery backstage interview. Jericho on commentary was fantastic all night long and I hope he continues to do commentary on these empty arena shows. Lastly I saw people saying that Brodie Lee getting mad at the creepers for not dressing nice was another shot at vince. I’m lost, I’ve never heard of that Vince-ism, to me, Brodie comes across as a vicious cult leader who dominates his matches, it works for me. 8.5/10 show. Question, how awesome is the ELITE DELETION going to be, I feel like jericho in that setting would just be gold, really looking forward to that showdown. Cheers guys

Raymond in Sacramento, CA.

In 2020 AEW has re-written the script on Adam “Hangman” Page and he’s incredibly over.
In 2020 AEW decided to turn Britt Baker heel and they’ve done a phenomenal job of it. The heel promos. The weird relationship with Tony who’s seemingly infatuated with her now. And tonight, this bloody match with Shida. I don’t know who deserves the credit, but Britt getting a glove in an attempt to apply her “Lockjaw” finisher was so so smart in the current climate. And the icing on the top was the promo later in the night with her face still bloody from the match. Really good stuff.

John+Wai, I hope you noticed that there was a lengthy gap between that match and the tag for the ring crew to change the ring mat and sanitize the overall ring. :wink:

Solid 8/10