FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 5/19/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

Tonight only, ALL patrons are invited to join us for our live recording of Rewind-A-Dynamite at 10:15pm ET.

We’ll be reviewing the show and discussing a big news day involving AEW’s move to TBS and more.

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Noah From Vaughan

Dynamite tonight felt formulaic in a very positve way, due to this being their final Wednesday show before the PPV, They did everything they could tonight to heighten interest for the PPV as they always do on their go-home shows. I’m really looking forward to Double or nothing, and with a full crowd in attendance, the atmosphere is surely going to be incredible. Question, they mentioned on the show that Paul Wight will be doing commentary for the Battle royale, but im kinda curious if you guys think they would do the spot where he actually is entrant 21 (the Joker). cause if I remember correctly, when he announced the signing, it wasnt just for commentary

That was a lot of fun. Serena vs Red Velvet was my MOTN. I hope that they flesh out Serena’s character a bit more now that she’s back because her matches are almost always stellar.

Even though the ending of King Mox vs The Acclaimed was a foregone conclusion, I thought it was extremely entertaining. And let’s face it, we were all mostly interested in what Caster was going to come out with. (He didn’t disappoint.) Given how much attention he’s gotten in the last couple of weeks, do you think we could see Nick Gage show up to act as a counterbalance to Callis/ The Good Bros/ Branden Cutler in the Bucks vs King Mox match? I know he and Mox are feuding in GCW but I can see it being played as a “grudging respect” angle.

One thing that I thought was great tonight but that runs the risk of being lost in the shuffle (especially since it’s not tied to anything at DoN) was Frankie Kazarian’s promo. I’m interested to see where they go with him.

Who do you have on your short list to win the Battle Royal at Double or Nothing? There’s always the chance of an outsider (Andrade) but I’m thinking they might go with Jungle Boy. I think he’d make a great foil for The Elite and him vs Kenny would be a fantastic match.

It’s too bad we can’t get another Gunn to challenge Ogogo before DoN… “Uncle” Bart would have been a perfect cameo, teaching some of his Brawl 4 All techniques.

Just a general comment other than that. AEW has done a good job slowly integrating “real music” as entrance themes. I can imagine it’s going to create a really good atmosphere for being in front of crowds again, when you have thousands singing along to Wild Thing, Where is My Mind, or Tarzan Boy. I look forward to more sing-along style entrance music, and think it will definitely help create a unique atmosphere, that’s going to help once they are back on the road.

Chris in Ottawa

I don’t have much to say while I teeter here in anticipation of my first vaccine dose this Saturday morning…

…other than Miro is the best ever person. His promo was so good that I am gonna probably dream about it tonight and forever. Even his adlib when the fans were chanting for Darby was perfect - “I’ve got your Darby right here!”, as he held the TNT title to the sky.

And Brandon Cutler’s audible when the first can of cold spray was empty was a fun bit of live TV, as well.

10 out of 10 for AEW Promo Night

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