FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 6/14

Leave us your feedback on the show.

Rewind-A-Dynamite begins at 10:05 p.m. ET and we will reveal the new team covering Collision each week.

Sean from Albany, NY

Hey guys, hot show all around, good to see Eddie back. I am pleased with more replays during the episode to cover for the camerawork missing some moves - Hangman almost wiped out that cameraman. The only thing that dragged was the Wardlow match. I’m not sure what the disconnect is but for me, he isn’t working. This feels like an Arn Anderson story featuring Wardlow more than it feels like a Wardlow story. The crazy thing is that there’s another TV champion in Orange having an epic run at the same time. I think these two characters when compared side by side highlight an issue with AEW where if you aren’t at least bringing some creativity to your own character there doesn’t seem to be any extra to go around, which sucks because there was all that story around Wardlow’s father and no follow-up. I want to like this guy, how would you improve him if you agree or disagree?

Excited for Forbidden Door and hope Forbidden Pour is a smashing success.

A strongly bookended show. Cole and Friedman going to a draw is a far better outcome than MJF squeaking by via a smoz. No kissing sisters, here. It begs for a rematch once Forbidden Door is in the rear view. Arguably, Adam Cole’s best match of his AEW run so far. Bryce was on point.

The ending was insane as Eddie Kingston made his return (he’s got a score to settle with Claudio next month) and i was blindsided as Will Ospreay showed up.

D.C. got its world rocked.

Sidebar: I never thought Guevara would be the first to ditch the JAS. Should’ve been Garcia.

Brian in New Jersey.

Cool news about Jimmy Jacobs. Even cooler news about Kate & Siino.

Really hot show. Terrific match between MJF and Adam Cole with a surprising finish I done quite well. Very fun 8-man tag. Fantastic main event. The closing minutes were bananas, and I loved it. Great to see so many on-screen appearances from New Japan talent ahead of next week’s Forbidden Door. With this show and everything else to come, it seemed like AEW has that hot commodity in wrestling, momentum!

At the start of the 8-Man tag, the word NO appeared briefly across the screen. No clue what’s being teased, if anything.

Do you see Jack Perry turning heel on Hook, or is he really that earnest?