FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 5/6/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

That main event was absurd, but I really enjoyed it. As much as these shows are much better then anything WWE points out, the social distancing stuff that is obviously not observed is a bit of an issue. It does seem things are going back to normalcy. I know in my area, there haven’t been any new cases for about a week and work is starting back up in Alberta, but it’s not for another few weeks. The show was 7 out of 10 for me as I was noticing a lot of the issues you guys have pointed out in recent weeks, but a scenario for you guys. Likely or unlikely, AEW Double or Nothing has a crowd of people they will be letting in.

Noah from Vaughan

I absolutely loved this show, and especially that main event, I couldn’t take my eyes away from it and it was constantly entertaining. I thought the Brandi promo and subsequent angle with Jake roberts was perfect as you just know we are in for a hell of a cody promo in response. really looking forward to Brodie vs Mox as they have had great matches in the past and this should be no different. didn’t really have any issues with this show 9/10. Really excited for the ladder match at double or nothing, If it were up to me I would have the following wrestlers in that match, Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, Scorpio Sky, Luchasauras, Kip Sabian and Trent, these 6 guys don’t really have any programs going into the PPV (and likely would be avalible for that show) and I think would work well together in this type of match, any guesses that you guys think will be in that ladder match?

Raymond from Sacramento, CA

A few weeks ago when Kenny and Nakazawa were wrestling on Dynamite from QT’s gym I thought it was an impromptu DDT x AEW crossover. I was wrong. The street fight through Daily’s Place, the building that Tony Khan designed himself was the real deal DDT x AEW crossover. So creative from the Matt Hardy pop-singer costume changes, the golf cart running down Sammy, the scissor lift spot, and carefree destruction of different parts of the building.

AEW continues to provide quality entertainment in these unfortunate circumstances.


Paul from the UK here. I have to say that was a damn fine show, once again the small amout of energy from the performers around the right helped a great deal, and each of the matches felt important in thier own way even the Nyla squash let her show the dominence a champ should have. Have to say I still don’t get the Janella love but a decent performance from Cody, the Mox match was great because it had a little of what I feel wrestling oftern lacks these days actual mat wrestling and the post match beatdown worked well.
However it’s that final contest that’s going to get tounges wagging, complete craziness and some incredible spots meant that a match I was sure was going to be a chore went by in a flash. 9/10 from me and I didn’t even mention MJF or the murderhawk, looking forward to next week

Paul from New Jersey

I really enjoyed the women’s package. I feel like we don’t know enough about this division & stuff like this is a step in the right direction. Question, is there any better promo in the business right now than an MJF promo? I can’t think of one. Good show.

Doug from Derbyshire, UK

I shall try to erase the unfortunate image of Jake Roberts lowering himself onto Brandi Rhodes from my mind. Other than that, this was an excellent show.

I’m very glad that JR mentioned early on that everyone present was tested and cleared, and as you guys have no doubt already mentioned, that he broke kayfabe on these ‘extrodinary circumstances’ by actually naming their cause on TV at long last. Later on, seeing the Corona beer advertising in the outer stadium during the main event was extremely surreal.

Even without a paying crowd, having a live arena show which felt authentic was something I hadn’t realised quite how much I’d been missing until tonight, and I felt the spaced-out clusters of audience members did a great job at creating a tangible atmosphere. There told fresh stories with new angles, AEW’s usual great video packages, and most importantly some very enjoyable matches, culminating with a frankly bonkers main event, and it’s the most fun I’ve had watching wrestling in months. 9/10

Great to have a live feel back to the show, with being back at Daily’s Place the commentary team back and the wrestlers in the crowd it really helped.

Really surprised with Brandi’s promo how good it was, real interested to see where this goes, the snake wrapped around her was a good little touch to up the feud.

Main event was tremendous, everyone was great. So much fun, I laughed so hard at the Ice bag KO and Hardy getting locked in the freezer.

What do you think if the comparison of Jericho here and Hogan with the NWO?
Both created a very entertaining character while leading a heel group, when it was thought their respective characters were done.

Jericho is the number 1 all round most entertaining guy in wrestling today for me.


Matthew, from Vancouver.

Well that main event was all kinds of ridiculous. My wife (who is not an avid wrestling fan) was in hysterics when Matt was driving the golf cart.

Beside the main event there lots of storyline advancement on this show we enjoyed on this show. The positives for me were MJF, Britt Baker and Brandi, Archer, Jake and Cody. The negative being Moxley vs Brodie Lee at double or nothing. Brodie Lee feels like a lukewarm challenger. That being said I expect their match to decent based on their previous encounters.

I give this show 8/10. Question, do you expect Hangman and the Bucks to be back soon?