FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 5/24

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Robbie from London Ont, fun Dynamite but a quick note. Was that the most dated anti Impact promo of all time? Is Dax aware Dixie hasn’t been the boss in 6 or 7 years? And that it hasn’t been TNA in 5 or 6? Let’s go Jarrett and Lethal lol

Jordan from the Bronx

  • When Adam Cole said that he knew a wrestler from Las Vegas, I thought he was talking about The Godfather. Sabu is the furthest person from my mind to even be involved in an Adam Cole or a Chris Jericho program. Sometimes AEW does random and it works, but THIS was a shark jump moment for me.

  • Moxley outright fueling the fires of his critics in his promo was awesome.

  • Glad that they aired the Willow Nightingale clips. She’s a star on the cusp of something special and this package goes a long way in positioning her as a top player in the company.

  • I’m glad that we finally seem to have gotten our answer regarding Punk. All of the petty drama has really soured me on a lot of the individuals involved. It’s unfortunate that this happened, but hopefully everyone can finally move forward and create great TV.

Question: Who would your first challenger for the AEW title be after the PPV? My prediction is an MJF win, with Adam Cole making his challenge next.

Very solid Dynamite, but I don’t know if it did enough to move a lot of last minute ticket sales. The wrestling was very good but the atmosphere suffered a lot from one of the most disinterested audiences in Dynamite history. Bet they wish they could have brought last week’s crowd with them.

As someone who’s become a big Aussie Open fan in the last year, I was thrilled to see them get the graphic, even though it’s slightly dampened by the knowledge that we won’t be getting the Forbidden Door match with FTR I so desperately wanted.

I was also happy to see them highlight Willow’s win, especially since the moment itself was dominated by the injury to Mercedes.

Do you see any of the titles changing hands on Sunday? I think Toni and maybe Christian could win, but I could also see all the current champs retaining.

Decent outing from AEW, took me awhile to get into the show as the first few matches featured too many shenanigans for my liking. Really wish AEW would go back to having interference free matches, as it’s the reason I was initially drawn to them. Jade looked really good in her match tonight, just wish she sold Taya finisher a little longer rather then just popping up and hitting hers.

Have a feeling Kota Ibushi is coming in as Omega teased having friend to even the odds after the show. Cross my fingers for blood & guts in Newark.

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