FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 6/30/21

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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This was going to be a solid episode until the Omega/Dark Order promo and then the main event. A great send off to the Dynamite Daily’s Place era. Sammy vs MJF was phenomenal, and excellent display of AEW’s two brightest future main eventers. MJF is amazing in his character work but I always forget how fantastic he is in the ring. While I don’t like the interference in the match it made sense. Their first match shouldn’t have a clean finish and should build up anticipation for the rematch. But the moment I loved so much is the Dark order promo, the build to Hangman vs Omega is so well earned and Hangman character is so relatable. Dark order telling hangman he is afraid of failure and that look of doubt on page’s face is too perfect. Do you think you Hangman wins their first encounter or do you build to a bigger rematch?

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Awesome opener, and phenomenal main event.

Love that AEW leans into Music Videos to really drive home sentimental moments. They really celebrate their history - as short as it’s been. It reminds me of what you guys talked about on this week’s Rewind-A-Wai in regards to the Shawn / Jericho feud - Jericho talked it up so much, that it really stayed in people’s minds thirteen years later - when it could have easily been overlooked due to passage of time.
Kind of similar to what AEW is doing here.
In 18 months, AEW has built up so many memorable moments and performances in Daily’s Place, and have on more than one occasion celebrated them. I’m not sure of my point… but I guess I don’t see a celebration of “Thunderdome Moments” happening in the coming weeks.

I am very excited to see them get back on the road - but they’ve already done a good job of making people feel nostalgic for Daily’s.

In some ways this felt like a “season finale” show, saying goodbye to one chapter - and on to the next.


A great show with consistent story progression in the Hangman/Kenny title contention. The only lowlight is the women’s tag match that could have been much better with Nylas tag partner being anybody but Vicki. I hope Rebel is ok after what looked to be a leg injury.

Pillman and Miro could have been just a tad more competitive to give Pillman some more momentum, but that’s a minor dig. Main event delivered and then some and the fans left happy with a nice video tribute to the pandemic era despite the pandemic still advancing with a new variant.

I missed Jim Ross saying “WWE Dynamite” at the end, but at this point I don’t care. I got my dopamine and cannot wait for next week.

Mac in Toronto here. Had a blast watching Dynamite and it’s the first proper episode I’ve watched since the big AEW/NBA schedule accommodation shakeup. Probably not a good sign for my future Rampage viewership.

This week’s episode was tremendous but I can do without Vickie Guerrero for the next decade or so. I wish her well and I imagine a big chunk of the audience is like me where there’s goodwill towards Vickie, but God help me, she hasn’t done anything I’ve liked or thought was good in years if ever. Release Nyla Rose and Andrade from your clutches as soon as possible, Vickie!

First things first: John, you were right and I was wrong about the women’s match. It was all about having Britt get the lockjaw on Vicki so we could watch her scream and there was no bait and switch. Of course, since they lost, that presumably derails Nyla’s plans to challenge Britt in a couple of weeks. Or does the top ranked person get the shot regardless of how badly they screw up?

And speaking of #1 contenders, I’m really happy that the Hangman vs Kenny storyline has officially started. I’m ready for this to carry through the summer.

That main event was spectacular, although I found myself seriously wishing I could see a crash pad in that one crazy spot from Sammy. In fact, all the men’s matches were really good tonight. As much of a dominant force as Miro is, Brian Pillman still felt like a bigger deal at the end.

The video at the end was an unexpected and affecting touch. 8.5 terrible moustaches out of 10.

What a great fucking show. I dont care how many people want to go back and forth with their AEW vs WWE bullshit. All I know, is that when I sit down to watch this show every week, I realize why I love wrestling. I dont fast forward through anything, like I do on every other show, I watch because I am rewarded for watching.

Could their be tweaks along the way? Absolutely. They could do more of this or less of that, but none of it takes away from the entertainment that AEW provides me. That main event had me on the edge of my seat and the Kenny/Dark Order segment, I was begging for Hangmans music to hit to hear what little roof they have, get blown off. I’m glad he didnt, because they need to build it more, but it was spectacular.


Yeah this show was unbelievable.

Outstanding main event that cemented both guys as main eventers. That tombstone spot was unreal. Personally I would have put Sammy over but there are probably bigger plans sooner for MJF, but what a match.

The opener was also a lot of fun. The heat Ethan Page got was really promising and that feud seems to be clicking. Also liked the Omega segment as they are TELLING A STORY and making you anticipate a confrontation.

Nice recovery win for Jungle Boy and Miro (and his new music) has been transformed into one of the hottest acts in wrestling.

The only thing that didn’t work was the women’s stuff. It feels like they are going with Baker as the heel and Nyla as the face, which is completely off. It was probably a bad idea to book these two against each other at this point.

9/10 show

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