FEEDBACK: AEW Dynamite 7/29/20

What did you think of AEW Dynamite?

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Paul from New Jersey

Tagteam appreciation night? A debate between Cassidy & Jericho? Dynamite is simply the best wrestling program right now. Solid storylines, great Wrestling & I even find myself laughing at jokes instead of cringing like I do every Monday. One company feels fresh while the other feels stale. I still don’t care for Brody Lee’s character & Jim Ross seems lost. Other than that, another enjoyable shell. 7.5.

Andrew from Cape Breton

The show was ok tonight. MJF definitely reminds me of Jim Cornette. He’s like Cornette but with less racism, sexism and general bad behaviour. It sucks, as I used to be a huge fan of Jim’s, and he would make a great on air personality for the promotion, but he can’t be trusted. The positives of tonight were the tag title match, which was great in ring, but Colt I felt really put over this Dark Order storyline better then anything that’s been on TV recently. The main event and the opener was also great. The negatives sadly were the women’s division. I thought Diamante was a bit sloppy and I couldn’t believe they brought in Cameron of the Funkadactyls. If that doesn’t tell you what AEW thinks of their women’s division, I don’t know what does. I also thought the TNT title match was the weakest so far. I like Matt Cardona, but outside of Eddie Kingston, I don’t know how many more male wrestlers AEW should be hiring as their roster is getting pretty bloated. 6 out of 10 show.

I am just here to endorse #MJF2020, the rest of the show was not my cup of tea! Great job on all of the work!

A few observations

-When Mr. Brody took out the stack of papers, you knew sh#t was about to get serious.

-finally, MJF is throwing his hat into the ring. He’s got my vote!

  • although you know the will split up, Omega and Page have had some absolute bangers as a tag team.
    Which leads me to
    -FTR, Arn, and Hangman…4 glasses, but the Enforcer didn’t partake.( he’s involved, but can’t be a participant)…is that foreshadowing of some sort?
    -less than enthusiastic about Matt Cordona, and that ten man tag…


As a fan of his previous life, Matt Cardona coming to AEW get’s a 10 in my book.

But then I saw the maskless crowd.

… It’s a seven for me.

Noah From Vaughan

I thought this was a bit of a step down from last weeks show, however I thought the last half hour of this weeks show was tremendous. MJF with an incredible promo and then an entertaining main event. My match of the night was the tag title match, thought both teams worked really well together and for the first time in a while I thought that Hangman and Omega might actually lose the belts. Wasn’t too surprised to see Matt Cardona in AEW although I was surprised by how they had him come out and help cody instead of challenging him for the TNT title. This show really missed Excalibur on it, he knows the characters better than anyone else and I felt his presence was really missed on tonight’s show, and as much as I hate to say it, I thought J.R was pretty bad on this show, Tony too, JR seemed like he was pissed and didn’t want to be there and Tony didn’t add anything of note to the booth and repeated what his colleagues said on numerous occasions. It’s a shame cause usually the commentary is pretty solid on dynamite. 7/10 show

Weird show for me tonight. I thought that in-ring it was one of the worst episodes of dynamite, but all of the promos were awesome. MJF, Jericho, Britt, even Ricky Starks came off like big stars and made me care about the matches.

Warhorse, on the other hand, just didn’t seem to have it tonight. I know people love the guy on the indies, but something didn’t translate to TV.

Finally, I’m not thrilled to see them using thumbtacks two weeks in a row. That’s something that should be special and could quickly lose its luster. Poor Ricky Starks back

6/10 for me

What’s worse during a global pandemic; being a member of the Miami Marlins or competing in a Michael Nakazawa match?

Eric from Miami

I did not like the distraction loss for Sammy, AEW listens to criticism online but it’s crazy to think that a criticism is do a screwy finish once in awhile.

Alexander from Portland

just a question, who would you like to see Hikaru Shida face at All Out? If Britt and Swole are tied up, Shida has beaten just about everyone else available.

Brad the Dad from Halifax

This was a really good show every week. From the 10 man tag, to the tag champions match, to the wild brawl all really compelling. So much happened but I feel rewarded for watching and not overwhelmed at the same time.

You are both right about the weekly promo packages for next week and having something to look forward to week to week through said promos makes me double check my DVR to ensure it’s recording.

My Highlight was Matt Cardona in AEW. As a big fan of him from his time in WWE and his approach to promote himself from his YouTube show, I am so happy that he has been signed and will get a chance in AEW.

Any idea why Brain Myers was not signed too?
Do you guys think they would’ve been better off as a tag team ? Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes dyslexia is not fun when writing feedback.

Thank guys

Raymond in Sacramento, CA

Shockingly a 7/10 show tonight. I felt that Excalibur’s absence and possibly a difference in direction had the pacing of the show feel off for the duration. An odd feeling since Dynamite has been on a hell of a great run the past few months.

10 man tag was a weak opener and never hit it’s stride for me. This was the closest OC has come to just feeling like another guy. Cody is such an excellent storyteller and his matches are exciting. They built WARHORSE in a week by amplifying fans. Next they turned a seemingly offhand tweet in to a great segment and an Aug/08 12 card to look forward to. The cooler! The rest of the show was ok. Nothing bad, but nothing that really jumped out at me. I love the way AEW is constantly building forward and talking about what is one and two weeks out.

Just dropping by to say MJF cut the most badass promo on his sister on Instagram last weekend and he literally lives this gimmick and it’s hilarious :joy: (I went to college / am friends with his sister )

Sean from Albany

Hey guys, I found tonight’s episode to be quite enjoyable. Cody working with different, non-regular workers for AEW means I’m willing to accept a wide variance in performance. Just felt like they didn’t have it tonight. The rest of the show was great. I don’t know if you saw it during the picture in picture but the highlight was MJF kissing the baby and then using mouthwash.

Also love that the next two weeks have a very clear path, I’m interested to see how NXT counter programs.

9 kissed babies out of 10.

Not a great show.

That opener was just flat out bad. Too many people and zero flow. Just a bad idea.

Also wasn’t that high on the Warhorse/Cody match. They really should have done more to introduce Warhorse. I’m vaguely aware of him through Twitter but have never watched him wrestle. A promo or anything would have been good. Match wasn’t great.

Matt Cardona signing is lame. Just don’t see what he brings. He’s a WWE failure.

Speaking of lame signings, Ariane hiring is a bad idea. She is brutal.

The second hour was a lot better - that MJF promo was incredible and I enjoyed the main event.

Omega/Hangman vs Dark order was really good and I get a kick out of the unaware Colt Cabana.

Lastly the commentary, which is usually really strong, was off tonight. They missed Excalibur big time - I like JR but he can’t be the lead guy anymore. Taz was ok but was brutal in the main event


Mixed feelings on the Cardona signing. On one hand, I am happy for Matt. From all accounts he’s a great guy who works hard and it sucked that he got let go during a pandemic. Real cool of AEW to bring him on board.

On the other hand, AEW needs to be careful with signing all of these former WWE mid-carders. This is the mistake that TNA made, you can sign some, but at this point they have signed Dustin, Spears, FTR, Cardona, Hager, Lee, Hardy, Pac, and Trent. Then when you factor in Moxley, Jericho, and Cody you really do run the risk of coming off as WWE light as that’s 13 guys right there and its not like guys jumping ship is over, there will be more and that doesn’t even include the women. Cameron, really? Unless she has made strides on the indy scene, I dont get that one at all.

Now to be clear, I’m not criticizing these signings individually. Jericho has obviously been money probably wrestler of the year in 2019, Cody is a founder which I have so much respect for, Dustin just makes sense, Pac has been great, FTR will be great, Hager has been very good, Moxley was worth it (I just dont love his past few months) and so on and so on. I just feel like with Cardona and Cameron AEW jumped the shark.

Honestly he kind of stole cornette’s whole schtick he does criticizing AEW with this promo. Not that that’s a bad thing. But more and more it’s becoming obvious that some people at AEW are listening to Jim’s reactions every single week and they’re intentionally referencing and needling at him to get him riled up, the same way they do it with WWE.

Last week it was the “mud show” sign during the Bucks match. This week it’s MJF’s promo going after all the flippy floppy wrestlers trying to kill them selves. Even the finish of the main event with the skateboard and the thumb tacks… last week Jim went on a huge rant about how he hated the thumb tacks in the Cody match and that you can never ever use thumb tacks to incapacitate someone and get a pinfall, so they have got no place in wrestling. This week they explicitly used them during the finish of the match to get the pinfall. Coincidence?

Evidence of this statement?