FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 6/8/22

What did you guys think of Dynamite?

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Okay just want to say I really did enjoy this episode but I have two big complaints. Why are they introducing another singles championship? Like I know ROH is a separate thing but we have the their world title, Pure title, TV title. I know TK says he is waiting for Omega to return for trio belts but we don’t know when he’s returning just introduce those belts and have the elite chase for the title. And my second big complaint, if the plan was Toni Storm as Thunder’s next program why didn’t she beat Britt? Why not add more credibility for Toni to chase the belt? Britt didn’t need that win and if Tony does plan ahead as he always claims then this is poor booking.

Eric from Cork, Ireland

There was some good wrestling on the show but the booking and pacing was terrible.
If I didn’t know better I would think that having Jurassic Express defend in another three way and doing yet another ladder match in the same match was purposely trolling.
I don’t know why Cole has to be involved with the Hangman Okada feud. Why can’t we just have someone make a challenger and not feel the need to add things in?
Moxley feels like the right choice for the interim title. I assume this means that Yuta will replace him in Blood and Guts?
I have no interest in Ospreay and the excitement that seems to be around him debuting just shows how little most fans and media care about Speaking Out. He’s still friends with and has matches with the likes of Scotty Davis and Paul Robinson. He hasn’t grown up or learned from his mistakes and there is no evidence that he has.

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Enjoyed what I was able to see tonight.

Definitely liked that the Casino Battle Royale. I felt like several people in the final group standing who haven’t been positioned as Main Event players, could have easily been slotted into the Moxley match and feel like they belonged. (Aside from KOR - Andrade, Darby, Swerve, Fenix, Yuta, etc.)

Quick question… Do you see any possible scenario where the IWGP and AEW World Championship are flipped at Forbidden Door.

What I mean is that NJPW’s top Championship comes to America for several months, while AEW’s heads to Japan.

My original thinking / fantasy booking coming out of last week’s Dynamite was a scenario where MJF showed up during the main event of Forbidden Door, and screwed over Punk (and by extension TK and AEW, in their home of Chicago, and tarnished the finish of a major Championship match between AEW and NJPW).

Obviously that doesn’t work anymore, but perhaps an aspect could come into play.

I’m pretty sure only half of the countries whose flags are on the “All-Atlantic” title actually border the Atlantic Ocean. Such a stupid name and a an incredibly unnecessary title.

Noah from Vaughan

Lots of hard hitting wrestling tonight. Loved that main event!

Really interested in the All Atlantic championship, I think it opens up tons of opportunity for members of the roster that arent in the current plans for the TNT or World Title. I think Malakai would be an excellent first champion.

Question, if we do end up getting Page vs Okada and Mox vs Tanahashi at forbidden door, which of the two do you see main eventing the show?

The main event stole this episode. It was never a doubt that Moxley would win but Kyle O’Reilly bookending this show and he put on a helluva performance that made him look strong in defeat.

Your move, Tanahashi.

Hangman Page bounced back from Double or Nothing and calling out Okada for a IWGP title match bolsters Forbidden Door significantly.

AEW has too many titles on TV with the inception of the All-Atlantic title and the Owen Cup titles need to be stored in a trophy case. It’s gonna get confusing if the Owen titles are staying on television any longer.

Bit of a weird one tonight, with a killer main event (O’Reilly and Moxley have both had a string of great matches) but some peculiar booking decisions.

Not having Kingston make it to the final four in the battle royal feels like a lost opportunity, while having an open challenge for the women’s title seems to be an admission that they haven’t been able to elevate exciting opponents through the ranking system.

If they want additional singles titles, they have the ones from ROH, so I don’t see the point of adding a new one other than “we love tournaments” or perhaps “we screwed up the TNT title so badly that we’re just moving on to something else”. But if you’re going to introduce this new Atlantic title, maybe don’t make it an advertisement for the fact that you don’t know geography? There are competitors from Australia, Japan, and Bulgaria, none of which border the Atlantic.

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