FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 5/27/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

Two minutes in and I’m already howling with joy. The T-shirt bit was great. I once owned a Phoenix Suns 1993 NBA championship shirt. Problem is, the Chicago Bulls won that year. I bet you if that truck was actually filled with inner circle championship shirts, they would sell them all anyway. We saw the debut of the best tagteam in the world minus their oversized cat hats. Rules of a role model is no Tooth be Told, but Britt Baker is in my opinion one of the best heels in the company. Accusing referee Aubrey Edwards of being a conspirator based on the fact she’s in the ring every time Baker gets hurt is such great writing. The Matt hardy versions we are a nice touch as well. This company is putting on A very solid product at the moment. 8.

Andrew from Cape Breton

The show was pretty good. Private Party had their best outing since they have been able to get back in the company, and I definitely think Matt Hardy has shown his worth since his return. He’s extremely valuable in that he’s a veteran who can still go with a strong character, so he should probably be wrestling Private Party as much as possible. Another team that should do that is FTR. AEW now has a very strong tag team division. It’s sad they couldn’t have debuted in front of a bigger crowd, but it might be awhile before we get crowds like that back. The highlight of the night was Britt Baker with her take on the conspiracy victim. She seems to have a better case then Jericho did in WCW. The pun on her wheel chair was the icing on the cake. Anyway, very enjoyable show, 8 out of 10.

Coming out of Dynamite, I quite enjoyed Taz proclaiming Cage is going to go all “Temple of Doom” on Moxley. Kali Ma! Also, as the FTR came out and Matt Hardy is alongside all of these amazing tag teams I’m left wondering how much longer there is on Jeff’s contract as he must be counting down the days until he can join his brother. Say that happens, and Brother Nero is eventually introduced, do you guys think it would be a good idea for Matt to turn on the Elite and have them be heels when going up against the Young Bucks?

Zoinks guys, I had to figure out my password just so I could post about that last segment. What a masterclass in entertainment, with the tone of the segment doing a full 180 from funny and light to a real attraction with Tyson, Jericho, the entourage for both guys and the chaos that came of it. But even before that, man the Inner Circle is hilarious. Hager had me dying but that one might just be the brownie I ate when Dynamite started.

Question: I could have sworn the Best Friends are ranked 1 as a tag team, so why aren’t they even involved in the contenders match tonight? Am I missing something or are the rankings being completely ignored?

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Alexander from Portland

Was that main event brawl the least physical brawl as of late? For a ring full of current/previous MMA fighters and boxers, it seemed like there were only light pushes. Speaking of light pushes, it’s great to see Jungle Boy get an important win. For all the commentators saying he’s got a tremendous future, it’s a bit hard to see that if he’s always on the losing side of matches. Shida looks tremendous with the women’s title, hopefully she can elevate it to a higher level. FTR debuting was underwhelming, but their addition to an already stacked tag team division is most welcome. Tonight AEW promoted Fyter Fest but never said the date. The Fourth of July falls on a Saturday this year, could you see AEW holding the show then? Thanks.

Paul from the UK here pretty good episode of dynamite this week, good to see FTR with the save after yet another strong team for AEW their tag scene is pretty great. Also enjoyed the Battle Royale and am looking forward to Jungle Boy Vs Cody next week. While I’m not a massive fan of some of the more comedic elements when it comes to matches themselves I am all in on the goofy inner circle Jake in particular made me laugh, then we hit that weird final segment with Mike Tyson I suffered a bit of tonal whiplash when they tried to get serious unless the whole thing was meant as a tyson Austin parody I guess we’ll find out

Doug from Tupton Classic

I wasn’t into the show again this week, the flow just wasn’t there. Nothing was too bad, nothing disapointed me, but nothing was that great either, beyond the ‘Roll Model’ pun which I give an 8/10.

The matches were all fine, it was nice to see FTR finally arrive where they belong - please don’t say they are going with that name - G1 Matt Hardy joining the Bucks was fitting, it was all just fine, but the constant buzzing of the crowd which John identified last week rather than the peaks and ebbs we really need to have draw us in normally, and the general lack of excitement for tonight’s show, was all just a little too flat for me. On the plus side it did set up all sorts going forwards which is what was needed of a post-PPV show; I just can’t say that any of it got me excited tonight.

6/10, maybe it’s just me though?

I thought it was just an OK show tonight after a few good weeks. Is Marc Quinn OK? That injury looked very real to me, but I haven’t seen any updates anywhere. It was awesome to see FTR, but I have to admit I was more concerned with Quinn’s knee at that moment.

I haven’t seen much of Brian Cage, but my gosh is that finisher scary.

On to the battle royal, I was rooting for Orange, but I’m happy they didn’t do the “guy who you forgot was in the match comes back and wins” finish we see over and over.

My only real gripe is putting Billy Gunn in the “giant” spot with Luchasaurus and Wardlow when most fans think of Gunn as an averaged sized guy. Unless we’re going to see Gunn in some kind of program, all they did was make AEW’s monsters look small.

Finally, I’m really not sure what they’re trying to do with Mike Tyson in 2020. Why are these over-the-hill part timers taking top spots? 6/10.

Tommy in New York


FTR debuting and not generically coming in as heels and attacking the babyfaces

Brian Cage and Taz as a unit

ChristI Jaynes is good and has a charismatic presence

“Roll Model” on Britts wheelchair

Jungle Boy getting the win and Orange Cassidy getting a highlight was a good end to a messy battle royal

Cody’s Promo was decent. Not his top work but it did what it was supposed to do and without a crowd, I give any of the flatness a pass.

The first 75% of the Inner Circle Pep Rally had me laughing several times


Havoc and Sabian just don’t click for me as a team yet, but the match should still be fun thanks to the workers on the opposite side next week. Still, I thought Best Friends were the number 1 contenders?

TNT title being unfinished just bums me out for some reason

Wardlow and MJF tensions are coming on too soon and too on the nose, but could remedy the issue with them not having enough big guy babyfaces

I didn’t like Tyson and his posse and this whole storyline. I’m just not interested in Mike Tyson at all in 2020 or any year.

7/10, still must see viewing for me each week.


Quick note: I was initially taken back hearing JR call Sonny Kiss “she” on commentary more than once, but shortly after found a tweet from Sonny explaining that his preferred pronouns are “He” OR “She” and NOT “They.”

Raymond from Sacramento, CA

I am willing to bet right now that the culmination of the Tyson, Cejudo, Evans, and Belfort vs. Inner Circle feud will take place on the All Out show on 9/5/2020. It may even be a cinematic confrontation. Whether there are fans in attendance or not, is yet to be determined.

10 “participation trophies” out of 10.

Matthew from Vancouver,

Another quality episode of Dynamite.

From the debut of FTR, Cody’s killer promo, Britt Baker the roll model, to that crazy last segment, this was hands down the best wrestling tv show of the pandemic era.

The Inner Circle are one best things about wrestling in 2020.


I’m sure this will be a controversial show for its ending but it feels like AEW is on fire right now. They are making use of their talents and cycling through fresh programs. Their PPV model limits rematches and stale months long feuds. Everything seems to set up another matchup and they mix their Main even talent and Next level talent really well.
Throw in the fact they can attract major names in MMA, have the full force of turner behind them. I can 100% see a future where when both companies start touring again these shows are way hotter and sell better on a regular basis.

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That main event segment was unreal. The Inner Circle is the best faction in years and I really believe Ortiz is a total gem. I was howling about his hearing difficulties all night.

Cage squash was amazing as well. I wasn’t too high on the SCU match (Sabian is still way too green) or the battle royal but everything else was fine.