FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 5/8

LIVE tonight at 10:05 p.m. ET

A great crowd really makes all the difference.

On paper, this episode didn’t seem like anything to write home about ahead of time. But the Edmonton crowd brought it and made two hours fly by.

Copeland / Brody was a terrific bloody brawl. I’ve really enjoyed seeing Copeland in the new scenery that AEW has provided him.

We are several weeks into it, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the building towards an all out AEW civil war. Seeing who gives their loyalty to the Elite, and who stands by Kenny and the company.

And on that note… Whenever it is, Hangman will definitely play a major role. Does he fully embrace his Darkside and run with The Elite? Or does he put past differences aside and stand next to Swerve?

Thanks for everything as always guys!

Tenese from GA

I thought the match and angle with OC/Trent was well done. Additionally, I’m intrigued by a possible OC/Callis pairing. Mariah did an excellent job carrying Harley. Willow is a natural on the mic and is outshining Mone. The Embassy turning on Swerve was effective, and it’ll be nice watching him stand on his own. Jericho’s disingenuous babyface persona is starting to win me over, and Cope had his best outing with Brodie. Lastly, I love Okada for the little things he does perfectly. Overall, I think AITA will be incredible, a very good episode of Dynamite.