FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 7/28/21 "Fight for the Fallen"

What did you think of Fight for the Fallen?

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AEW continues their streak of fantastic shows. They’ve come out of the Dailey’s shows with a month of the best TV they’ve ever produced.

This show had something literally for every type of possible fan…

It’s so fun watching a weekly show that is so enjoyable, and makes you want to continue watching week after week. The show flies by, and makes me look forward to weeks and months ahead. That feeling is something I literally haven’t had in decades for a nationally broadcast product.


Chris from Melbourne here,

I continue to be really excited by AEW and keen to know what’s coming next. For the last two weeks, there’s been so much discussion and debate online about how the 5v5 match was going to be booked, and that kind of trusted unpredictability is what makes wrestling so great.

It wasn’t that they’d booked themselves into a corner and the mystery was how they’d get out of it, ala WWE, instead you trust that they’ve set up a complex story and you’re intrigued as to which of the many possible paths it could go down, trusting that any of them will be good if told right.

I loved Darby and MJF both making CM Punk references in their promos.

Only downside is I was genuinely concerned JR was about to quit and walk out during the main event.

What a show, and I can’t wait for the First Dance!

8/10 pipebomb quotes


Random thoughts while I smile ear to ear:

  • Warner-crossover with Space Jam is great to see for AEW business. Like or dislike the entrance it was good business and brand association with their media partners other properties. I recall thinking the same for Winter is Coming which is HbO/Warner as well. That they trust AEW with those brands is notable I think. Also on that front have to imagine TNT saw the Cardona match and okayed it as the spots were all very similar. The match works better in the GCW setting than a big arena.

  • That Nick missed the dunk - on purpose or not - was a deeeeep cut for weekly BTE viewed as he has had Trick Shot bits for weeks if not months. Already looking forward to that for next Monday. Even the mistakes are hitting for these Heel Bucks who I think really hit stride with this character arc

  • Anyone from Jericho’s New Japan past you’d bring since we’re getting a WCW rival.

  • Britt Baker is performing on another level. These are promos are hitting on next level. From where Britt was at inception of AEW to now is one of the best booked and developed characters in years, male or female

IWGP US title - this is the most over that titles been and there’s gotta be nearly a million fans who think that’s a way more important title than New Japan fans do. In fact I consider it a story line hole that Kenny hasn’t gone for it. Maybe now it’s off Mox.

As for Punk, the breadcrumbs and fan service has been terrific and tonight all but confirms it. Your discussion off the top was great. Punk now equally guilty with clues as he did the Last Dance post recently. I suspect the clues become very very clear going forward.


Noah From Vaughan

Holy Cow, that was an insane show guys. Say whatever you want about Chris Jericho, but at 50 years old, he does not need to be in a match like that, but the fact that he went through with it, did so well, and took as much punishment as he did, really is absolutely impressive and so incredible. so much respect to him for that match. As far as the opening match goes, I thought it was fantastic and left me so curious where they go in the future with Hangman, But I have trust in AEW’s creative process that we will get a satisfying conclusion to the Hangman story. So good news, the CM Punk chants for the past 7 years finally worked and we got him back! Darby vs Punk is such a dream match and would be a hell of a main event for the United Center. AEW is kicking ass right now, another 10/10 show from me, I really enjoyed it!


Andrew from Saint John

WHEW that main event didn’t pull any punches. They set out to showcase a GCW-style deathmatch on live TV, and they delivered the company’s most brutal-looking match yet. Too brutal? Pizza cutters are a little over my threshold of comfort, and you saw people in the crowd cringing as well, but it was a level of violence that got Gage over as a true madman and you can’t argue Chris Jericho didn’t go through the meat grinder to sell the story of his Labours. I gotta say I had fun watching through my fingers, like a horror movie.

Opening ten-man was a lot of fun and has me anxious to figure out what’s next for Hangman. Sure, they teased CM Punk, but Tanahashi? NOW I’m on the edge of my seat. :v


EDIT: TSN cutting to picture in picture during a Jon Moxley promo and cutting out Jericho and Gage’s entrances was bizarre. TNT showed a Domino’s ad after the pizza cutter spot, you’re telling me TSN couldn’t book Pizza Pizza?

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  • The ten man elimination tag was very fun but choice to have the Elite win sucked all the air out of my room. Hangman getting stymied wasn’t what I wanted.

  • The second episode of Rampage on 8/20 taking place in Chicago pretty much spells out CM Punk making his AEW debut. The loud Punk chants and Darby Allin ending his promo with “best in the world” just proves that they’re not shying away from it

  • Archer/Hikuleo was good. Tanahashi looming over it has big implications over where he’ll get his shot.

  • Thunder Rosa being in AEW solves the babyface problem that the women’s roster has been facing.

  • Fresh off of watching Matt Cardona/Nick Gage and after seeing Jericho vs Gage tonight. I’ve maxed out on deathmatches for a while. Granted, the latter wasn’t one per se.

  • Clever move to have Juventud Guerrera come to Homecoming next week. It’s a damn good example of long-form narratives paying off

    A rather polarizing episode.

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Hello John and Wah, first time long time I’m here live at fight for the fallen In Charlotte, North Carolina! The show was amazing the crowd was amazing . The crowd seemed to be into every match especially the elimination match. Wasn’t expecting Hangman page to lose tonight. Who do you guys think is next for Kenny? Also wanna shout out my boy milt, Alex and Dave! . Thank you you John and wai for getting me through my work days!


Outstanding opener! I was surprised by the ending though. I hope this isn’t the end of the Hangman Page-Kenny Omega storyline. As excited as I am to see Bryan Danielson and CM Punk come in, they really have something with this Page-Omega storyline and I hope they still plan on doing this match at the ppv and not throwing Bryan or Punk in there instead. I woke my kids up, I cheered so loud when they announced they were coming to the United Center and immediately after, had Darby talk about being the “best in the world.”. No doubt Punks signed now! The backlash toward the company would be overwhelming if after all this, Punk doesn’t show up in Chicago. I liked the main event. I can understand how that type of match is everyone’s cup of tea but as long as they don’t do it every week, I can appreciate the match. The injury to Cash Wheeler did not look good, hopefully he’s ok. Awesome to see Haku back on television! Question-How big do you think the ratings will be for that show in Chicago at the United Center now? If it was a Dynamite, I could see it maybe having the best rating ever for a Dynamite but with it being on Friday night, do you think that will hurt it?

Another thrill ride of a Dynamite, delivering way more hits than misses and God help me I was suckered into loving the shameless cross-promotion segment too. I just assumed it was a very on-brand Elite spoof until the ad popped up onscreen.

Lots to enjoy tonight. I loved the opening elimination match, felt Thunder Rosa’s charisma radiated through the screen during her bout and dug the bloody main event spectacle. Maybe Home Depot wants to get in the cross-promotion game with all these light tubes.

Hey John & Wai, if there were Post Squad basketball jerseys, what number would you choose for your uniform?

Sup John and Wah it’s ya boy Milt! I’m here live at AEW fight for the fallen and I got to tell you this show was crazy! I lost my voice during the elimination match. The crowed was into every single match and it was fun being out here. I hope cash wheeler is okay, it seemed like they ended that match fast. But over all the show was a lot of fun to be at. Shout out to my boy Marvin, Alex and David. Love you guys. Ya boi milt!

Josh from Vietnam

That was a packed episode. Hiroshi Tanahashi appears on TNT, Black brawling with Cody, Hikuleo battles Archer with Haku by his side and the old GoD theme playing him out. FTR vs Santana & Ortiz was a real good match until the end. Seemed like they have to call an audible because of the injury.

5 vs 5 Elimination tag was outstanding. My emotional connection to that ending was above anything in a long time. The result was a real shocker and I don’t really know how to feel about it. However I trust AEW to book a great long term story. I can’t remember the last time I felt like this about a result, so they clearly have something special here.

Main event was wild. I’m very enjoying this Labors of Jericho storyline. And honestly just the fact that I never know who could show up on an episode of Dynamite is exciting. Not everything will be working for everyone, but AEW gives you a little bit of everything.


I wish I could come on here and give some sort of cryptic hint as to what’s going to happen at the United Center in a few weeks, but I honestly don’t know.

I will say that approximately 9 mins away from the Madhouse on Madison lives my buddy Phil…

I thought Gage delivered a great showing and we now live in a universe where Tanahashi vs Gage could happen.

Will Gedo be the next labor or is that just wishful thinking?

I’m baffled how anyone could argue that after the last few weeks AEW isn’t objectively the best wrestling show on tv.

Keep your eyes out on August 20th as I’ll be the one in the front row with a Post Wrestling SnapBack.

Take care fellas :pray:t3:🏄‍♂


Bret from San Antonio.

Great opening package for 5v5 match, but shocked at the finish. Trust the process I guess.

I hope they sell out the United Center without saying his name and just keep dropping hints that it’s clobbering time.

8 light tubes out of 10.

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The intros to that opener were epic and made that match feel so special. Personally I would have had John Silver as the lone survivor leaving Page with some doubt, but this storyline has been done so well I am willing to ride it out.

FTR/LAX was disappointing as obviously Wheeler got hurt but I think the finish of the opener killed the crowd for a bit.

Main event what else can you say - Jericho is the man. Took a while for Gage to win the crowd over but I thought he did fine.

Interesting to see Cody get booed and Black super over. Fun show overall


That Hangman/Dark Order entrance is an all-timer. The narrated intro to set the scene straight into that grand entrance is just straight brilliant production. This is the type of presentation that WCW did so well.


I’m really torn on the ending of the 5 v 5 match. On one hand, I’m worried that there was such a hard push for Christian in that trios match, that I could see him getting the shot at All Out. I do think The Elite should have won this match though, since there is still so much time left. So I am intrigued what they are going to do. I just hope the plan is still Omega/Page.