FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 6/24/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Dynamite is pretty good. I will give AEW a bit of credit as they seemed to be at least slightly ahead of the curve when it came to testing people for COVID-19, and it’s astounding to see what’s happening in Florida, especially as there haven’t been any new cases in Nova Scotia for weeks. I’m hoping that AEW can keep up what they’re doing, but it’s almost inevitable at this point that someone is going to get it, even there. I will admit I feel better watching AEW even with their lack of social distancing and having a number of people together for their Lumberjack match because AEW seems more responsible.

The big issue I had with the Lumberjack match was it seemed pretty pointless as they killed the gimmick as they didn’t get Wardlow and Luchasaurus back in the ring and seemed to do it just so they could play catch. AEW also seems to be really becoming more of a tag team promotion based on the matches tonight and how much time they got. It’s certainly not a women’s wrestling promotion as that seems to be on the back burner. A good 7 out of 10 show and a nice distraction.

Jay from Colorado

Another excellent edition of Dynamite. Britt Baker has gone from my least favorite female wrestler on the roster to one of my favorites. She’s truly found her niche, and her segments have become some of the highlights of an already awesome show.

I loved loved loved the Hikaru Shida squash of Red Velvet just so she could get her hands on Penelope Ford. AEW excels at simple story telling. They don’t over simplify it, and they don’t over think it. It just works. Looking forward to their match.

I’m really digging the Sonny Kiss/Joey Janela team. And that segment gave us Joey Janela beating down two guys with grocery bags full of lunchables and Doritos. God I love wrestling.

The lumberjack match really highlighted the cliché “let’s stand around together and wait until someone dives into us” wrestling trope. I don’t mind it so much every once in awhile but it’s way overdone. As Teddy KGB in the movie “Rounders” would say too much “splashing the pot”.


Another totally entertaining episode of Dynamite. I have never been as wrong about a performer as I was about Orange Cassidy. I thought his act would die on TV, and now I can’t wait to see him face off against Jericho. Fyter Fest looks like it’s going to be an awesome show, although I do wonder how they’ll have enough time for everything they have booked. 6 PPV level matches on a 2 hour show, with commercials, seems like a lofty goal.

I thought SCU vs. FTR was one of the best matches of the quarantine era. Even though it was clear FTR was going to win, I totally bought some of SCUs near falls, and I thought both teams looked great.

Did Taz really call covid 19 a BS excuse to stay home? I’ve heard some heelish things in my life, but my gosh. I do have to wonder if Mox was exposed the day before the match, and not 2 weeks in advance, if he would still be staying home.

Finally, am I crazy or did Cody say he was going to defend the TNT title every single week? That didn’t last very long.

Noah from Vaughan

Good go home show for AEW tonight, really liked the FTR match especially. I thought Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela looked great together and loved the video package before their match, they got a great dynamic and should fit in well in the tag divison. 7.5/10 show tonight. With this being their shortest build to a special event since starting weekly TV, I thought they managed to do a very good job at promoting the fyter fest shows. Question for you guys, What do you think would be a successful viewership number for the fyter fest shows? Is it something around 900k?

Matthew, Vancouver

That was a tremendous episode of Dynamite. I loved the big fight presentation of the press conference. My vote for most improved performer this year might have to go to Jake Hager. His character work these past months has been excellent. FTR versus SCU was a great tag match. Matt Hardy continues to prove he still has a few years left in the tank.

Despite the quality of this show, I do feel that AEW and WWE need to seriously reconsider running at all, due to the alarming amount of COVID case numbers coming out of Florida. It’s pretty scary to say the least.


Raymond from Sacramento

A few months ago I mentioned AEW not being afraid to shy away from mentioning the ongoing pandemic. Tonight there were at least two instances where the announcers, Excalibur specifically, mentioned that QT and Jon Moxley were not around because of contact with people that came in contact with the virus and were staying away as a precaution. I applaud AEW of not acting like they don’t exist in the real world and continue to be transparent on this subject.

Sorry, just saw that Renee Young has Covid-19. That sucks and explains a few things too.

Trying to transition back to a score for the show, 9/10.