FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 5/11/22

What did you think of Dynamite?

This episode has to be in the conversation of top 10 Dynamites. That opening match was fantastic, with every match Dax is pushing for Wrestler of the Year. And that finish might be my finish of the year. Hookhausen lives. Storm vs Hayter was phenomenal and would love to see another match between these two. My friend actually called BCC helping Kingston out because it sets ups wrestler vs sports entertainers. And that main event it wasn’t the prettiest but it was the most insane match from both these guys. Love seeing generational clashes like that. Question JAS vs BCC is a blood and guts match do you do it on the PPV or make it a special Dynamite?

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Brian in New Jersey

Unbelievable episode. Every match had something to offer, but I absolutely loved the contract signing, with MJF again showing how much of a star he is, and how well Wardlow can in his role. Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz uniting with the Blackpool Combat Club against the Jericho Appreciation Society was fantastic too, with attention paid at first to the history Moxley has with both Kingston and Jericho. I’m also enjoying the build to Page vs. Punk.

My JOKER predictions for next week: Claudio Castagnoli and Maki Ito.

Eric from Barrie

Excellent show. My match of the night was Toni Storm and Jamie Hayter. Took the crowd a bit butnthey seemed to have got into it. The spike piledriver at the end looked brutal.

Part of me wishes they kept Hook away from Danhausen and kept him on a serious run. Despite this, I still find it entertaining and will lead to a great heel run for Hook.

Pretty wild show from top to bottom, with every match feeling like it deserved its spot on the show, and every segment feeling important. All 3 Owen matches delivered in different ways, and I think Toni continues to shine in AEW from her matches on Dynamite, Rampage, Dark, and her promos, she just fits. The main event was insane, and while some may cringe at the spots, I don’t think Darby vs Jeff in a regular wrestling match would’ve been as special.

The Dark Side of the Ring parody gave off big vibes from the Cody/Jericho feud from the early days of AEW in the best way and this MJF vs Wardlow program is firing on all cylinders.

I’m also assuming we are getting a 5-on-5 at Double or Nothing with Jericho Appreciation Society vs Danielson, Moxley, Santana, Ortiz, & Eddie, which sounds incredible.

With the men’s joker being confirmed to not be Lethal or Satnam, any guesses as to who it could be? Cesaro, Miro, or a New Japan talent seem to be the favorites.

I thought the matches were a bit slow outside of the main event. I think the lack of tag matches made things feel slower than usual, but looks like I’m in the minority on that one.

From the way they dress to even the way they stand, the JAS are just pure douche. I love it. Good to see Regal get some revenge for Jericho peeing in his tea.

There’s nothing I can say that can enhance how amazing the MJF Dark Side of the Ring was. I just want to petition for making Shawn Spears MJF’s permanent second, like Arn to Ric. These two are gold together.

Hookhausen :+1:. That’s all.

Jay from Colorado

Catching up late because I’ve rewatched the Dark Side of the Ring parody like five times. The entire show has been excellent, but damn that segment was really good. Them bringing in Barry Horowitz was the icing on the cake. Fantastic lead in to the contract signing.

In terms of atmosphere, Long Island is officially the Canada of NY as the city brought the thunder and they know how to hold grudges. Punk wearing an Islanders jersey and no music in his entrance was brilliant. Cole/Harwood was a great opener (thankfully, with no Undisputed chicanery). Storm/Hayter, as well. The DSTOR parody was amusing as the Wardlow/Friedman saga puts the former where Cody was a little over 2 years ago.

The Jericho 2:16 line was pretty weak but the BCC and PNP collaboration was anything but that.

Go #Hookhausen

An outstanding two hours, especially the first, which was one of the best 60 minute blocks of wrestling television in years. The Long Island crowds are awesome, even by AEW standards, because they understand full well that they are there to play a role that exists nowhere else.

The DSOTR parody was one of my favourite segments ever. The attention to detail was remarkable and I could not stop laughing.

Hey all. Long time listener, first time poster (mostly because I’m in London and so feedback will probably come wen you’re all tucked up cozy in bed).

Anyone else find the lack of opening intro VT for the Owen Hart Cup a little frustrating? Gave it a pass in the qualifiers… but the Cole - Dax match needed something upfront to give it stakes and identity. Like, I knew in my head it was a tournament elimination match… but I didn’t feel it.

What’s the tournament for? Why’s it special? What does the winner get? Could’ve all be answered in a 90 second VT with the likes of Jim Ross talking about Owen’s legacy and why this tournament means something. Why does AEW seem to struggle with this stuff, despite making similar (great!) packages for YouTube?

Anyway… nice to meet you all !