FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 7/27/22 – Fight for the Fallen

What did you think of Fight for the Fallen 2022?

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The main event was… I worry that Danielson just returned from injury, that Tony Khan described as being a conservative approach to dealing with it, and instead of it being a “conservative” return, it was Danielson getting busted open in a bit of a heavy match-up.

I appreciate what Danielson just did for Garcia though.

Moxley’s “Forged in Combat” shirt is hideous.

The crowd, being as surprised & excited about Hook was cool. Great way to get that belt off Starks, because he’s gonna be a great babyface going forward. Glad that Team Taz is finally fizzling out, I still think the FTW belt is relatively pointless.

Women get another dead air slot, it’s the biggest strike against Tony Khan’s booking, it makes him seem like he doesn’t give a shit about women’s wrestling.

ROH, AEW, FTW, AAA, IWGP belts all the same shows makes it really confusing… Less belts.

I want MJF back.

Hey guys, just want to say first that I like this episode a lot. But this episode still highlights major issues I have with AEW this year. Specifically with three titles the TNT title, Tag titles and the women’s title. The Women’s title, I love Thunder and absolutely love Miyu but the crowd seemed a bit dead. I know the AEW audience are known to watch other promotions, but that still is no substitute to building up your challenger. Miyu hit her head kick and the audience barely bit on the false finish. We should of had more than a one week build of hopefully you saw the TJPW PPV or the Dark episode. Where’s Wardlow? Why don’t we have a promo to helps us know who could be his next opponent or build to a Battle of the Belts or the PPV opponent. Happy Swerve and Lee are champs but why aren’t they being challenging by established teams. Just feels like we have the same issue WWE had of making singles wrestlers be teams that wrestle the champs. Adding more titles while some of your other being undervalued is just making the belts seems common prop than important accomplishments.

Noah from Vaughan

Dynamite was awesome tonight but

Guys i cannot tell you how excited I am about AEW coming to toronto. Kinda shocked they arent running the scotiabank arena but given that its in october, im sure the leafs and raptors take precedence. Any idea though on why they would be doing the rampage taping on the Thursday instead of friday?

Good evening guys! I must say that this Dynamite felt more focused and less crammed in a long time. Post match segments were given time to breathe and everything felt like it was building to something down the road. Dynamite is my favorite wrestling show to watch, but I sometimes feel drained and overloaded with content. Even Excalibur’s promo read wasn’t as intense!

As for the show itself, great stuff! Ricky Starks felt the biggest that I can recall. Hopefully, moving the FTW belt off of Starks frees him up for a more consistent main event spot. The guy is money. Dunno if you noticed him holding his neck after the Danhausen match, I definitely hope that he was selling.

Daniel Garcia must be very well liked. He’s in the main event a lot and Danielson surprisingly lost to him. I wish it didn’t have the lame interference, but they are Sports Innerdainers (in a poor Magic Matt impression).

You guys do great work, I’ve been a listener for years and it’s very much recognized and appreciated!

Tenese from GA

When TK hears criticism about something poor received last week, man does he comes back in full force for the next one, this was a great episode of Dynamite. Watching Rush in TK’s vision is a marvel. When he’s motivated, he produces performances like this and what he did with his brother. My main concern for him is clearing up that bacne; it was brutal. The FTW title switch felt was classic ECW moving from one angle to the next. I was shocked by the Hobbs turn, but Starks face run will be outstanding. Some will be sour on playing up the concussion, but I don’t mind it. It’s the philosophy used in Japan with a returning wrestler from an injury. I know this is a known fact, but it has to be stated that Bryan Danielson is a savant of pro wrestling; plus, this was an excellent showcase for Garcia. When do you figure they’ll announce Omega’s return now that we finally have the trios titles? Take care, good people.

A strong bounce back episode and Bryan Danielson was a big reason why. He and Daniel Garcia put on a great match and Bryan’s selling scared me. Garcia gets a signature win and Bryan has an out for not tapping out.

I’m so here for a babyface Ricky Starks and I dug how it got there from beating Danhausen to losing the FTW title to Hook and Hobbs turning on him. It flowed so easily.

Rosa/Yamashita 2 was hamstrung by time constraints in the 9:30 death slot. I found their match on Dark to be superior.

Jungle Boy delivered a strong promo that got his feud with Christian Cage on the right foot.

Very strong episode tonight with some great wrestling and a fantastic segment built around Ricky Starks. It’s been clear recently that audiences are going to treat him as a babyface and it’s always the smarter move to go with those reactions rather than trying to fight them.

I thought Rosa and Miyu hit their stride after a slightly wonky start and they got the best crowd reaction I think they could have given the piss poor build and the placement in the “soft spot” before the main event. At this point, Tony should just christen 9:20-9:40 as “girl time” and make an official graphic.

The main event was great but as someone who’s had a couple of concussions, including one last week, I spent much of it with my heart in my mouth. Danielson seems hell bent on scaring all his fans to death before he retires.


Luk from Quebec!

I really liked this Dynamite because it moved a lot of stories forward! Nice to finally have something for Hook to do, Ricky going full babyface and splitting from Hobbs is the right move and they can both move on to great things. Props to Bryan and Tony for having Garcia go over, it reminded me of the Yuta Moxley match, except here the young up-and-comer actually gets the win! I love that we can see these kinds of upsets in AEW. Excited for the future, Garcia is not only great in ring but also an extremely high level promo.

I’m getting really tired of Kip Sabian and his damn box in the crowd with his slow clapping gimmick. I find him really distracting and I hope he gets to do something real soon.

Women get 1 slot per show and it’s the same slot with the longest commercial break. 10-minutes in a two-hour show is nonsense.

If IMPACT, RAW, SD & NXT can all consistently book multiple women storylines in more than a single segment in their shows, there is no reason AEW shouldn’t be doing the same. Tony Neese, who is a great in-ring performer but is a boring, vanilla character gets airtime, why can the women of AEW? Nyla Rose, Jade, Athena, and more are stuck in catering. Ruby, Taya, Anna, and Sky Blue are wedged into lame run-ins. Even Anna Jay’s turn was booked into a single serve promo without any consequences or real logic applied.

They have the talent there, but they’re not being used.

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Welcome to the board!

I’m not getting into this continuing shit show about women’s wrestling on AEW. Please don’t try to bate me into the conversation! Not interested. LOL.

I came to say that I’ve been a supporter of Ricky Starks since he’s shown up in AEW. Time to push Starks up the card. Glad to know the Cleaner will be back soon. Pro-wrestling is not the same (for me) without Omega in the mix.

Finally, I don’t care about AEW’s debut in Canada. I hope everyone has fun and they book a killer show! However, I live in Vancouver. My first AEW show will be a travelling show with Seattle, Vegas, Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, or Chicago as the likely destinations. I’ve been fortunate enough to drive across Canada a few times but, regardless of the mode of transportation, Toronto is too far to travel for a weekly wrestling television taping. I was unbelievably disappointed that AEW ran back to the East coast and Midwest as fast as they could rather than continue a logical (and logistically sound) tour on the West Coast. Yeah, we are in a vastly different time zone to the DOMINANT Eastern Time Zone (and don’t give me a fucking lecture on why the East Coast is more dominant and focused on in media and wrestling, I know…) but it definitely feels like we are punished by non-local wrestling promotions for living on the West Coast.

For those of you who do live on the East Coast and get to make short(ish) commutes to awesome wrestling shows, please remember how fortunate you are. I’ve lived the majority of my life in the Mountain and Pacific timezones and have witnessed so few memorable live wrestling shows. As long as I live on the West Coast, this will not change. On the upside, NJPW is much easier to follow in the West Coast at times.

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One more note: my fandom is absolutely affected by the timezone I live in. I didn’t watch any of dynamite until late last night and finished the rest this morning (then rewind-a-dynamite). Live viewings are not a priority, especially in the summer. Unless there was a Dynamite in Seattle or walking distance from my place in Vancouver, there really isn’t any reason for me to consume any professional wrestling in the afternoon. And I’m more than happy to drive 2.5 hours to Seattle for a Defy show.

And, yes, that creates apathy toward the product and the industry as a whole. Rather than be “must see”, it’s a matter of “I’ll get to this wrestling show when I get to it.”