FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 5/12/21

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Okay Nagata vs Mox and Young Bucks vs SCU were fantastic but this has to be the most uneven Dynamite I have ever seen. I get the importance of “The American Dream” moniker but the whole USA vs foreign opponent really just gets me to tune out of a program and makes me want the opponent to win. But my biggest complaint of the show is the ending of SCU vs YB. SCU loses and hence must break up, a monumental moment and they get less than a minute of camera time to let the moment breathe and let us all feel the emotions before we cut to the back for a spot that could have been saved for later. This felt like TNA back in the day where big victories would get just ten seconds and well time to cut to the back for no reason. Also Jericho coming back way too early. In the end the unevenness of the show had me tapping out early and finishing RE8.

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Noah from Vaughan

Such a fantastic show tonight. All 3 title matches tonight were really fantastic. The card for Double or nothing is already looking amazing. I’m so pumped that they are doing the stadium stampede one more time cause once they go back to touring in july it’ll kinda be impossible to do a match like that again. The triple threat for the world title should be incredible (and I’m hoping Cassidy is ok after that nasty bump tonight). Lastly, Miro winning the TNT title was a great outcome, Darby has accomplished just about all he can as champion and will be just as over with the fans without the belt, miro winning and immediately setting up a potential match against archer has me super excited. Excellent episode tonight 9/10

Nick from Boston

Some mixed choices on tonight’s show. While I really enjoyed Bucks vs SCU, The Elite still aren’t clicking for me as engaging characters. Kenny tonight was especially over the top, however that triple threat could end up stealing the show at Double or Nothing. I feel equally disconnected with Cody & that promo did not help things. It’ll be interesting to see what Ogogo can do in-ring, but I hope Rhodes goes in a more meaningful & focused direction after the PPV.

I know it might be a bit too soon for some, but I love the idea of doing Stadium Stampede with Inner Circle & The Pinnacle. Fighting it out in a 70,000 seater stadium feels like the only legitimate step up from a War Games match & it’ll be intriguing to see how they incorporate a more serious tone into the bout. Mox, Nagata, Darby, & Miro all crushed it on tonight’s show as well.

Sean From Albany

Hey guys, great episode of dynamite. I felt like they could have done more with SCU’s break-up, but I understand the timing with the PPV and wanting to get to Mox and Kingston. It just felt like a weak climax to a five month angle. The bubbly truck has been done before, but no fault in playing the hits. Everything else on the show was great and this is shaping up to be the PPV that will make us all forget about the bomb that wasn’t in the deathmatch a few months ago.

Darby’s position in the main event is secure even without the belt as long as he is going to continue to make everyone’s offense look amazing. Now that there’s no Wednesday night wars, it is nice to be able to see both dynamite and NXT be able to operate without having to counter program.

I know others have said this before, but it still seems like the biggest compliment I can give AEW: I might disagree with some of the booking at times, but I never feel like my time is wasted watching their product.

Oh and I’m glad they told us that the US championship match was going to be under new Japan rules, that question has been bothering me all week.

9 tope suicidas out of 10

Really enjoyed the show tonight. Since Mox retained I wonder if eventually Omega will go after that title as part of his belt collector gimmick? At the start of that Cody promo I was like, “wait…is he running for office?” but by the end I thought it was great. The SCU/Bucks match had so many shenanigans that I wonder if they really will stay broken up? I’ve loved Darby as champ and didn’t want to see him lose but the match was awesome. I think a Miro tnt title run will be fun and tbh Darby doesn’t need the title to continue being a main eventer.

I wouldn’t blame anyone who hated tonight’s show, but I loved it.

Yes there is too much blood, the world title program stinks, and the pinnacle getting sprayed with bubbly is a rehash of an overdone spot that made everyone involved look dumb, but I don’t care. I was really entertained for 2 hours. Nagata was great, Miro and Darby were great, and SCU vs. Young Bucks was some of the best “in match” story telling in a while.

9/10 show for me

AEW- both the performers and the company- seem to be moving at an unbelievable speed all the time. That means that there are going to be some hard bumps, like Cassidy getting a smack on the head, or Christopher Daniels slicing his facial artery, or speeding through the final moments of SCU. (I suspect that this isn’t the end and that they’ll say it wasn’t a “real” loss because Kaz got the visual pinfall but they still should have given the segment a little room to breathe.)

Going at hyper speed though, also means that every show feels jam packed with entertaining stuff and if some parts don’t appeal to you as much, it won’t be long until you’ll find something that does. The Moxley vs Nagata match was excellent, as was the tag match, and Darby is just so good fighting big guys. I also loved his promo and it made me wish that we’d had another week to build to him vs Miro.

I really hope that after Carrillo and Cassidy, I won’t have to see someone injured on live tv for a very long while.

Not entirely Dynamite related (although they did mention it) but the stipulation for Thunder Rosa’s NWA match against Kamille is one of the dumbest I’ve ever heard. If she loses, her punishment is that she has to work only for the NWA? Someone at that company needs to work on their self-esteem.

Just wanted to say / ask…

Darby’s suicide dive into Miro… In my near 30 years of watching wrestling, that’s gotta be the best one I’ve ever seen. Am I wrong for thinking that?

Cody Rhodes is the worst, lamest, and blandest wrestler to ever exist