FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 5/25/22

What did you think of AEW Dynamite: 3 Year Anniversary? What are you most excited for on Double or Nothing this Sunday?

  • I’m glad that I was spared from any fingerpoke of doom-style scenario in the Owen Cup finals. Joe/KOR was a gritty main event. Joe vs Cole is a fresh match

  • Punk and Hangman’s face to face promo was terrific as it casts even more doubt over who’ll end up on top

  • Baker vs Storm felt clunky and the outside interference puts a damper on what should’ve been a layup to get Toni over even more but they played it safe.

  • Wardlow/Spears was what it needed to be and Wardlow’s heading into Double or Nothing with a full head of steam.

  • It was pretty cool to have the United Empire kickstart the build to Forbidden Door.

  • Thunder Rosa’s music cutting off her promo did nothing to help her.

Eric from Cork, Ireland currently in Las Vegas

Very fun show with a lively crowd. The highlight for me was the Wardlow match. Sometimes wrestling doesn’t need to be any more complicated than a cool guy kicking ass and doing cool things. This has easily been the best built program for the PPV and I’m expecting a great payoff.

The two matches they taped for Elevation (Nemeth v Takeshita and Martinez v Mazeratti) were ok, nothing to go out of your way to watch but Takeshita is fantastic and really got the crowd into the match. Hopefully they do something substantial with him after the PPV.

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