FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 7/26

Rewind-A-Dynamite is live at 10 p.m. ET:

Immediately after, The Double Shot covering Dark Side of the Ring on Bam Bam Bigelow:

Andrew from Cape Breton

Tonight felt like a bit of a refresh for some people, sucg as the BCC and AR Fox. Tonight also pointed people in a few possible All In directions, but I don’t like that there’s nothing concrete yet. I also know Jerry Lynn has his neck issues, but I would be lying if I said I didnt want to see him in ring one more time. Jerry was one of the most underrated wrestlers ever and always a favourite of mine to watch.

Lastly, I’m not sure where they’re going with Best Friends in this BCC program. It feels like they’re just simply the fall guys, and I wonder if maybe Trent gets freshened up soon, in a similar way AR Fox was tonight. Great show though, 7 awkward camera cuts to crowd signs of 10.

I attended this show.

Not sure how it was on television but the crowd was pretty good. Although it seemed like it was a purposeful setup for a smaller audience. MVP can fit alot more people. Everyone hated Jack Perry. I couldnt hear anything he said until Mr. Jl came out.

Darby vs Swerve and the main event were really good.

Do you think it lessens Blood and Guts to have 3 guys in matches the very next week?

Ring crew was very quick to turn everything into Rampage. Its already started. Looks like the majority stayed to watch!

Jake from The Windy City

A rare ‘just ok’ night of Dynamite for me. Swerve/Darby was excellent, but Britt/Taya was pretty dull. Those two DO NOT have chemistry at all. I just felt like they were taking a holiday tonight when they’re supposed to build anticipation for arguably their biggest event in company history ever. Instead we’re seeing three way main events with the Best Friends. Should be ramping up, not just idling or gearing down.

Question about Collision, How should AEW handle that show whenever it’s on the same Saturday as a WWE PLE? Should TNT try to slot it earlier in the day? Should Tony load the show with PPV quality matches along with big angles and try to compete with WWE’s PLE?

Peace, gents.

Brian in New Jersey.

Broken record from me, but AEW had a lot of good wrestling tonight. Well, three lengthy matches at least. I liked Darby vs. Swerve the most, and I thought AR Fox received a great showcase and solid new direction. In regards to the BCC/Best Friends/Lucha Bros feud, I think of it as just Gang Warz without the implied race fighting, but that’s underselling the efforts of all of the wrestlers here. Moxley vs. Orange seems like a good direction for All In, as suggested in the chat early on. Speaking of throwbacks, Jerry Lynn sticking up for ECW against Jack Perry felt very 2010.

I also felt this show was better paced than usual, kind of like how Collision is paced. Do you think Michael Mansury has had any influence over the presentation of the main shows?

Jordan from the Bronx

This week’s episode felt disjointed. I found myself more confused as far as the direction for most of these stories than before. I felt that the opener was building to a Moxley vs OC title match, which can be fun. But by the end of the show with the big brawl, it felt like this is going to be a three way trios feud.

I love AR Fox getting a featured spot going forward. I got Lucha Underground nostalgia seeing Killshot and Dante Fox reunited again.

There was a sign that said “Book the Women’s Division Better” and that sign was right. For an example, it’s weird to see TK get it right with Athena in ROH, but not with her in AEW. Athena’s has been great this year, but she’s mostly behind a paywall. Meanwhile, other ROH champions Claudio and Samoa Joe get to be on AEW TV weekly. Many have started to say it after last week, but it often feels like the women’s division is tokenized down to one match per show in the same time slots every week. I hope that’s not the case and that soon, the women can feel more important in AEW than they do now.

Cody From Maine

Not everything landed, but I still found it to be an enjoyable show. There’s still a lot thrown out there, but the pacing has definitely been slowed down, which I’m thankful for.

Big fan of everything they did with AR Fox tonight, although I’m surprised it wasn’t a bit more spaced out between weeks. But it seemed to be a theme tonight, given we got to see just what Don Callis did with the painting in the JAS locker room.

In regards to Jack Perry, my take away was that this could be leading to him taking on numerous former ECW alumni over the next few weeks, given the title involved. If that’s the case, who do you think it leads to at All In? In thinking about the biggest name with some drawing power left, Rob Van Dam came to mind. Although maybe they go with another former ECW Champion, for my money the greatest, Paul Wight.

Dynamite threw a lot at the wall tonight and a few things stuck. The Cole/MJF cat-and-mouse game escalated, AR Fox is running with Swerve’s gang. The JAS is disintegrating (thank god) and the 3 way tag match was entertaining fun.

I’m left wanting for Collision. It’s ahead of Dynamite by a country mile.