FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 6/17/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Not one of my favorite episodes of dynamite, but still fun to watch. I continue to be baffled by the way Billy Gunn is being used. If MJF is the #1 ranked competitor, he can’t be cheating to beat a 50 year old, even if he was the king of the ring.

Abadon was so awesome. That was honestly the best episode of Firefly Funhouse in a while.

I really appreciated that they showed the results from Dark. As someone who was very confused why the Nightmares got a title shot, it was a nice change for me. Hopefully next week we get some highlights.

Finally, Sammy was once again the best, I’m not sure if I like serious Orange Cassidy or not, and I think Britt Baker is my favorite wrestler. 6/10

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Doug from Tupton Classic

Another enjoyable Dynamite tonight, lots of fun throughout with no real downers for me. Glad to see Ricky Starks’ debut, with a very effective introductory video, I hope he’s sticking around and is a really great guy to have signed if so.
I have no idea what is going on in this women’s division but hopefully there is a plan in place, and in the meantime we got a return of Abadon who manages an entirely effective monstrous appearence which I find genuinely disturbing - perhaps too disturbing for her own good as she looks somewhat horrifying, but we shall see with time. I may just need to get used to her look.

Otherwise it felt like everything made sense, stories progressed as necesary, and Brit Baker continued to shine throughout. 7/10 show, nothing was blow-away but it was an entirely enjoyable and fast-moving two hours. Orange-on-black FTW towels for the win.

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Weaker show this week. That said, tag division is stacked and you continue to see them plant seeds and stoke flames of feuds and rivalries.
Women’s division seems like it’s gaining steam. I loved how they highlighted Ana Kay only to job her out to the new special attraction. It’s like both got across well in that package/match. Well done.

Please Rank the following missed pops due to no real crowds:

  • Brodie Lee debuts in hometown of Rochester
  • Matt Hardy the same night Brodie was revealed as exalted one
  • Mike Tyson and MMA squad confront Jericho after DoN
  • FTR debuts / face to face with the Bucks
  • Orange Cassidy confronts Jericho tonight

Raymond in Sacramento, CA

I’ve gotta say, hyping up Anna Jay returning to Dynamite, only to be destroyed quickly by a returing Abadon was quite the swerve. One that I liked a lot. And I’m very intrigued by Brodie Lee/The Dark Order immediately recruiting her. A female in their ranks is a very interesting development. And they’ve shown that not everyone has to wear a mask, so I’d assume she’ll definitely stay unmasked.

And Ricky “Stroke Daddy” Starks was really good in that match with Cody. He better get signed now!

Dynamite is still the fastest 2 hours around.


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Bret from Texas.

Solid show with good wrestling. Appreciated the Anna Jay loss. AEW has become too predictable with enhancement matches on Dark always having talent go over unsigned wrestlers. So it was nice swerve to see the person they were promoting all week lose. Looking forward to Fyter Fest which everything else did well building towards.


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Noah from Vaughan

I thought this was one of AEW’s best shows in a while, 3 very good tag matches and one of my favorite segments of the year with Britt Baker arguing with Reba while being stuck in a trash can. Britt continues to be a shining star and a highlight of every show she appears on. Also so glad to see Anna Jay and Abadon get an opportunity on dynamite. For those who haven’t seen Abadon before, she had a very entertaining match with Shida on Dark a few months back, worth checking out, shes a great signing for them for sure. 9/10 show in my opinion. What was up with Cody’s promo, asking if hes even in the elite/nightmare family then rubbing his chest with 4 fingers… hmmm something is brewing I think

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Alexander from Portland

One wrestling trope that I love that is rarely seen is when a wrestler makes a big debut and loses, so seeing Anna Jay lose to some zombie 3-D woman was great, but following it up with the Dark Order was even better. The Dark Order is feeling like a proper faction, the tag match next week ought to be really fun. AEW has been doing tremendous in building up the tag team division, from multiple tag teams in the Dark Order to Janela and Kiss to the Superbad Death Squad. It feels like the talent that was available during the original quarantined tapings are getting pushes, which gives the show a lot of continuity. While each show might not be great (like tonight’s show), they never feel like chores to get through. 6/10

Question: do you think Fyter Fest is too soon to have Hangman and Omega lose the tag titles?

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Jay from Colorado

I just wanted to say how happy I am to see Abadon as part of AEW. I’ve been watching her in Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling in Denver for awhile now, and thought she had a strong showing against Hikaru Shida on AEW Dark back in March. I’ve seen her a dozen times if not more and I’m still extremely unsettled every time I see her. As a former cop I’ve had the unfortunate experience of seeing my share of dead bodies, and as a film major I’ve seen just about every makeup job to try to replicate the look of decay and livor mortis, and I’ve never seen one that I thought replicated it exactly. But she’s somehow mastered that. Again, it’s unsettling. She’s got the look, the character down, and she’s come a long way in ring. Excited to see her future.

Also I just found out my “Inner Circle Stadium Stampede Winners” shirt just shipped, I know no one in my small town will get the reference, but I’m going to wear this oh so proudly.

Rory from the Poconos, Pennsylvania.

Not their best show, but still a fun show. Appreciate AEW posting the Dark results on the bottom ticker, showing once again that they listen to their fans. I’m trying to figure out how the Butcher and the Blade went from being S&M guys to being painters in their white clothing. Kenny Omega accidentally bumping heads with Dustin Rhodes looked painful but kudos to Dustin for being able to finish the match despite being knocked loopy. My main take away from this show as mentioned by others would be how great their tag team division is.

Not the best show but some good stuff.

Signing Ricky Starks is a great move. The guy can go in the ring and is awesome on the mic. Loved the match with Cody.

Also loved the Abadon win over Anna Jay. Perfect swerve and the Dark Order reveal at the end, also good, Great usage of everyone involved. I’m way behind on Dark so the Abadon look blew me away.

I just can’t buy QT or the Superbad Squad though. I love tag wrestling but there was too much of it tonight. Nothing bad but just nothing must watch.