FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 6/22/22

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Eric from Cork, Ireland

That was a terrible show. I have no idea why anyone would be excited for a PPV with this build. Apart from Jay White we haven’t heard from anyone from New Japan about who they are or why they want to be in any of these matches. The angle for the main event was Moxley and Tanahashi looking at each other while a bunch of guys (half of whom are not on the PPV) had a brawl at ringside. They have Okada in a four way where the main focus is whether Adam Cole and Jay are friends and they didn’t even bother to announce the match until there was 20 minutes left on the go home show. What exactly am I supposed to be excited about?

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I loved this episode, I actually can’t think the last time a dynamite had a show where I loved every segment. They put on fantastic matches tonight especially that Trios match. I hope Aussie Open do a run in AEW past Forbidden Door. While it’s great to have Okada, was hoping for a singles match but beggars can’t be choosers. Okay i know some people may say Christian’s promo might be tasteless with bringing Luke Perry’s death, and I won’t argue if they don’t like. But I love this Christian, reminds me of TNA Christian’s Coalition era which is what got me to watch TNA. No Tomko but Luchasaurus can work in that role I guess. So question, do you put the interim title on Tanahashi knowing he has to do G1 and lose some matches as well or go the “safe” route and put it on Mox?

Brian in New Jersey

I feel the build to Forbidden Door has been their weakest PPV build yet, with too much held off until this final week, and of course, a lot of relying on a different company that also holds off on revealing full cards for big shows. Still, I thought tonight’s Dynamite was pretty exciting, with a number of hot matches to take in, and Christian Cage’s best promo in years.

I still intend to watch Forbidden Door, because it has some matches I’m willing to pay to see. Some I think might be undervalued going in. I have to think Danielson’s replacement/the newest Blackpool Combat Clubber is Claudio Castagnoli. If it’s not, I just hope it’s not Johnny Blackpool.

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Noah from Vaughan

This show was awesome. The 6 man tag was incredible, and they did a really great job hyping up the show on sunday, looks to be a stellar card even with the noticeable absences. Really appreciated a build to a interpromotional show not having guys forget about their feuds for a month and instead wearing t shirts of the brand and fighting for brand supremacy. Any titles you think change hands on sunday?

There was a fan sign at the opening of the show… It read, “Gatorade should be thicker.”

This isn’t necessarily a thought or opinion on the show… But, the idea of Gatorade being thicker is something I find very disturbing.

AEW really needs to cut down on the crowd shots of people on their phones.

Danielson’s promo was decent. I appreciate the “Flaccid Crew of Cocksman” line.