FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 7/21/21 "Fyter Fest Night 2"

What did you think of Fyter Fest Night 2?

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The show was pretty good tonight. The main event was great! The women’s match was disappointing. Neither Britt or Nyla seemed to be on the same wavelength and seemed to be off during the match. Love how AEW recognizes when something isn’t working and changes it. They noticed Vickie and Andrade wasn’t working so they decided to go with Chavo to represent him. I can see the Lucha Bros turning and joining forces with Andrade and being a unit which would be cool. Nick Gage vs Chris Jericho next week should be great! We’re about to find out how far TNT will let AEW go when it comes to violence. So, if true, how do you see Daniel Bryan and CM Punk joining AEW changing the foundation of pro wrestling? I compare this to Hall and Nash joining WCW and changing the wrestling landscape. If true, how big of a deal is this?

Was live in the building both tonight and last week in Austin. Not sure how it came across on TV but I felt like the crowd wasn’t quite as great as last week. Still had some very high moments though, like Chavo’s debut. The death match was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen live. This product feels completely on fire and I hope they can ride this wave all the way to All Out.

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Another Dynamite is in the books and I continue to be a very satisfied customer. It wasn’t the most consistent episode, but I got lots for my two hours. Heck, I’d give this a thumbs up on the strength of Alex Abrahantes’s fashion alone.

Count me among the weird pocket of folks that only know Nick Gage by reputation. Full marks to AEW for knowing how to present the dude in a way that has me gagging to see my first Nick Gage match. I’m jazzed for my first Hikuleo experience too.

Picture-in-Picture Note: All commercials for the new Boss Baby movie are greatly improved by having Jon Moxley fork-stab a guy’s forehead in a portion of the screen.

John & Wai, will you be watching the Opening Ceremonies on Friday? Y’know, if there is an Olympics this year.

Shida watch: 63 days since a Dynamite appearance
Riho watch: 154 days since a Dynamite appearance

I mean, they’re former champs and wrestle on YouTube, so they’re healthy; what’s the excuse at this point? Even mediocre white guy QT Marshall gets his nepotism spot on every Dynamite and there can’t even be a promo spot for your former champs? I love love love Britt and think Nyla is way better both on the mic and in the ring than many give her credit for, even with a botch or two, so I definitely don’t want to see their time diminish … maybe AEW can at least try to feature more women than Britt, her current opponent, and the seemingly-MIA Jade Cargill?
And how long can a guy tell us how good he is without doing anything or looking good? I hope they don’t just have the Lucha Bros turn on PAC to have all the Latinos together, because Death Triangle rules and I don’t know why Penta or Fenix would be slotted as lackeys for Andrade when I don’t know any time he’s looked on the Lucha Bros’ level other than the Gargano match in the past few years.

Anyway, I know Wednesdays are for fun, and AEW really is mega fun most of the time, so I’ll leave with this wish I need spoken into existence: please give Stu a Cesaro/Silver-spot in the 5v5 match against The Elite where he whoops everyone’s ass in one fluid motion from corner to corner to corner. He’s got the strength and agility to do it, and I need to see it.

MDK All Fuckin Day, hope Gage whoops Jericho’s ass all the way to Mar-A-Lago


In the last few months, I’ve become really fascinated by Nick Gage and as soon as I heard MJF rattle off his “accomplishments”, I knew what was coming and I literally yelped. Yes, everyone is excited about the other two who might show up but for me, this was just as exciting.

Top to bottom, this was a really solid show and the main event was a great crescendo. Archer richly deserves a title and I’m glad to see him get it in his home state. (As opposed to what happened to Keith Lee.)

It feels like AEW are upping the ante every week, debuting new people, delivering big main events.

I’m sure that Gage’s appearance is a one-off this time but longer term, do you think there’s any chance AEW signs him? I feel like he’s a little too wild to work on weekly tv, although I’d be happy knowing he had the security of a weekly job.

Thanks for the show as always and I hope John’s managed to get the hot water situation under control.

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Is it crazy to think that Tetsuya Naito and/or other Los Ingobernables will show up to team with Andrade against Death Triangle?:thinking:

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