FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 5/15

LIVE after AEW Dynamite tonight:

Tonight’s Contract Signing was symbolic of Mercedes Mone’s struggles to forge a connection with the AEW audience.

Even within a scripted and presumably rehearsed piece, designed to fit Mone’s comfort level, Willow still seemed more authentic & grounded in her character than Mercedes did.

Nightingale isn’t just the bigger babyface, she comes across as a more contemporary superstar. Their match should remind fans of Mone’s unique in-ring talents. Double or Nothing cannot come soon enough.


Steve Grows Weed

Better episode than the past couple weeks for me. Lots of PPV build. Cool to see Darby back. He fits in as an anti establishment character that works against the Execs. Am I reading too much into it, or should Willow not have referred to her entrance video as her Titantron? Is that too brand specific?

A hot live crowd, though not as hot as Vancouver’s, I’m proud to say. The three main matches - the opener, Cage/Swerve, and the main got the biggest reactions from the crowd by far. After the broadcast Dax, Danielson, and Darby talked for about nine minutes, with Danielson passing the torch to Darby as “the next Washington state guy”, whole Dax congratulated his partner on beating gun charges, prompting a “He’s not guilty” chant from the crowd I wasn’t sure how to feel about. In any case, between tonight and Saturday Cascadia was treated to a good amount of the sort of in ring that AEW needs to keep delivering.


As organic as Willow’s rise has been, I really don’t want her to lose the title this quick but I feel like she will. It seems as if Statlander and company are going to screw her at DoN, which will pull her away from the Championship. Willow is one of the two female stars in the company who constantly get big reactions, the other being Toni Storm (who for some reason is a heel.)

The Ospreay/Strong promo was great stuff. This guy really needs to be positioned as the biggest star in the company, I can’t imagine him not winning the title at Wembley this year.

I think the jury is still out on the YB/Jack Perry angle, although if ratings and quarter hours are any indication, it’s not off to a hot start. I think all of theses guys are tremendous in ring performers, but like many in AEW they lack a lot of character depth that the fans need in order to really buy into them.

Not to steer too much off Dynamite, but I did have a question. What is the next step in the Grant lawsuit? Will a judge decide whether or not to compel arbitration?

Weeks and weeks of Mercy being passive-aggressive towards Willow gave this feud some much-needed life in the contract signing. Willow hit a home run by being the chip-on-her-shoulder champion and the powers that be leaned into Moné going heel (which should’ve happened sooner). It’s in a better place as long as the whodunit doesn’t rear its head. Darby Allin must be a mutant to come back two months after a broken foot. Sucks to hear about Eddie Kingston bowing out but Darby’s homegrown status is a suitable replacement for Anarchy in the Arena.

Matches were entertaining despite the predictability.