FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 6/3/20

What did you think about AEW Dynamite?

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Ari from Montreal
Just one quick question
Is there a clause in Cody’s contract he has do to color in “big matches”…seems unecessary well most times.

Andrew from Cape Breton

AEW was good tonight. I really enjoyed the tag team match at the start of the show and felt it really did a good job in helping establish Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc as strong contenders, even though they haven’t been a team for that long. On Twitter, what I found interesting was Cash Wheeler criticizing them for the lack of use of the tag rope. I really like FTR scouting tag teams and tag team matches from the crowd. FTR could be in AEW what Jim Cornette could have been if Cornette wasn’t so toxic. Speaking of people in the crowd, how the crowd is used is night and day compared to WWE. It seems the people in the crowd are important because some of them are undercard talent but some of them are also stars who are scouting or eventually being used in the show. I think NXT could have used that with Drake Maverick and maybe have some of his main roster friends show up in solidarity to cheer him on. Highlight of the show was Britt Baker who is one of the best people on the show. 7 Yellow Power Rangers out of 10.

Noah from Vaughan

Enjoyed the show tonight, It was awesome seeing Hangman and Kenny team up on dynamite again, the opening tag match was very fun. Sabian and Havoc have really taken a big step forward in 2020 in my opinion. Britt Baker continues to be the most entertaining part of any wrestling show, that 60-second montage had me dying of laughter. 8.5/10 show for me tonight. Although it wasn’t officially announced, do you think they end up doing Orange Cassidy vs Jericho at one of the Fyter Fest shows? I think that would be a nice hook similar to the intrigue that Cassidy and Pac had at Revolution

I really enjoyed the show tonight. The tag title match was really good, and Penelope Ford continues to look like a star. Brit Baker’s montage was great, Brian Cage looked like a beast and Colt vs. Jericho was a lot of fun.

While I liked the show, that main event made no sense to me. Of all the matches for Cody to do blood in, this was not it. Then both guys fall through a table in a moment I thought was destined to be a double count out, only for Cody to pop right up and win.

I’ve been looking forward to the open challenge, but I have to say they’re 0-1 so far.

Raymond from Sacramento.

While not a distraction from the current state of the world, tonight’s Dynamite from the opening title card, all the way to the end of the show was a very easy to watch show. Good wrestling, a dynamite segment for the Roll Model Britt Baker, multiple other backstage moments and a really good main event. Cody going heelish in the match made Jungle Boy Jack Perry look like an even bigger babyface than he already was. The blood looked fake (not a blade job) and I loved how the table snapped. I look forward to the weekly TNT title defenses.

9/10 show.

Doug from Tupton Classic, UK.

Firstly, to all our friends in the US, our thoughts and solidarity goes out to you during these changing times. We must hope that lasting, progressive systemic change comes from this and that minoritiy ethnic groups no longer have to face such routine indignities and grotesque persecutions as a part of every day life. It is long overdue that inequality be on everybody’s lips, and it’s a travesty for such circumstances to be necesary to bring this conversation to the fore.

On to Dynamite: I very much enjoyed tonight’s show and have few faults to find. The in-ring throughout was impressive, and there was also some excellent mic work, with Taz and Moxley being the stand-out after Brian Cage was made to look superb once again.

AEW proves it’s quality as both a product and as a roster when you find yourself expecting Tyson to come out to confront Jericho but instead you get Orange Cassidy, and you’re not in the least bit disappointed.

My only real criticism from the whole show was Cody’s unnecesary colour which I felt somewhat diminished the otherwise quality main event. I give this week’s show a 9/10 and now look forward to the build to Fyter Fest.

Stay safe everyone.

Matthew, from Vancouver

Firstly I want to thank you putting together the first hour of Monday’s rewind a raw. I appreciate Andrew and Nate sharing their experiences as POC. I found their stories and experiences incredibly moving and insightful. There is no place in society for hate.

Onto tonight’s Dynamite.
Overall this was a good show. I enjoyed the tag title and Jericho Cabana matches. The Britt Baker montage was outstanding. My favourite part of Dynamite each week is how AEW focuses on character development. Tonight we saw Lance Archer, Shawn Spears, Private Party all have meaningful continuations of storylines.

Like others I wasn’t keen on the main event. The blood was unnecessary and the table spot felt contrived. One subtle element I picked up was the aggression display by Cody. Do you see a heel turn in the works for him?


I never understood the concept that wrestling was still taking place to distract us from whatever is going on. That they were trying to provide entertainment for 2 hours. After the past 10 days, and 10 weeks living in quarantine in Midtown Manhattan, my emotions and mind completely frayed, I finally understood the idea. Tonight it really provided a distraction. Never felt that to this extent before.