FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 7/10

LIVE after AEW Dynamite:

Nigel McInnes is a gift in commentary :heart: His Brian Danielson trolling is next level good.

Good episode, all the booked titles programs for All-In are good programs so far.

Also liked Toni Storm foreshadowing the shoe spot by showing her heels on camera during the match too.

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Brian in New Jersey.

It wasn’t a love story, it was a horror movie. Great closing angle with an incredible visual. I thought Danielson vs. Hangman was very good and ended strong, but I remember liking their earlier matches more. This show really flew by with the four matches and multiple promo segments.


Andrew from Cape Breton

The show was a fine episode with great wrestling, the usual fare. It feels like they have a lot more focus going into Wembley this year, but even have storyline implications and matches that could work at All Out. I was very surprised Bryan won and I can see Hangman pinning Swerve at Blood and Guts, not setting up a 3 way match, but setting up Swerve vs Hangman at All Out.

The main event angle though was something else. I know the women have had violent matches, but I don’t think they’ve done a violent angle like that. I remember when I was a kid, WCW used the high-heel shoe a lot as a weapon and it never really had that much impact. That changed tonight as it looked like Mariah was killing Toni with that shoe. It was done so quickly and came out of nowhere. Another hot angle to finish Dynamite.

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Kurtis from the 519-

Wow, what an ending to Dynamite. A great swerve with Mariah being the one to turn on Toni. Interesting they turned her into the Heel heading into her home country at All In, but nonetheless it made for an incredible end to the show.

Was shocked to see Hangman lose but Bryan vs Swerve 2 will be a great main event. Hangman/Danielson is my favourite series of matches AEW has put on and it was great to see them add another fantastic match to their catalogue. Do we see Hangman force The Elite into adding him to the All in main event as payback for him joining B&G? Or maybe the title match at All Out provided Swerve wins

All together another great week of Dynamite TV, and the road to All In has me, all in on AEW once again.

Question; What has been the better series of AEW matches, Hangman vs Danielson, or Hangman vs Swerve.

Thanks for all your coverage guys

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Cody From Maine

If that doesn’t go down as the top edition of Dynamite this year, we’re in for an absolutely tremendous episode down the road. What an awesome two hours of wrestling.

I thought the men’s final benefitted greatly from being the opener, as the length of the match became more uncertain. Bryan winning was a nice surprise, but with all of the moving parts at the top of the men’s division? The world title match doesn’t quite seem set in stone yet, at least as a one on one contest. A great thread throughout the show and one that we’ll continue to see.

And that closing angle? We’ve seen some pretty violent moments involving the women’s division in AEW’s history. But that may take the cake. The turn itself isn’t a surprise, but just how quickly they went to it and the visceral nature of the attack itself, will makes that a moment wrestling fans talk about for a long time.

Certainly one way to remind people that the AEW women’s division is in tremendous shape despite Vaquer signing with the WWE. Both companies have tremendous talent and I truly believe women’s wrestling has never been stronger in North America at the very least.

Jordan from the Bronx

I love that Mariah May didn’t hesitate to do what many people assumed Toni would do first. It was vicious and the ending shot was something out of a comic book.

Didn’t expect Danielson to win the Owen, but now I’m extremely excited for the possibility of getting Final Countdown and Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan playing in Wembley Stadium in the main event.

Finally, I don’t know what your budgets are, but I use YouTube Premium to avoid ads and it makes YouTube a much more enjoyable experience. I can’t imagine watching that WM40 documentary with ads. That sounds truly awful.

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Damian from Winsted, CT

The ending of Dynamite tonight capped off what may be a top 5 episode of the year. I was fully convinced that Toni would be the one turning, but I’m so glad it wasn’t. Toni bleeding an absolute crimson mask sealed the deal for me on this feud. I’m very hyped for this match at All In.

To open the show Ospreay proves why he is ranked as one of the best in the world. Not only can he wrestle but that promo was very VERY good and has me hyped for the future of this rivalry with MJF.

Danielson and Page have limitless amounts of chemistry together and boy oh boy was I happy to see them tear it up here tonight.

Jericho being a delusional heel that is now just becoming sadistic was not the way I thought this would go either, but I’m really loving the progression.

Overall AEW has been on a downturn this year, but episodes like this give me hope that they can right the ship and really get back to why we loved it in the first place.

10 Luther delayed flips into tables out of 10.

Your opening line is amazing and I love it.

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Dynamite started hot with Ospreay/Friedman, the men’s finals with Danielson pencilled in for Wembley and ended hot with Mariah May turning on Toni Storm with that third act gut punch. It was, as the young’uns say, cinema. It was the pro wrestling version to All About Eve

The middle of the show had its share of hits and misses. Jericho needs to vanish. Mercy’s double champion celebration felt like a rerun.

The 250th episode looks loaded and I bet Ospreay/MJF will be more of angle than a match. It’s too soon.

Big ups to Willow’s Owen Hart homage with her caution singlet