FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 5/20/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

-this Brody character is a complete misfire for me. Definitely not the route I would’ve taken.
-Jake Roberts & Arn Anderson were easily my highlight of the night.
-just a quick tidbit about Darkside, I remember wanting to see Owen in the Hall of Fame especially after Mark Henry‘s speech, however after hearing from Martha & Owen’s son, I now realize why that was foolish of me.

Did I just watch Rey Fenix die? That was an ugly bump onto the floor. Jake and Arn, face to face… makes me wish it happened when they could go.

Was Darby Allen’s video the best version of the spot WWE always does on the go-home show before MONEY IN THE BANK?

Rory from the Poconos, Pennsylvania.

Really enjoyed tonight’s episode. It was nice seeing Private Party in the crowd wearing “SG” elbow pads and JR made a nice tribute to Shad as well.

The Darby Allin and PAC vignettes were great. I liked the Shawn Spears News segment too but Spears vs. Dustin Rhodes at Double or Nothing is not going to make we want to shell out $50 US, however, the rest of the card looks great and I will be buying the event.

Lots of hard-hitting action tonight though it was a bummer to see Dr. Britt Baker get injured, hope she’s alright. Looking forward to Double or Nothing on Saturday and POST Wrestling’s coverage. 9 out of 10.

The PPV is in 3 days. Put everyone in bubblewrap out of 10.

And I hope Britt’s knee is OK.

Andrew from Cape Breton

Clearly we now have proof that Brodie Lee isn’t like Vince McMahon at all, as he was ok with someone taking a knee. AEW was good tonight. The highlight for me was MJF vs Marko Stunt. I do think that while Marko’s role as an enhancement talent is great, I think they could benefit from having him beat large jobbers or one off guys like Spike Dudley did back in ECW. He’s perfect for his role, but if he gets a few wins under his belt, you maybe able to build more drama in his matches. There were a few lowlights though, especially with taking care of your opponents. I learned why Jim Ross loved football players so much. They can catch things really well. There were no football players under Fenix tonight sadly, unless they were all terrible at playing. I’m also hopeful that Britt Baker wasn’t hurt after Nyla Rose was dumped on her leg. If she’s fine then I’m probably just dumb, but if she got hurt, AEW needs to re-evaluate their women’s division as botches tend to be frequent in their matches sadly, especially when Kris Statlander is wrestling. Hopefully everything is ok. 6 out of 10 show today and a nice distraction after the Owen documentary.

Alexander from Portland

Brodie Lee hasn’t won me over yet, but he has a great chance with a match against Moxley. Regardless of who wins or loses that match, I hope both men get the chance to have a lights-out match to showcase their CZW backgrounds. PAC getting promo time was very much needed, out of everyone not appearing at Double or Nothing his is the presence I feel is most lacking. I’m glad AEW made mention of Shad Gaspard, but it happening while Marko Stunt and MJF were flexing off was just odd.

Question: Shawn Spears apparently has a news network. What do you think of the idea of a conspiracy theorist gimmick for him? Just imagine him coming out to the ring next week with a barrel of hydroxychloroquine, wishing he could have Alex Jones as a tag team partner. With his charisma I think Spears could pull it off.

Doug from Tupton Classic.

The show was a real step down from recent weeks tonight. The FITE stream certainly, and I presume also the TV broadcast, got off to a bad start with regular audio skips throughout the first segment which is always a vibe killer. Various bits of loose work prevailed throughout the matches leading up to some botching and nasty moments. Come the brawl after Cassidy versus Fenix, it felt as though everyone was trying their hardest to miss their mark and risk injuring themselves at once. I certainly hope both Britt Baker and Rey Fenix are well, and that Cassidy’s ankles didn’t take too much of a battering from the barricade in his assisted dive.
The show still had it’s moments and plenty of them, everything just felt very loose tonight and a bit disjointed, until the main event which I very much enjoyed. The closing shot was magnificent and I’m still looking forward to Saturday night, things just felt plagued by small and unnecesary glitches which it hasn’t in a long time. The Inner Circle beatdown of Kenny being muted was painful - as was JR’s selling of the Shaun Spears vs Dustin Rhodes match anouncement.

It still gets a 6.5/10 from me and I have no regrets staying up until 3am in the UK watching it.

What up doe guys

Kinda underwhelming go home show to be honest. The Darby video was short but great, The Jake an arn promo was kinda awkward, but the in ring stuff was pretty good besides the women’s 4 way yikes. 6.5 out of 10 for me because I guess the only matches that pull me into maybe possibly buying this $50 ppv are the ladder match an the stadium stampede.

Jordan from Kitchener,

Underwhelming for a go home show for AEW standards is a lot better than most of WWE programming as of late. To see the champion in the opening match is refreshing. Not buying the Brodie Lee character and think it’s way too soon to end Moxley’s reign. The face to face was excellent and took me back to my childhood with two of the best talkers of their time.

I just want to say my thoughts and prayers are with Shad Gaspard’s friends and family. I was really holding out hope that it would end positively. RIP.

Matthew, from Vancouver

On paper this looked like it would be another good to great episode of Dynamite, unfortunately I came out feeling a little underwhelmed.

The Arn and Jake segment didn’t click for me. Two of the greatest promo guys ever didn’t add any heat, hype or excitement to the Cody Vs Archer match.

Nyla pinning Shida clean was perplexing way of hyping your challenger to the Women’s title. Why not have Nyla beat Statlander whom she’s already successfully defended the title against?

The return of the Bucks and Hangman was a little flat. While I’m still confused by the rules of the stadium stampede match, I’m intrigued to see how it all comes together on Saturday. Do you expect this to be a taped or broadcast live? If taped will have the cinematic treatment?

Highlight of the show was PAC’s promo. What an unexpected delight that was.

The show overall felt rushed with the announcers missing details, production their cues, leaving it all feeling a little MEH ahead of the PPV.

Maybe I’m being too picky, 6/10

On a side note I’m looking forward to hearing the discussion of this weeks Dark Side of the Ring on the Cafe Hangout tomorrow. It was an incredibly moving piece of filmmaking.

I wasn’t too high on this show. MJF and the brawl at the end were the only real highlights.

Matt Hardy just isn’t clicking for me and he shouldn’t be in a main event. I was looking forward to Cassidy and Fenix but it just was really underwhelming with a lame finish. Cassidy doesn’t work in an empty arena.

Jake and Arn I was also really looking forward to but it just felt flat.

The women were really sloppy again and I want to like the Brodie Lee character but the mic work was off tonight.

All that being said I think it’s been an overall good build to DON and that should be a great show. The ladder match and the stampede in particular should be a lot of fun.

Underwhelming. Lame. Awkward. Flat. Sloppy.

If you put this same feedback on an episode of Raw, the rating would be a 4, not a 7.

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Oh I agree. I have no idea how anyone liked this episode, probably the worst Dynamite since that atrocious episode before Xmas.

I just wish all wrestling would go on hiatus, its so hard to watch anything right now.